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January 2017
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The January Newsletter previously sent on 01/03/17 contained errors in the Northern and the Western Region event listings. We apologize for the errors and have corrected the information below.

"Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm
pulls the switch." - Ivern Ball 
Thoughtful Orientation Leads to Enthusiastic Board Members
When Joe agreed to join the board of a local food pantry, he was taken aback by the Board Chairman's insistence that he attend a two-hour Board Orientation. Joe's a busy guy, and he tried to get out of the meeting every way he could. He explained he'd served on boards before and knew what he was doing. He had a lot of appointments that week and wasn't sure if he could fit the orientation in.

Nothing he said could dissuade the Board Chair, who insisted that the orientation was part of the commitment. If Joe wanted to serve on the board, he had to attend the orientation. Joe sort of remembered reading that in the job description, and because he believed in the organization and its mission, he agreed. Grudgingly.

What he learned surprised him. He thought he knew about the organization and the responsibilities of a board member before. But he learned so many things about the organization's programs, services, and strategic plan, and he was much more engaged, enthusiastic, and productive as a board member from day one. He realized that with every other board he served on it took him at least a year to gain the knowledge he needed in order to make decisions and help those organizations meet their mission and vision.

Today Joe is a leading advocate for a thorough Board Orientation and makes it a priority to attend all new member orientations, both to support the organization and get re-energized. He finds he always learns something new.

This month's download is a checklist to help you create a board member orientation that will enthuse your new board members and maybe your existing ones as well!

Enthusiastically Seeking Knowledge,

Bea Northcott
Training Associate
Map of Indiana with Northern Region Highlighted
Northern Region

Leveraging Generational Differences in the Workplace Lunch and Learn

"Why won't they put down their phone and make eye contact?"
"How many years do I have to sit here before they'll listen to me?"
"Where will I find the time to give Millennials all the feedback they think they need?"

 "Do they really think I'm going to put my life on hold and work late a couple times every week?"
 "Why don't these younger employees think they have to pay their dues before they start telling people what they think?"
Sound familiar? If so, you're seeing the impact of generational differences in your workplace. And, while your default may be to think "your way" (insert your generation here) is the best way, the reality is every generation has valuable talents, knowledge, and work styles to contribute to the workplace. Take the leap and join us to learn about the "ghost stories" that have shaped the values and behaviors of each generation. Gain insight into the common "sticking points" around these generational differences and learn a process for leveraging these generational differences as strengths in the workplace.
When: Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM EST
Where: Peabody Library, 1160 E. Hwy 205, Columbia City, IN 45725, (260) 244-5541
Presenters: Erin Cressy, Ph.D., and Mickey Hay, Ph.D.
Sponsor: United Way of Whitley County
Cost: $35, includes breakfast and all materials

For more information, contact Keith Sarber, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Northern Region.
Southern Region
2017 Lunch and Leadership Series

Watch your mail for details or check the INRN Calendar.

Sponsored by Jackson County United Way, Community Foundation of Jackson County, the Greater Seymour Chamber of Commerce, the Jackson County Visitor Center, and Brownstown Chamber of Commerce
  • February 21 - Fundraising Success...A Closer Look
  • May 2 - Developing a Strong Board of Directors
  • August 8 - Strategic Planning...Seven Steps to Success
  • November 9 - Crucial Conversations: Learn to Successfully Navigate the   Conversations You are Avoiding
To register, go to 

Sponsored by the Scott County Community Foundation
  • March 9 - Grant Writing  101...Back to Basics
  • June 1 - The Board's Role in Fundraising
  • September 7 - We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This!  The Secrets to Effective Meetings
To register contact Jaime Toppe at 

Sponsored by the Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network and the United Way of Southwestern Indiana   
  • April 25 - Grant Seeking and Grant Writing 101
  • May 17 - Social Media - How Nonprofits Can Benefit by Using it Well
  • July 20 - Engage and Retain Donors
  • September 21 - Nonprofit Legal Update

For more information, contact June Miller, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Southern Region.

Eastern Region State of Indiana with Eastern Region Hightlighted

2017 Events Coming Soon
The Eastern Region will focus on core nonprofit capacity building in 2017, including topics such as board development, fundraising, and strategic planning. INRN can also provide you with expert consulting and guidance on each of these topics. Whether it's a board retreat, help with your strategic plan or developing a fund raising plan, INRN is Your Resource.

For more information, contact Lesley Devine, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Eastern Region. 
Western Region
  State of Indiana with Western Region Highlighted
2017 Douglas W. Eberle Not-for-Profit Board Governance Series

National and regional presenters with expertise in board governance will present information essential to guiding and sustaining nonprofits. This series, named after the late Douglas W. Eberle, is especially designed for volunteer leaders on nonprofit boards.

The series is open to any Indiana nonprofit, though preference is given to Tippecanoe and surrounding counties, and limited to 75 attendees per session.

Feb. 1 - How to Make a Good Board Great, Chuck Loring - Loring, Sternberg & Associates
Mar. 1 - Telling Your Story & Evaluating Impact, Jennifer Pendleton - Aly Sterling & Associates
Apr. 5 - How to Make the Ask and be Held Accountable for Success: Boards in Fundraising, Aly Sterling - Aly Sterling & Associates
May 3 - Essential Elements of the Annual Fund & Raising More Money, Nick Parkevich & Dave Sternberg - Loring, Sternberg & Associates
Jun. 7 - Public Image & Public Policy: Advocating for Your Mission
Aug. 2 - The Leadership YOU Bring: A Boomers Guide to Greater Impact, Vicky Clark - Building the Capacity of Organizations
Sep. 13 - Minimizing Risk and Preventing Fraud, Melanie Lockwood Herman - Nonprofit Risk Management Center
Oct. 4 - Evaluating Your Board & Recruiting New Talent, Susan Decker - St. Mary of the Woods
Nov. 1 - Engaging Millenials to Serve and Give, Dr. Amy Thayer - Achieve

When: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM ET
Where: The Lafayette Country Club, 1500 S. 9th Street, Lafayette IN 47905
Sponsors: NCHS, United Way of Greater Lafayette, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, and The Greater Lafayette Community Foundation
Cost: $150 per person for the series or $20 per person per session. Board members may rotate sessions if one seat is purchased for the organization.
For more information, contact Jillian Henry , Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Western Region.  

State of Indiana with Central Region HighlightedCentral Region
Pencil In These Upcoming 2017 Workshops
Creating Videos for the Web and Social Media
(a two-part workshop
When: Thursday and Friday, February 23 and 24, 9:00 AM to Noon EST
Presenter: Derik Hughes, Multimedia Specialist, United Way of Central Indiana
Cost: $60 United Way; $65 others
(Please note that a laptop, cell phone and USB charging cable are required materials)

Nonprofit Budgeting
When: Thursday, March 16,  9:00 AM to Noon EDT
Presenter: Linda Diakite Karessey, President, Insight Financial Group, LLC
Cost: $30 United Way; $35 others

Grant Writing for Beginners
When: Wednesday, April 12,  9:00 AM to Noon EDT
Presenter: June Miller, Southern Regional Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network
Cost: $30 United Way; $35 others

All workshops will be held at United Way of Central Indiana in our new location at 2955 N Meridian Street, 46208. We are excited to host you at our new office space!

For more information, contact Beth Clark , Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Central Region.