August 18, 2017
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This week's newsletter is long but full of important information!  
CLICK HERE for our full calendar of events  

Aug 21

Doors and Gates Open
Parents may walk students to class
Parents to the Cafe for Beginning Bonanza
Aug 30
                Room Parent Training - Cafeteria
Sept 4
Labor Day Holiday
Sept 5 lunches Boy Scout Leaders talk to boys at lunch
Sept 6
5:30p Boy Scout Rally Night - HCE Cafeteria
Sept 14

 Open House for Parents and Grandparents
5:00-5:50  K, 1 and 2
5:50 - 6:25 PTA Meeting in the Cafe
6:30-7:15 3, 4 and 5
Library, Gym, Art & Music are open during both sessions.

Look for the calendar of events for the year from PTA 
in the FDP (First Day Packet). 


Back to School Coffees
Mark your calendars with the following dates for Back to School Coffees.  
There is a separate coffee for each grade level.  This is the perfect way to meet new friends, catch up with old friends, and sign up to help in your child ' s classroom.  

For parent convenience, all coffees take place after drop off, 8:15-9:45 a.m.
Kindergarten - Wednesday, Sept. 6th - Caroline Hawkins - 10614 Tarleton Dr.
1 st grade - Wednesday, Sept. 6th - Misti Dusek - 754 Country Lane
2 nd grade - Thursday, Aug. 31st - Brooke Zarr - 415 Hunterwood Drive
3 rd grade - Thursday, Sept. 7th - Katie Clark - 8802 Chatsworth Drive
4 th grade - Tuesday, Aug. 29th - Farrell Saunders - 8 Saddlebrook Lane
5 th grade - Friday, Sept. 8th - Jennifer Daly - 450 Westminster Drive
P.S.  Please bring a gift card(s) to your coffee for the HCE Auction!  
Any area store or restaurant will do!  Any amount is appreciated! 
Also, spirit items will be available for purchase!
 Thank you for your support of our great school! 
First day of school information
Arrival to school is different on this day than all other days.
7:30             All gates open
7:30-7:55     Parents may walk students to class on the first day of school
7:55             Bell rings - school starts!  All parents go to the cafeteria 
                    for Beginning Bonanza 

There is no registration on the first day of school.  

BEGINNING BONANZA     First day @ 7:55 in the cafeteria at HCE
HCE Beginning Bonanza is a don't miss event! 

Sign up for committees, to volunteer and to help in other areas! 

School Supplies WILL NOT be on sale at Beginning Bonanza.  Find school suppy lists below.  

Parking will be very difficult on the first morning. Please only bring one family car and try to carpool with neighbors if you plan to bring your child on the first day.  

You may park on one side of the streets around the school.  School buses run the first day and they must be able to get through.  


As I'm sure you know, Aug 21st is a special day as a solar eclipse occurs across America.  Even in a partial eclipse loo king directly at the sun, even briefly, can cause serious eye damage or blindness.  

Putting SAFETY FIRST, we will not view the eclipse from outside but will be live streaming it through the time period and all watching around the peak time for Houston 1:15 pm. 

Recess times will be adjust the first day so that kids are not outside during the eclipse time period. 
Transportation Procedures - ARRIVAL & DISMISSAL
To ensure the safety of all students at HCE it is important that everyone follows our arrival and dismissal procedures.  The safety of your children is our priority.  Our PTA will continue to fund a Memorial Villages Police Officer to help in the mornings.

