Cornerstone News Digest                                                                                         November 20, 2017
Recent News
Cornerstone Website Refresh
In response to feedback that we have received through Town Halls, the Cornerstone survey and focus groups, a refreshed Cornerstone website was launched on October 30. This refresh is designed to better organize existing information and resources on the website to make it easier for you to find what you needRead more.

Refreshed Training Initiative
This initiative involves a redesign of our strategy to be more focused on your training and support needs, and to bring more consistency to the way training is offered to the university community. The goal of the refresh is to improve and expand training courses for budgeting and financial planning, expense management, financial management, grant and contract accounting, payroll, and procurement. Read more.
Getting to Know You

Q&A with John Fahey, Cornerstone Project Executive. Learn more about what he plans to accomplish in his first 90 days, his leadership philosophy and his favorite hobby. Read more.
Past Events

November 2017 Treasurer's Town Hall presentation and video on demand
October 2017 Treasurer’s Town Hall presentation
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