June 24, 2015

Mission to India and Nepal 
 We appreciate all of you who prayed for and supported our mission to India and Nepal! Everything went great! We could not have done it without you!

India Mission
Brother Samuel, of Ongole India, is a 22 year old man with a selfless anointing and so much compassion in his young heart that he puts most of us to shame.

 He reached out to us over a year ago pleading for the poor villages in his area that had suffered a flood and much destruction. He told us of the great need for safe water, for food and other necessities.
Here is what we saw.
Here is what we saw.

This kind of poverty reminded us of Haiti 30 years ago. Barefooted children sit on the ground in front of a wall with a stick to point at numbers for school. Animals and people live together in straw houses. Hand pumped water flows into dirty pans delivering sickness. Malnourished children, grateful for simple rice, eat with their hands.

 Brother Sam visits the village children every day even when he has nothing to give them. Their cries fill the air as he approaches. Will he have rice? Candy? Sometimes he just kicks a ball around with them, but at least they know someone cares about them.

 Sam and his family were our hosts in Ongole, India and took very good care of us, giving us traditional Indian meals, (the best chai tea!) and loving hospitality. 

 What an honor it was to give them three Air Mobile Rescuer water purifiers! These will provide safe drinking water to over a thousand villagers under Brother Sam's watchful care. 

 We only wished we could have done more to help them feed the children and help with their need for education, sanitation and many basics of life.

 We continue to pray about all of this and are open to whatever God leads us to do! Please pray for the children of Ongole and for Brother Sam and his family.

They surprised us with a welcome banner and children lined up outside the church to sing, dance and throw flower petals at us!

Air Mobile Rescuer Water Purifiers changed this polluted water source into 
 Safe Drinking Water!
Brother Samuel is supervising the water purification program.
Here is a peak at some of our team singing to the kids at one of the Children Care Centers.
We worked into the night, feeding and then distributing clothes, hygiene supplies and other items to hundreds of children.
Here is a video Brother Sam made of our mission!
Here is a video Brother Sam made of our mission!

When our work was done in India, our team split with Cindy, Patti, Olivia and Peter heading home and Joe and Garrett meeting Aaron and Kurt in Nepal for the second phase...

Nepal Mission

The Nepalese customs seized all of the water purifiers but through much prayer and deliberation, they were all released!

We have a wonderful team of technicians in Nepal who really understand the Rescuer water purifiers and are using them to show God's love   in desperate  areas.
Our lives were in danger on the narrow and treacherous Himalayan roads!

Close Call on the road to remote village of Dhunce.

The AMM team was welcomed in Nepal with joy. A total of 24 Air Mobile Rescuer water purifiers were deployed to the areas hardest hit by the earthquake. 

Our hearts were broken at the sight of so many who had lost everything in that disaster. But we were so blessed to be able to bring clean drinking water to them!

 We especially enjoyed the seniors and were amazed at their hard working lifestyles!

The Nepalese children were more than willing to test the purified water! 

Joe loves to take the first sip, proving the water is GOOD!
We are so thankful to have had the  privilege
 of serving in India and Nepal and look forward to heading out on our next mission as the Lord leads.
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