  • School opens at 7:30 am. Teachers will be on duty at 7:30 am at parent drive, bus drive, cafeteria, back gate, library gate and gym.   Please do not bring students to school before 7:30 am.  Do not drop students off in parent drive if you don't see a teacher and the patrols on duty.  THIS IS NOT SAFE!
  • Students who arrive before 7:50 am: K-2 go to the cafeteria.  3-5 go to the gym.  Dismissed to class at 7:50 am. 
  • Breakfast is served from 7:30 am-7:50 am.  The only students who may get breakfast after 7:50 am are those who arrive on a late SBISD school bus.  If you bring your child to school to eat breakfast, must be there by 7:45 am to get in line.
  • At 7:55 am, all doors and gates, except one front door, are locked. 
  • The tardy bell rings at 7:55 am and students not in their classroom will be considered tardy.
  • If your child arrives after 7:55 am, s/he must go to the front office to get a note to be admitted to class.  If you bring your child to school late, please park, come sign your child in and write a note to explain the tardy.
  • Parents may not walk students to class in the mornings and should give goodbye hugs and kisses at the front door.  The first day all parents may walk students to class.  The first week kinder parents may walk students to class.
Parent Drive (Flint River): Patrols will be on duty shortly after 7:30 am to open doors. Do not drop students off any other place but the parent drive on Flint River. DO NOT PULL INTO PARKING SPOTS TO DROP OFF STUDENTS ANYWHERE ON CAMPUS. 
Bus Riders: Our front office will have a copy of the bus routes and there is a link on the SBISD website.   If your bus seems to be late or there are problems with the stop, please call Transportation at 713-251-1060
Walkers/Bike Riders: Students must obey the directions of the Crossing Guards.  Students should stay on the sidewalk and not cut across the grass.  Once on campus students should walk the bike to the bike rack. 
Parents in the building in the morning:
  • Any visitor who enters the building must check in at the front office through our V-Soft system and wear their visitor badge in a prominent spot on the outside of clothing at all times on the campus.  This is true between the hours of 7:30 am-3:00.
  • Parents are welcome to come in and eat breakfast with their students AFTER SIGNING IN AND OBTAINING A VISITOR ID BADGE.
  • Parents may not go back to the classroom areas in the mornings unless they have an appointment with a teacher. 
  • Parents may not walk students to class in the mornings and should give goodbye hugs and kisses at the front door.  The first day all parents may walk students to class.  The first week kinder parents may walk students to class.

School is over at 3:00 pm. Teachers will teach until the end of the school day - 3:00 pm.  Students will prepare to leave and be dismissed after the 3:00 pm bell rings.  The exception is Kinder - they come out about 2:50. Grades 2-5 will not start to prepare for dismissal until after the 3:00 pm bell rings so they should be out front for walkers by 3:10ish pm, if all is running smoothly.
Parent Drive (Flint River): Dismissal from classes is at 3:00 pm. It takes a while for students to all arrive and get seated to start loading the cars.  We will start as soon as it is safe!    Do not get out of your vehicle or walk onto the hardtop for your child. Please have your child's name displayed on the yellow sign and posted prominently in the front window. Please keep the sign up until your child is in the car. Kindergarten comes out first and we will begin to load them immediately if kinder parents are in the front of the line.  Line usually begins forming about 2:40 pm.  The first week of school it is possible for it to take up to 30 minutes to get all the kids loaded but it gets faster after that so  we are usually finished by 3:15ish.
To keep traffic flowing in the afternoon, there is NO LEFT TURN into the parent drive.  To enter the line of cars, turn south on Wade Hampton on the west side of the school.  Go all the way to the last street, Tarleton, and turn right to cross over to Flint River - don't take a short cut on the other streets (Twelve Oaks or Tarrington) as you may not 'cut' in the line. 
Bus Riders: Students will load buses as they are dismissed and follow their usual route home.  Our front office will have a copy or the bus routes and there is a link on the SBISD website.  
Kindergarten Walkers: Kindergarten teachers will leave their classrooms at 2:50 pm and walk students to the gate by the library. Parents may wait outside the gate by the library. The kinder teachers will release each child to their parent/guardian.
First through Fifth Grade Walkers: Teachers will walk the students to the front of the building. Parents may gather by the Flag Pole or on the benches in the front of the building.  Please supervise children once dismissed as the front of the school is a busy spot in the afternoons and not a safe place to play. If your child is a 'walk alone' student s/he must leave the campus and walk home when dismissed and may not stay at school to play.  
If  you don't have your child's school supplies yet, you can download the grade level list at the links below.

These list are also available on the HCE webpage.

3rd, 4th, and 5th graders who did not purchase supplies from HCE will need to bring $5.00 to purchase the agenda. Cash is preferred but you can write a check to HCE PTA is absolutely necessary.  Turn the money in to the teacher.  

Questions?  Contact:
Robyn Canterbury (713) 515-3475 or Marci Lane (281) 686-9337

Meal Prices
Breakfast   Student = .75 (reduced .30)
                    Adult = 2.00
Lunch         Student = 2.00 (reduced .40)
                    Adult = 3.50

CLICK HERE to find menus, application for Free or Reduced Lunch, and to pay online (each student's account is tied to their Student ID number).  
2017-2018 School Year: Forms for all medications must be signed every school year by parent and doctor.  Please bring all forms signed by parent and doctor with the medicine BEFORE the first day of school.  The clinic will be opened August 1st and you can email or call to set up a time to deliver. 
All forms can be found at the link below. If prescription please have MD signature on prescription form.  Non-prescription for over the counter meds only needs parent signature. 

