Do you realize if it weren't for Edison we'd be watching TV by candlelight? - Al Boliska
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Thanks to everyone that participated in our short survey last week. Wow! We were floored by how many responded. Great job! Now, it seems we'll be sorting it all out for quite a while. But hey... we asked and you delivered. So, this week's short survey will only be one question. And since, according to the survey results (see what we did there), over 85% of you are subscribers to Nuts & Volts, it seemed only right to ask a question about your feelings on the magazine content. So, just like last time:

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Digital Capacitance Meter
A Digital Capacitance Meter
It could be time to build your own!    
Over the years, I have amassed quite a selection of air variable capacitors and trimmers. Starting a project that used one of these devices used to feel like it required an Act of Congress to select the right one, since they were of unknown values. I finally decided it was time to add a capacitance meter to my test bench. However, I couldn't justify the cost, so I decided to build one myself.
Arduino Projects Kit
AVR C Programming Workshop - Part 11
Getting Started With The Arduino Projects Kit.

These workshops are written with the idea that the reader already knows a bit about electronics. But that isn't always a valid assumption. For instance, some folks have never used a solderless breadboard. I tried to remember the first time I used one and it just seems like I was born knowing how these things work.


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Dual-gate or tetrode MOSFET.
FET Principles And Basics - Part 3  
Practical applications of MOSFETs and CMOS-based devices - Part 3 of 4


MOSFETs are available in both depletion-mode and enhancement-mode versions. Depletion-mode types give a performance similar to a JFET, but with a far higher input resistance (i.e., with a far higher low-frequency input impedance).


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Steampunk Planetarium Clock


Steampunk Planetarium Clock
This unique timekeeper will have you seeing stars ... even the same skies the Spanish missionaries observed back in the 1600s!

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From the Nuts & Volts Webstore
  • Set up a workbench and equip it with tools and test instruments
  • Ensure personal safety and avoid electrical and physical damage to devices
  • Understand electrical units, circuits, and signals
  • Use test equipment, including a digital multimeter, signal generator, frequency counter, and an oscilloscope
  • Repair circuit boards and replace parts
  • Work with components, from capacitors and ICs to transistors and zeners
  • Learn to read block, schematic, and pictorial diagrams
  • Disassemble devices and identify sections and stages
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose to the component level
  • Perform reverse-order reassembly
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