September 8, 2017

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Sept 11
    Return to School - see article below
Sept 14
  PTA General Meeting, HCE Cafeteria
Sept 20 5:30pm   Scout Rally Night, HCE Cafeteria
Sept 28 3:25pm   Campus Improvement Team Meeting, HCE Library
Oct 10 5:00-5:45

  Kinder, First and Second OPEN HOUSE

  Third, Fourth and Fifth OPEN HOUSE

Oct 12 9:45am   PTA General Meeting, HCE Library, Dr. Muri will be the
  guest speaker. 

There are many things we are in the process of rescheduling. The PTA Executive Board and the HCE Instructional Leadership Team will work quickly to get things back on the calendar and communicate those new dates to you.  



There has always been a special spirit and sense of pride within SBISD and our Houston community as a whole. While the last two weeks have been filled with tremendous challenge and loss, it was also filled with the power of people coming together to help others. Whether by boat, through food, through shelter or via invaluable emotional support, we have experienced the worst of nature balanced by the best of community. As we return to school and open our doors again, we were changed in some way by Hurricane Harvey but as a district, community and city, we are stronger. 

One of our most immediate and significant opportunities will be meeting the emotional needs of our students, families and colleagues. 
Please understand that young children do not have adult brains. Their brains do not process emotions and feelings with the maturity of our adult brains. It is sometimes hard for an adult to understand that, for a child, some loss or trauma is equal to other loss or trauma. Mrs. Chvatal calls it bubbles. There are not small bubbles - they are all big bubbles.   When a bubble is burst it is always a big bubble to that child.  So, try to understand that each student's loss due to the events Harvey brought us are of equal significance to that child.  One child's loss may have been a missed birthday celebration, a lost pet or a missed opportunity for some promised family fun. Or, one's child loss may have been loosing all their belongs in the floods.  To each one, the significance feels the same. We have to understand that and help each one process their feelings and emotions in healthy ways. 

Andrea Chvatal, our school counselor, and Leigh Shaver, our school psychologist, have been to a training this week to bring back resources and information about this for our teachers. They will be available for students, teachers or parents who might have some feelings or emotions to work through.  

I have heard a few of you voice concerns about the 2 weeks of curriculum we have lost. It's true that we weren't at school for those very important first few weeks of school.  We will not be accelerating and rushing our learners to move more quickly. We will speed the first few days much like the first days of school in August - learning routines and procedures, learning each other, and settling back into the learning. We will continue with our individualized MAP assessment and plan instruction based on each student's needs.  We will focus on our priority standards and ensure that students are well prepared to continue on to great year of learning.  

We will not complete progress reports that were scheduled to come home on Sept 22. We won't have grades representative of progress on our standards at that point. The grading this first nine weeks will be abbreviated.  We are glad that at the end of the first nine weeks each of you will have the opportunity for a conference with your child's teacher to hear about their progress this first nine weeks and the learning goals for them for this school year.  

We are anxiously waiting to have all our Cougars back together and to give them all big hugs!  Throughout the school year we will look for chances to continue to support our community as this journey back is a long one for many.  Please let us know if we can help your family in any way.  

Since we have a Take 2 start back to school here are a few reminders: 
  • Students may begin arriving at 7:30 am and breakfast is served 7:30-7:50. All students can eat breakfast (and lunch) at no charge through September 30. 
  • 7:55 our tardy bell rings. We will not be recording tardies until the traffic situation resolves. 
  • Morning arrival - if you drive your car to HCE then you must go through the parent drive to drop off your student. The Memorial Villages police have asked that we keep all roads flowing as much as possible.  If you are pulling in and out of parking spots in the front you are causing a problem for all driving west on Beinhorn.  KEEP IT FLOWING ON BEINHORN.  DO NOT PULL INTO PARKING SPOTS ON BEINHORN TO DROP OFF STUDENTS.  
  • Parent Drive traffic pattern: From Beinhorn go north on Wade Hampton (on the west side of the school), east on Tarleton (the last street), south on Flint River to the parent drive entrance.  Cars may not turn left into the parent drive from Flint River. 
  • As you are in the parent drive line be courteous. Don't block the driveways and don't block the intersections.  
  • Buses may be running very late so please be patient in the mornings and afternoons. If the buses leave are late leaving HCE, we will send a text. 
  • If you need to change end of the day transportation that pop up during the day that are an emergency to change, CALL THE SCHOOL OFFICE. Do  not email teachers as we can't change based on an email.  
  • Don't forget to give your kids and our teachers lots of grace and patience as we all work to get back into the flow of school! 

Bluebonnet list author Max Brallier will visit 4th grade students at Hunters Creek Elementary School on Monday, September 25. He will share his experiences and talk about the writing process as well as his new book LAST KIDS ON EARTH AND THE NIGHTMARE KING. 

All students have the opportunity to purchase a signed book that will be delivered to the classroom. If you would like to place an order, please fill out the form  here and click "add to cart" to continue the purchasing process. Books will be delivered to the school on the day of the event. Please give the librarian and classroom teacher a day or two to distribute books to the students; if you have any questions about your child's book, please contact the classroom teacher or librarian.

