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April 14, 2017
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It's that time of year! Here are out dates until the end of the year - YIKES! 

April 17
Administrative Assistant Day - HONOR OUR OFFICE STAFF!  
April 19
Law Day Reader for 2nd Grade
April 20 6:00 pm PTA General Meeting to approve the budget for 2017-2018.  Approving the budget will include voting for the faculty's proposals for PTA funded positions.  We need you there to vote! 
April 21
Kinder to Houston Museum of Natural Science
April 27 6:00pm BUGZ Play by 1st Grade 
April 27
Last Planning Proposals for the year are due
April 28
Progress reports go home
May 1 9:00-1:30 5th Grade to BizTown
May 4 9:00 PTA Planning Committee Meeting
May 5 3:15-5:00 HCE & MDE Fiddlers Spring Concert in the Cafe 
May 5
Faculty Appreciation Luncheon
May 8 8:15-12:30ish 3rd and 4th Grade Math STAAR
5th Grade Math STAAR Retest
May 9 8:15-12:30ish 3rd and 4th Grade Reading STAAR
5th Grade Reading STAAR Retest
May 10 8:15-12:30ish 5th Grade Science STAAR
May 12
Decorate for Winds of Time
KONA Ice Truck for 4th Grade Confetti Egg Winners
May 15
Leadership Council to Esperanze
May 16
Last SPIRAL day of the year
May 17
5th Grade Track Meet
Bear Blvd current PK visit HCE
Other PK students coming to Kinder at HCE next year will visit
May 18 8:30 am Last General PTA Meeting: New board is inducted, PTA Lifetime Memberships awarded - don't miss it! 
May 18 Save the Date GALLERY NIGHT (tentative Technology Showcase)
May 19
Bike to School Day (tentative Bike Rodeo)
4th & 5th Talent Show Dress Rehearsal 8:15
May 22 Times TBD Pulishers' Picnic - make your lunch and come eat together as a family while your student shares their portfolio for the year
May 23
Summer Book Day
5th Grade Party after school
May 24
4th Grade Choir to SBISD Choir Festival
2nd & 3rd Grade Talent Show Dress Rehearsal
May 25 8:15/30ish  Chariot Races
May 25 3:25 Last CIT meeting - For 16-17 members and 17-18 members
May 29
May 30 8:15 Kinder and 1st Talent Show Dress Rehearsal
May 31 8:30
HCE Talent Show for K-1, 2-3 then 4-5
June 1
Clap Out & 5th Grade Graduation
Pizza Lunch
Noon Dismissal = THE END!!! 


Kylene Beers, Ed.D., is a former teacher who has turned her commitment to adolescent literacy and struggling readers into the major focus of her research, writing, speaking, and teaching. She is author of several best-selling books, all published by Heinemann. She taught in the College of Education at the University of Houston, served as Senior Reading Researcher at the Comer School Development Program at Yale University, and most recently acted as the Senior Reading Advisor to Secondary Schools for the Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College.

Kylene has published numerous articles in state and national journals, served as editor of the national literacy journal, Voices from the Middle, and was the 2008-2009 President of the National Council of Teachers of English. She is an invited speaker at state, national, and international conferences and works with teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools across the US. Kylene has served as a consultant to the National Governor's Association and was the 2011 recipient of the Conference on English Leadership outstanding leader award.

Kylene is now a consultant to schools, nationally and internationally, focusing on literacy improvement with her colleague and co-author, Bob Probst.

All that to say - please read her latest blog post...
Teachers have asked me repeatedly just how much time do kids need to read. In Disrupting Thinking, we share this research that shows what happens if we add just 10 minutes more to the reading kids are doing. 

For instance, the child who scores at the 70% level in reading is reading about 10 minutes a day and is seeing about 620,000 words per year. If we add just 10 minutes a day, he moves from 
seeing 620,000 words per year to over 1.2 million words per year. What happens when kids see more words? They learn more vocabulary, they understand nuances of meaning, they make better inferences, they understand more about text structure, they write better, they comprehend better, and they score higher on standardized tests.

What's the lesson? Read. Then read more.

Counselor's Corner
By Andrea Chvatal

In Monday's USA Today (April 10, 2017) section B, an article talks about teaching children about money.  Since we just covered careers in our guidance lessons, it makes sense for parents to continue the conversation with their children about money management.  Beth Kobliner, the author of Make Your Kid A Money Genius, lists five money lessons parents can engage in with their children.  Here are the lessons paraphrased:
  1. Curb your kids' demands at the checkout line.  Children who are told 'yes' all of the time, have difficulty handling delayed gratification.  Remind them to wait for their birthday or, when you really want something, you save up for it.
  2. Give 'em cash.  Young children don't really understand the value of a dollar because many parents use credit cards for purchases.  When appropriate, give kids cash to teach the basics of budgeting.
  3. Take your kids to work.  The whole idea of work - that you go and perform a task daily in exchange for money to buy things - is something that most children do not understand.  Show your children your place of work and explain what you do.  Then explain how your employer deposits money into your checking account in exchange for your work.  Then debits are made from the checking account in order to buy items.
  4. Show them how advertising works.  The next time your child gets excited about that ad for the super cool new toy, explain that advertisements (use that word) whether online or on television are made to make things seem much cooler than it often is.
  5. Encourage college kids to wait to get a credit card.  The longer they wait, and pay cash for items, research shows they will more likely have less debt later.
CLASSES FOR 2017-2018