Thank you for your help with this, and please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Mercedes Mulvey, RN

It's not just about the... 

There are HCE students who are allergic to peanuts   and tree nuts .  A tree nut can be any of the following: macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios, chestnuts, beech nuts, hazel nuts, pine nuts, ginkgo nuts.  A tree nut is any nut that grows on a tree. 

This is a life-threatening allergy.  Within minutes of contact with peanuts, peanut products, or tree nuts, these students could have a severe allergic reaction that could lead to a trip to the emergency room & even death.
For the safety of all children, we are asking that you provide your child's lunch and/or snacks from the list below:
Products that are safe and tree nut and peanut-free - the product BRAND matters...
  • Sandwiches:  Jelly, Cheese, Ham, Turkey, Bologna, Chicken, Hot Dogs
  • Nutella is peanut free but NOT TREE NUT FREE!  
  • Chef Boyardee Microwavable Cups (pre-heated & sent to school in a thermos)
  • Hormel Kid's Kitchen Microwavable Cups (pre-heated & sent to school in thermos)
  • Fresh Veggies (carrot sticks, celery sticks, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, pepper strips, etc.)
  • Fresh Fruit (bananas, apples, grapes, oranges, strawberries, melons, etc.)
  • Fruit cups, Fruit bowls, Mandarin Oranges, Pineapple, Apple Sauce
  • Sun-maid Raisins (plain only - no yogurt covered)
  • Cheese Sticks, String Cheese, Cheese Cubes, Cheese Slices
  • Yogurt Cups, Go-gurt, Smoothies
  • Jell-O Chocolate & Vanilla Pudding Cups, Jell-O Gelatin Cups
  • Hunt's Handi Snacks Chocolate & Vanilla Pudding Cups
  • Chips:  Lays, Ruffles, Doritos, Cheetos, Fritos, Pringles, Sun-Chips, Tostitos 
  • NO  KETTLE COOKED CHIPS and teachers will say, "Please don't send chips for snack in the classroom as the kids get messy, greasy fingers all over desks and work. 
  • Rold Gold Pretzels
  • General Mills BUGLES (Original, Nacho Cheese, and Caramel ONLY)
  • COMBOS Snacks
  • Microwavable Pop Corn (Pop Secret, Act II)
  • Fruit Roll-ups, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Snacks
  • Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Cereal Bars - Apple, Blueberry, Strawberry, Apple Cinnamon, Mixed Berry
  • Kellogg's Special K Bars- Strawberry and Blueberry only
  • Kellogg's Pop Tarts, Pop Tart Snak Stix and Mini Crisps
  • Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats - Original
  • Marshmallows
  • Mrs. Freshley's Individually-Wrapped Honey Buns, Oatmeal Cremes, Chocolate Chip Cremes (Only) 
  • Southern Home (Bi-Lo Brand) Individually-Wrapped Honey Buns, Oatmeal Cremes, Fudge Brownies  (Only) 
  • Nabisco Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies (Blue Package) or Reduced Fat ( Blue Package)
  • Nabisco Fig Newtons,  Newton Minis, NILLA Wafers, NILLA Wafer Minis, Oreo Cookies (chocolate or golden), Teddy Grahams, Iced Animal Cookies, Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies, Ginger Snaps
  • Keebler Vienna Fingers, Fudge Stripes, Fudge Grahams, Grasshopper Fudge Mint cookies, and E.L.Fudge cookies.
  • Graham Crackers, Sticks and Bug bites
  • Barnum's Animal Crackers
  • Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Crackers
  • Kraft Handi-Snacks Ritz Crackers'n Cheese Dip, Premium Breadsticks'n Cheese Dip, Mister Salty Pretzels'n Cheese Dip, Oreo Cookie Sticks'n Crème Dip
  • Nabisco Cheese Nips, Sunshine Cheez-it Crackers or Cheez-it Party Mix
  • Nabisco Chicken in a Biskit Baked Snack Crackers                                                 
  • Nabisco Wheat Thins, Vegetable Thins, Triscuits, Oyster Crackers, Better Cheddars, Saltines
  • Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers
  • Ritz Crackers (Original, Whole Wheat, Reduced Fat, Hint of Salt, Roasted Vegetable, Fresh Stacks)
  • Keebler Town House Crackers, Club Crackers, Toppers, Flipsides Pretzel Crackers, Flatbread Crisps
  • Kashi TLC (Tasty Little Crackers
"Little Debbie Snack Cakes", "Moon Pies", "Hostess Snack Cakes" are not safe.
If you didn't complete the reverification forms online for this school year, you will get the hard copies home the first day of school.  You still have the option to complete online@  
  • Click on the link and follow directions to VERIFY your child's information.
  • This has to be done each year.
  • If you don't do it, we have to send all the hard copies home for you to complete.

