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Nachi Robot Systems has released their RMU-30 monitoring systems that turns Nachi Robot safety inputs into highly customizable Category 4 hardware safety functions. The RMU allows the user to set up virtual safety fences of any design within the robot work robot area. This feature permits manufacturers to deploy larger Nachi Robots with minimal safe guarding, keeping down the cost of implementing Robot Work cells. And now through the end of 2017, receive a free RMU-30 with the purchase of any Nachi Robot (a $4000 value).

*Safety study required prior to commissioning robots in collaborative mode.

Explosion Proof Motor Classifications by Hazardous Location

Confused by the array of explosion-proof classes, groups, divisions, and codes? This new technical brochure will explain what you need to know when specifying motors or other electrical equipment for hazardous areas. 

Turn any System into an Absolute Encoder System with Balluff's new Absolute Quad 
Watch the Demo
Watch the Demo
Balluff's new Absolute Quad BML
encoder turns ANY INCREMENTAL ENCODER CONTROLLER INTO A TRUE ABSOLUTE ENCODER INTERFACE. This innovative interface is compatible with ANY motion controller, doing away with the need for specialized formats like BissC, EnDat, SSI and others.

Absolute encoders are used to eliminate the need for home and limit switches and the often time consuming process of homing the machine, but there use has been limited until now due to these expensive and difficult to use proprietary formats. And
with the BML's IP67 rating and 1 micron resolution, you don't have to give up precision or robustness to implement one of these encoders.

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Cost Effective System Solutions

For highly accurate gantry positioning tables, where two motors (each with its own feedback) are used to control an axis, ACS Motion Control has developed unique and powerful algorithms that provide an unprecedented levels of position accuracy, speed stability, and settling time.

Key features: 

  •  Two separate axes are controlled as one gantry axis, improving stability in the servo control loops

  •  Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) control algorithm provides higher system bandwidth, improving system performance
  • Ability to auto-align the gantry pair through software to
    compensate for hardware misalignments
  • Flexibility to be deployed in stiff and loose gantry systems 

Simplifying Pick-and-Place with 3D

Robotic pick-and-place is an important automated manufacturing process in many industries. In this application, robots pick up parts presented one at a time and place them in a preset order and location, even when the exact location and 3D orientation of the part is variable.

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