We have begun the process of creating classes for the 2017-2018 school year.
Our goal for class placement is to provide the optimum learning environment for every child. We do our best to meet this goal, considering a variety of factors. Our first step is to balance the classes academically and behaviorally.
State laws require that we cluster group our identified GT students with no more than 10 in one class. Then we consider and balance, as equally as possible, gender, ethnicity, ESL, Dyslexia, special education, the number of volunteers, the number of students from the prior year's class, teacher input and parent input.
We definitely value and consider parent input from the class placement forms, yet we want you to be aware that given all of the above factors, we are not always able to honor everyone's specific requests.   

As we have done the last few years, we will mail the class placement cards to families the week before school starts.  Skyward Family access will also open that week and will have class placement.  

Meet the Teacher is Friday, Aug 18, 10:30 am.   

Next week we will start our series of articles to tell about personnel changes for next year.  
PTA President's Perspective

A special thank you to the volunteers who have been dedicated all year to providing important information and reminders on the HCE marquee. Chad Sparks, Saul Ben-Yaacov, Katie Bennett, Shelley Moore and Kelly Siblik, we appreciate you! 
Did you know that each HCE teachers receives some PTA funds for items that are needed in their classrooms?  There is a committee called "Teacher Basics and Beyond," and again Kristen Ramsey has done a fantastic job of tracking these classroom expenses!
Did you know that a parent volunteer keeps track of the hours submitted by the police officers who work as HCE crossing guards?  We appreciate you, Mary Jo Harp, for keeping HCE safe!     
Did you know that parent volunteer, Marliu Kurtz, counts all those BoxTops labels?  Marliu, thank you for helping with all of our HCE rebates programs this year!  Parents, thank you for clipping all those BoxTops!
These are a few of our many fabulous volunteers!  Thank you all for making HCE a great place to be! 
Don't forget to come out to our PTA meeting next Thursday evening at 6pm!  You won't want to miss it.  We will hear from the Hunters Creek Mayor, review the 2017-2018 proposed budget and vote on the specialist positions. 
Enjoy the long weekend with family and friends!

Katrina Stephenson
HCE PTA President

It's Talent Show Time!
Dust off those tutus, tune up those instruments, and warm up those voices.
During school performance only:  Wednesday, May 31, 2017

All Grades Invited to Perform!
To participate please pick up a participation form/permission slip from the front office.

Last Call For Talent Show Entries!
Talent show registrations forms can be picked up in the front office and are
due by
Friday, April 21st.

The talent show will be May 31st during school and students must try out to participate.
Email Jan Ingersoll at if you have any questions. 

Spring Cleaning 
"We need Books"

Please bring books for rising 
th graders and 1
rd graders
Book Swap

All students will visit the HCE library on Friday, May 19th to pick one book to read this summer and jumpstart their summer reading .  All HCE students will be able to choose a book regardless of whether or not they have donated a book.

Please donate ( Now until May 1st ) your gently used books to the HCE Summer
Reading Book Exchange.  All levels of reader from 1st to 6th grade acceptable.  Please no picture only books or crossword or activity books. 

All extra books collected will be donated to our sister school Woodview Elementary. 