Be sure you have signed up to receive the newsletter sent each Friday from school and PTA.                                                                                  
Go to the following link to subscribe: 

At our website HCE WEBSITE you can find other info - school supply list, archived newsletters with back to school dates, text alert sign up and more! 
Measures of Academic Progress (MAP Growth) Assessments Replace Previous Norm-Referenced Assessment Programs
Spring Branch ISD has a long-standing history of using norm-referenced assessments to determine the academic achievement of students and empower teachers to respond to student learning in ways that help every child reach his/her fullest potential. In the recent past, these assessments included the Stanford and Aprenda and the Iowa and Logramos. Based on feedback from parents, teachers, administrators, and the community more broadly, we have been looking for a better assessment tool to provide better information about student learning far more quickly and with less instructional time spent assessing instead of teaching.
After careful consideration and two years of thoughtful piloting, SBISD is shifting our norm-referenced assessment to the Measures of Academic Progress - or MAP Growth.  Three schools piloted MAP Growth in 2015-2016 school year and the pilot expanded to 23 schools in 2016-17.  This year, all elementary and middle school campuses will participate in, at least, the Reading and Math portions of MAP Growth. There are also Language/Grammar and Science portions available and some grade levels will elect to use these as well. This replaces Iowa and Logramosas well as the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT). By making this change, we reduce the overall time students spend testing, and teachers will receive data about student learning faster so they can personalize instruction to meet students' learning needs.
Students at Hunters Creek Elementary will take the fall MAP Growth assessments at the beginning of the school year, between Aug 21 - Sept 6.  Each grade level will send home information to tell parents the testing subjects and dates. MAP Growth is a computer-adaptive test students will take three times per school year. MAP Growth helps schools and teachers know what your child is ready to learn at any point in time. Feedback from teachers during the pilot is that they could see the progress of individual students and of their class as a whole. Principals and administrators shared that they were able to see the progress of a grade level, school, or the entire district.
Since students with similar MAP Growth scores are generally ready for instruction in similar skills and topics, teachers are better able to plan instruction. MAP Growth also provides typical growth data for students who are in the same grade, subject, and have the same starting performance level. This data can be used to help students set goals and understand what they need to learn to achieve their goals. Teachers receive results within about 24 hours that show what students know and what they are ready to learn. The results can be used to help personalize lessons at the appropriate level for the students. 
The MAP Growth tests include multiple choice, drag-and-drop, and other types of questions. You can view a WarmUp Test ( to get an idea of what the questions look like.
We will share results and goals for students at the October Conferences, along with other beginning of the year data.  

Thanks to William Chung! He completed his Eagle Scout project at HCE this summer.  Be sure to stop by and look at his work in the Butterfly Garden to the left on the main hallway of the school.  He will be adding a few final touches in the next few weeks.  

William is in the red shirt in the middle. He is a former HCE Cougar. His sister, Lucy, is a current HCE Cougar. 

iKids U After-School Program

iKids U registration is going on now for 2017-2018  School Year!  

Turn in registrations at the HCE front office, visit iKids online at, or register by phone at 713-665-5200.  iKids U offers a variety of onsite after-school opportunities at HCE including Stay & Play, Enrichment classes, and One on One services.  Customize your child's after-school schedule with part-time and full-time options available!  iKids U starts on the first day of school and classes are filling-up fast so enroll today!

iKids Inc is now offer Spanish during the school day on Tuesdays and Thursday. For details CLICK HERE

Don't forget to complete your ANNUAL VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION. 

You need to do 2 things to complete your annual volunteer registration. 
1.  Register with SBISD at
2.  Attend one of the volunteer trainings that will be announced after the first
    week of school. 
3. Volunteers who were cleared last year are 'good to go' for the beginning
    of the year only.  
Hunters Creek Elementary | School & PTA | 713-251-6000| Email | Website

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