June 20, 2016 

Our New Way of Working

Modernizing our systems, processes, and organizational structures will dramatically improve how we get work done, together, across all campuses, schools, departments and units.  This is the foundation for the important work we will do going forward as one Rutgers.
Financial Management  
It was standing room only at the financial management system road show events, hosted by Project Champions Steve DiPaolo and Terri Kinzy. The presentation provided an overview of the integrated financial management system, including a major shift in the way we manage financial transactions – moving away from a model centered on the general ledger, and toward a project-focused model. This will require learning new concepts and terminology, performing new tasks in a new system, and collaborating in new ways.

Staff in units across the University have completed the chart of account mapping exercise. This was a rigorous review and validation of the mapping of legacy chart of accounts combinations to new chart of accounts combinations. The chart of accounts mapping was a critical part of ensuring data captured in our existing systems will appear correctly in the new financial management system.
Procurement and Expense Management 

The team kicked off its series of road shows on June 13, with eight more planned through the end of July. During the two-hour sessions, attendees will see how to perform transactions in the new systems for procurement (SciQuest) and expense management (Oracle Cloud). Seating is on a first come, first seated basis for the June sessions. Registration is now open for the July sessions.

With more than 190,000 records to research, update, delete and consolidate, cleaning up our supplier records is no small feat. The team has been engaging suppliers in the records clean-up effort in order to ensure we have accurate information to facilitate processing purchase orders and paying invoices.

Human Resources and Payroll

Road shows are being planned for July 26 in New Brunswick, and July 28 in Newark. The sessions will provide an overview on the project background, changes to business processes for employees transitioning from the Banner system into the PeopleSoft system, and a demo of the existing PeopleSoft system functionality such as, Web Clock, employee self-service, and time entry and approval.

Additional details will be available soon, please save the dates!

What about Training?

The training strategy includes delivering training in a way that supports better retention of information – when it is most relevant and timely for using the new systems. When universitywide training begins this summer, it will focus on developing role-based workshops, hands-on activities and other environments that will support additional practice in the systems before go live.

Class offerings will be available via various modes, including instructor-led (classroom), virtual (Webinar) and Web-based (self-paced, online), and will cover basic navigation, high-level process overviews, deep dives into business processes and procedures, and a review of what the changes will mean to you.

More details on training, including the curriculum for each project (system) will be available later this month.

Testing. Testing. 1. 2. 3.
The first cycle of system integration testing (SIT1) is complete. Testers learned and validated the systems' functionality against the business processes they support. Resolving functionality and interface issues in this cycle will lead to improvements for the next testing cycle, SIT2.   Ultimately, the objective is to test (SIT1), re-test (SIT2) and test again (User Acceptance Testing) to confirm data conversions are accurate and the systems are reliable for the October rollout.  
July 13: Busch Student Center (New Brunswick)
July 14: Penn Room (Camden)
J uly 21: Busch Student Center (New Brunswick)
July 22: Cook Student Center (New Brunswick)
July 27: Paul Robeson Campus Center (Newark
July 27: Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (Newark)

The July 13 event at the Busch Student Center has reached capacity. If you want to attend a session on Busch, please register for the July 21 event.

Human Resources and Payroll Road Shows
Events are being planned for July 26 (New Brunswick) and July 28 (Newark). Save the dates! Additional details will be available soon.  

Treasurer's Town Hall July 20: Cook Student Center
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