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December 9,  2016
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Dec 12
Polar Express Day in 2nd Grade - Wear your PJs.  
Dec 13
First Grade White Out Day
Dec 14
PTA Planning Proposals due to Ms. Snyder
Dec 15  9:30 
3rd grade author visit - Bruce Colville
4th grade author visit - Bruce Colville
Dec 16
Holiday Parties - Schedule below
Report Cards Go Home
Jan 3
Staff Development Day
Jan 4
Students return to school 
Jan 5 9:00 am PTA Planning Meeting - Room 7
Jan 10 6:00 pm 3rd Grade Parent Meeting:
All 3rd grade parents and any 4th & 5th grade parents new to the STAAR test will want to attend.  
Jan 12 7:00 pm HCE Dad's Kick Off Spring Meeting at Buffalo Wild Wings on I-10
Jan 12 9:00 am PTA Executive Board - Room 7
Jan 16
School HOLIDAY for students and staff
Jan 19 9:30 am PTA General Meeting - place TBD

Holiday Party and Noon Dismissal Day Schedule
Friday, December 16th 

K - 2 Sing-A-Long 8:30
3 - 5 Sing-A-Long 9:30

Party Schedules
Grade Lunch 
K 10:15
1 10:30
3 10:45
2 10:55
4 11:15
10:45-11:30 on hardtop
5 11:30


The nerves were quaking as 30 super spellers competed in the Hunters Creek Spelling Bee on December 8, 2016. The Bee lasted 14 tension filled rounds before we had a champion. Congratulations to First Place winner, Natalie Jones (4th), and runner up, Kylee Pham (5th)! Natalie will represent Hunters Creek Elementary at the SBISD Spelling Bee on February 15, 2017.  

Our third place winner was Tanush Paradeshi (5th) and fourth place winner was Anna Zamastsyanina (4th).  Thanks to our Spelling Bee PTA Chairs for a great event: Nesi Andrews, Meg Bissinger, Denise Campbell, Jenny Robertson. Thanks, also to Bee adviser and spelling coach, Roberta Smiley. 

Left to Right: 5th Grader, Kylee Pham, 2nd Place and
4th grader, Natalie Jones, Spelling Bee Champion

'Tis the Season for Giving! 

Thank you for supporting our sister school, Woodview Elementary, at the Fun Run by donating to their efforts to raise money for a new SPARK Park.  It was a very cold morning but so heartwarming to see our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders mix and mingle. HCE will be contributing $2,266.85 to Woodview!  Thanks for your support and to Jen Moss and Kelly Siblik for helping with planning and organization - and being there all morning! 
Here is a picture of our combined 5th grade classes at Woodview.  

Please don't forget that, traditionally, we gift our Custodians, Cafeteria Ladies 
and Crossing Guards with a special holiday surprise at the Sing-a-longs on Fri, Dec 16.  

Help your child find a way to earn a few dollars, take from their piggy banks or collect all the loose change around the house to donate next Mon - Wed!  We need to have all our donations by Wed to know how much we have to split up to get ready for Friday.  

We will be showing our love and appreciation for all they do to: 

Custodians: Mr. Rojas, Ms. Odis and Ms. Lourdes
Cafeteria Ladies: Ms. Maria, Ms. Iris, and Ms. Jenny 
Crossing Guards: Mr. Rojas and Ms. Maria
Counselor's Corner
By Andrea Chvatal

Do you want to learn to speak five different languages quickly???  Study The Five Love Languages for Children and impress your friends with your new vocabulary!
Seriously, though, knowing these five love languages has transformed my closest relationships for the better.  I am able to understand, serve, and love people in my life more effectively.  My efforts go farther than if I was shooting in the dark about what makes them "tick".  The Love Languages are how we give and receive love.  Everyone has one or more languages, and usually there is one language that rises to the top that "speaks" more to an individual than the others. If you're not familiar with them, the categories are physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, and quality time.   All five of them are valid ways of giving and receiving love.
Physical touch may be a high-five, a big bear hug, a pat on the back, or a child sitting on your lap.  These touches convey safety, comfort and love to someone.
Words of affirmation are specific praise for an action or attitude, or a note written with words of encouragement.  "Good job" is not as effective as "Wow, you studied so hard and made an A.  Your hard work really paid off!"
Acts of service gives to your children in a way that is best, not necessarily what always pleases them (think fruit versus candy bars).  These acts can range from lifting someone up when they fall, helping with a project or opening your home to family and friends for dinner.  Children will eventually emulate what their parents made a priority.
Gifts should be in combination with the other love languages, so the gift is genuinely received.  This could be a flower, a special rock, a drawing, or a small treasure.  It should be something someone will truly appreciate.
Quality time is that undivided, focused time with someone.  You are present and engaged.  The activity is not as important as the focus on each other.
Take a look at The Five Love Languages website.  There is a pdf quiz to help determine your child's love language.  Click here.
Look for opportunities to speak your child's love language to them so their "love tank" is full and overflowing.  Time with your child is a long-term, no risk investment you can make deposits into every day.


