Cornerstone News Digest                                                                                      September 19, 2017
Recent News
Oracle Cloud Release 12

In October 2016, we launched the new financial management system on the Oracle Release 11 platform, the most current version of the software available at that time. As part of normal operations, Oracle requires all customers to migrate to the latest version of its Cloud-based product to maintain ongoing support from Oracle. Rutgers University will upgrade to Oracle Cloud Release 12 in early October 2017. Read more.

Office of the University Controller Announces Fall 2017 Training Schedule

This fall, our training courses have been redesigned to address the operational needs of Rutgers units and give the university community the opportunity to acquire the tools and skills necessary to use our financial system. Our training program covers a wide range of topics which include Chart of Accounts (COA), the Financial Management System (FMS), Non Sponsored Projects, Reporting Tools, Payroll (Time and Labor and Employee Charging Instructions), and Cash Receipts/Deposit Management. Read more.
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