There is a blue recycling bin for collections in the HCE front lobby

Nominate Someone for the PTA Lifetime Membership Award
***  DEADLINE IS APRIL 26, 2017   ***
How will you say: "Thank you for your outstanding service to our children"?
Hunters Creek Elementary
PTA Lifetime Membership Award 2017
Our Hunters Creek PTA plans to confer Lifetime Membership Awards at the May General PTA Meeting.  An honorary Texas Life Membership Award is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon an individual by the Texas PTA for outstanding contributions to the well-being of children and youth.  Our school community has the opportunity each year to recognize and thank individuals or volunteers you know who go above and beyond for all children-those who act as a tireless advocates for children's education, health, and well-being.  HCE has recognized 206 wonderful people since 1984.
This prestigious award can only be given once per person per school.  The following is a list of CURRENT Parents, Teachers, Staff, and Volunteers who have already received honorary lifetime memberships.  Please take the time to think about other parents, teachers, staff and volunteers who deserve this award for their many years of service to Hunters Creek Elementary.  List your nominations on the next page and please do not nominate an individual whose name already appears on this list.
Faculty And Staff
Julie Reader-Boyd
Maggi Dunwoody-Cummings
Naomi Ford
Susie Gaines
Noemi Lopez
Ann Martin
Marcia Menard
O.G. Miller
Francie Moore
Mercedes Mulvey
Felipe Rojas
Mac Rozzell
Pamela Thompson
Sylvia Tramuto
Mary Sherman Willson
Parents and Volunteers
Meg Bissinger
Nan Chandler
Kim Conrad
Dawn Dixon
Karen Edmonds
Michelle Kelley
Beth McGarry
Jennifer Moss
Jill Oliver
Cynthia Pappas
Kristen Ramsey
Kelly Siblik
Roberta Smiley
Liz Swan
Please return this completed form by Wednesday, April 26, by mailing it to Kelly Siblik at 7811 Bryonwood Drive, Houston, Texas  77055 or by leaving your sealed envelope marked "PTA Life Membership" in the school office in the PTA lockbox marked "PTA Life Membership.    You may also email me at with your nominations.
Nominating individuals in our community only needs to take a few minutes.  Mention a name and just 2-5 sentences of why your nominee should be given this prestigious award.  You don't have to know all of their roles at HCE, but just have reasons why you recommend the person.  The nominating process does not need to be stressful, but heartfelt and deserving.  Thank you so much for participating!

I recommend the following person(s) for a Texas PTA Lifetime Membership Award:
Reasons for Nomination:____________________________________________________________________
Please list PTA or Volunteer Positions held (if known):___________________________________________
Reasons for Nomination:____________________________________________________________________
Please list PTA or Volunteer Positions held (if known):___________________________________________
Reasons for Nomination:____________________________________________________________________
Please list PTA or Volunteer Positions held (if known):___________________________________________
If you have any questions,  please contact Kelly Siblik, HCE PTA Lifetime Membership Chair.  Nominations due Wednesday, April 25.  Forms can be turned in one of three ways:
                        1.  Mailed to Kelly Siblik at 7811 Bryonwood Dr., Houston, TX  77055
                        2.  Dropped off in a sealed envelope to the HCE office
                        3.  Email directly to


Have you ordered your YEARBOOK?
Are you sure?
Place your order TODAY at 


We are looking for 3 volunteers to help with the HCE PTA financial reconciliation.

If you are good with numbers and processes we need you.  Please contact Katrina Stephenson if you are able to help! or 713-305-3277

Go online to or drop off a check to front office,
send through your child's backpack or mail to:
Ketti Collins, 851 Country Ln, Houston, TX 77024
   4 Easy Ways To Help Hunters Creek Elementary!!
**Write the Grade, Student and Teacher names on your bag/envelope of official coupon.

Box Tops for Education -
  • Simply clip Box Top$ from hundreds of participating brands.
  • Please, put Box Top$ in a plastic bag (or envelope) labeled with the child's and teacher's name and current grade.
  • Send only valid coupons, the coupons EXPIRE after 3 years.
  • The top 5 classrooms from the entire school with the most Box Top$                 submitted during the entire school year will enjoy an ice cream treat in the              month of May.
Labels for Education -
  • Simply Clip and save UPCs and beverage/ sauce caps from                               participating products. Check out the complete list at
  • Please, put Labels for Education in a plastic bag (or envelope) labeled with           the child's and teacher's name and current grade.
Kroger's "Neighbor to Neighbor" Program -  
  • Link your Kroger Card to HCE online at  Organization #83363.  HCE receives 1% of    every purchase made with your Kroger Plus Card.   
  • Important: You have to RELINK your card each school year so don't forget to do this ASAP!
Amazon Smile- 
Direct link that will contribute to HCE school is:
Visit (same account as ) and select 
HCE as charitable organization; this will donate 0.5% of your purchase!
On your first visit, you select a charitable organization to receive donation before
You begin shopping Go to: "or pick your charitable organization" and type 
Hunters Creek Elementary and select Houston, Texas. 
It will come as PTA  Texas congress 4932, or you can also look for the school with EIN number:  EIN-74-6086197
These are all easy ways to earn money for HCE! Contact Marilu Kurtz for more information or with questions at  
Don't forget to complete your ANNUAL VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION. 

You need to do 2 things to complete your annual volunteer registration. 
1.  Register with SBISD at
2.  View the HCE Volunteer Training video and sign the google form.  Or, attend a training at school the first day or first few weeks of school.  

Video of HCE Volunteer Training:
iKids U After-School Program

iKids U registration is going on now for the 2017-2018  School Year!  

Turn in registrations at the HCE front office, visit iKids online at, or register by phone at 713-665-5200.  iKids U offers a variety of onsite after-school opportunities at HCE including Stay & Play, Enrichment classes, and One on One services.  Customize your child's after-school schedule with part-time and full-time options available!  iKids U starts on the first day of school and classes are filling-up fast so enroll today!
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