We are opening to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders!   So, 3rd graders can also come now. 

Everything in the store will sell for $1, some things are 2 or 3 for a $1. 

Available: pencils, pencil sharpeners, fun erasers, backpack ornaments, pencil grips, and supply zipper bags. 

Here are the school store dates: 
Dec 6 and 13, Jan 17 and 31, Feb 21

If you have suggestions for things you'd like the 4th and 5th grade students to be able to purchase, email
PTA President's Perspective
I would like to send a HUGE thank you to the 5 th grade and 3 rd grade teachers and volunteers for taking our children on two wonderful field trips last week!  The 5 th graders got to enjoy the symphony and the 3 rd graders got to square dance in Galveston and take a trip to Moody Gardens.  What fun experiences for our children!
We greatly APPRECIATE our Spelling Bee Chairs, Nesi Andrews, Denise Campbell, Jenny Robertson, Meg Bissinger and Roberta Smiley, for organizing the Spelling Bee - all the practice sessions and Thursday's competition, too!  Ladies, thank you for a job well done! 
Another thank you goes to Mrs. Willson for putting on a wonderful Holiday choir concert this week. It really brings out the holiday spirit to hear HCE students sing songs!
This week HCE families demonstrated a spirit of compassion and generosity towards the students of Woodview Elementary.  Thank you so much for encouraging your children to participate!  Bringing communities closer together is what Sister School Solution is all about!  Jen Moss and Kelly Siblik coordinated the event, and with the help of many faculty, staff and parents, it was a great success!  Thank you all so much for your efforts and enthusiasm to make an awesome Fun Run for students of HCE and WVE!
You should have seen an email about volunteers covering the teacher's lunch shifts for the next two weeks.  This will be a nice treat for our teachers and fun for the parents!  Thanks to Jan Ingersoll for coordinating this effort for us!
We have a busy next couple of weeks, so hang in there!   
Katrina Stephenson
HCE PTA President

Dr. Alma Allen, State Rep from Houston and Vice Chair of the House Education Committee, will  be meeting with parents regarding recapturing of taxes.  This is a very important meeting and we  encourage your attendance on 
December 14 at 10:00 am at 45 Saddlebrook Lane.

SBISD is writing a check for $68 million back to the state this year,  much of which will be going to the  General Fund,  and not education .

SPREAD THE WORD!  Please talk with your friends at other schools in  SBISD as well as  HISD.  
All are welcome and encouraged to come. Please reply to Denise Campbell  and let us know if you are able to attend.  We need to have at least 30-35 in attendance.  
The Texas Legislature will convene in 40 days on January 10, 2017. As of today,  there are NO legislative proposals to fix to the school finance crisis. SBISD faces a financial cliff that may  lead to drastic budget cuts. If the legislature does not act THIS session, SBISD will face a $17M budget  shortfall next fall (the 2017-18 fiscal year) as our recapture payment increases from $66M to over $93M.  To put this in perspective, $17M is approximately the total SBISD has budgeted for Student Transportation 
($7.4M), Health Services ($3.6M), and Co-Curricular / Extracurricular Activities ($6.1M).

Our children, our educators and our community need you to act now.  If you are unable to attend this meeting and want more information on recapture and the SBISD financial crisis including a helpful video  explanation, click "School Finance" on the SBISD web site or visit:  

Great way to help Hunters Creek Elementary with your Christmas Shopping                                                
Amazon Smile-  Direct link that will contribute to HCE school is:

Visit (same account as ) and select   
HCE as charitable organization; this will donate 0.5% of your purchase!  

On your first visit, you select a charitable organization to receive donation before  
you begin shopping go to: "or pick your charitable organization" and type   
Hunters Creek Elementary and select Houston, Texas. It will come as PTA  
Texas congress 4932, or you can also look for the school with EIN number:  
Thank you to all the students, teachers for submitting your Box Tops coupons!!
Duty Free lunch for our teachers the week of Dec 12-16 has been a huge success!

Most spots are filled, but check back if you are interested, as we may have cancellations.  Currently there is only one open spot on Monday for 5th grade.  


Go online to or drop off a check to front office,
send through your child's backpack or mail to:
Ketti Collins, 851 Country Ln, Houston, TX 77024
Don't forget to complete your ANNUAL VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION. 

You need to do 2 things to complete your annual volunteer registration. 
1.  Register with SBISD at
2.  View the HCE Volunteer Training video and sign the google form.  Or, attend a training at school the first day or first few weeks of school.  

Video of HCE Volunteer Training:
iKids U After-School Program

iKids U registration is going on now for the 201 6 -201 7  School Year!  

Turn in registrations at the HCE front office, visit iKids online at, or register by phone at 713-665-5200.  iKids U offers a variety of onsite after-school opportunities at HCE including Stay & Play, Enrichment classes, and One on One services.  Customize your child's after-school schedule with part-time and full-time options available!  iKids U starts on the first day of school and classes are filling-up fast so enroll today!
Please CLICK HERE to download a registration form  
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