Orders received by Monday, September 18, are guaranteed to be signed and personalized. All other orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis on the day of the event.
Counselor's Corner
By Andrea Chvatal
Hello Parents and Friends - We at Hunters Creek are in full swing and are energized about all we have lined up for this year.  I have all kinds of things to share with you, week at a time.... Please check back each week for news, tips, and events that pertain to counseling.

If you believe your child would be successful in scoring 80% or higher on an exam in which they have not had instruction, the Credit by Exam (CBE) window is now accepting applications. We do not have a new deadline date and will get that information out to you as soon as possible. Students as young as first grade may take a CBE.  Students can take a test in the fall for the grade they are currently in.  (For example, a 5 th grader may attempt the 5 th grade math test).
Students can take either 1.  Math only  OR  2.  All subjects (Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies).  Each test has a 3 hour time limit.  If a child passes Math with an 80% or higher score, the student can then be accelerated into a higher math class.   If a student wants to attempt all subjects, they will be given the math portion first.  If the child does pass the math portion, the other subjects will be given.  EACH test must be passed with a score of 80% or higher.  Once the student does not score 80% +, the testing stops.
For example:  If a child attempts to accelerate in all subjects, and passes Math with 85%, passes Language Arts with 82%, but does not pass Social Studies, I would ask the student to not continue with the Science portion, since we know the area of Social Studies was not passed.  The student would then ONLY accelerate in Math.  Math is the only course allowed for single-subject acceleration.
If that doesn't make sense, please call me and I'll be happy to explain more in depth.
If you'd like to submit an application for your student, please email me and I will send one to you OR you can ask for an application in the Front Office. 
Fill out the Elementary application and return to me or the Front Office.
All applications are due to me by TO BE ANNOUNCED.  Unfortunately, no late applications will be accepted.
I am always here to answer questions and help our families and students be successful.
I can be reached at 713-251-6000  ext. 6044 or
Here's to a great year!


If you didn't complete the reverification forms online for this school year, you will get the hard copies home the first day of school.  You still have the option to complete online@  
  • Click on the link and follow directions to VERIFY your child's information.
  • This has to be done each year.
  • If you don't do it, we have to send all the hard copies home for you to complete.

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At our website HCE WEBSITE you can find other info - school supply list, archived newsletters with back to school dates, text alert sign up and more! 

Due to Harvey the rest of this month (September) all students may eat breakfast and lunch without a charge.  

If you need to apply for free or reduced lunch to be processed by the end of September, see the link below.  

When we return the menu the first few weeks will not match the menu calendar. Child Nutrition Services will do their best to get back on schedule as deliveries arrive.  

Meal Prices
Breakfast   Student = .75 (reduced .30)
                    Adult = 2.00
Lunch         Student = 2.00 (reduced .40)
                    Adult = 3.50

CLICK HERE to find menus, application for Free or Reduced Lunch, and to pay online (each student's account is tied to their Student ID number).  

Back to school - Take 2! (thanks a lot, Harvey!). I'm looking forward to seeing cougar families back on campus again on Monday. I know this has been a trying time for us all. But I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of support that I have witnessed throughout this city and specifically among our own community. You are truly amazing! But the work is just beginning. And we will continue to be asked to step up to help those who did not stay as dry as most of us fortunately did in Hunters Creek.
Our first school-wide effort to support Harvey relief efforts will be the Harvey Relief Drive. I hope you can lend a hand by bringing much-needed cleaning supplies to school next week. 
On a housekeeping note, the deadline for directory ads and donations to our annual fund (including your name on the back of our spirit shirts) has been extended. You may also wish to subscribe to the HCE PTA Calendar on your Smart Phone, especially since there are many changes and updates to the calendar due to the storm delay! We are in the process of rescheduling grade level coffees and other school events. Also note that there will be a general PTA meeting next week on Thursday, September 14, at 8 a.m. As always, visit for more details as it is being updated regularly.  

Finally, please don't forget to join our wonderful PTA. We are stronger together! #cougarstrong

Jennifer Daly 

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You need to do 2 things to complete your annual volunteer registration. 
1.  Register with SBISD at
2.  Attend on of the HCE volunteer trainings to be scheduled throughout the       year. 
3. Volunteers who were cleared last year are 'good to go' for the beginning
    of the year only.  

iKids U After-School Program

iKids U registration is going on now for 2017-2018  School Year!  

Turn in registrations at the HCE front office, visit iKids online at, or register by phone at 713-665-5200.  iKids U offers a variety of onsite after-school opportunities at HCE including Stay & Play, Enrichment classes, and One on One services.  Customize your child's after-school schedule with part-time and full-time options available!  iKids U starts on the first day of school and classes are filling-up fast so enroll today!

iKids Inc is now offer Spanish during the school day on Tuesdays and Thursday. For details CLICK HERE
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