JULY 2013
General Meeting:
7:00 PM
Cadman Elementary
Board Meeting:
7:00 PM
Sandwich Emporium

Monday, July 8, 2013

President's Letter: July 2013
Ryan Trabuco

Clairemont Town Council Meeting: July 11


July 11th -- because the first Thursday of the month falls on Independence Day (July 4th), we've obviously made the wise decision to hold our monthly meeting a week later. I hope you all enjoyed your extended holiday weekend with family, friends, and fireworks!


However, as a draw to bring you out to our July 11th meeting, we'll have an assortment of pizzas available to munch on. Plus, our guest speaker will be Dan McAllister, our county's elected Treasurer-Tax Collector. Dan's a fantastic speaker if you've never heard his presentation before, and will help answer questions about your tax bill. Come on out, and bring your tax bill if you'd like!

Know Your Clairemont Neighborhood!
Janett Lewis
Director North
Chair, Communications Committee

Thanks to Janet Miller from Clairemont Community News for uncovering this old map of our Clairemont neighborhoods.



Bylaw Amendments

We have a comprehensive (understatement) set of Bylaw Amendments that the Board will be soliciting input on at this next meeting (July 11), so that we may have the Council formally adopt at our August meeting. When we say comprehensive -- there are, specifically 31, separate Bylaw Amendments.

This may seem a little ostentatious, but some of the amendments, if passed, would require additional changes. To cover our bases, we've compiled all of the possible changes separately. For a list of the new Bylaw Amendments, click here. For comparison, our current set of Bylaws can be found on our website here.
Some of the BIG changes we are proposing include:
  • Formally adopting our "Founding Date" as September 20, 1954 based on research our Historian has uncovered (which means we've been promoting our 60th anniversary a year early... darn the luck!)
  • Expanding the Board of Directors from to 21 members (from the current 15) which elevates the Historian as an Officer position, and adds an additional 5 Director-at-Large positions.
  • Setting up structure and guidelines for Council committees.
  • Updating our conduct and disciplinary procedures, and
  • Re-instituting Council expenditure limits.
If you're unable to make the meeting on Thursday, please be sure to review the changes and offer any opinions or suggestions moving forward before we formally bring this to the August meeting for a vote.
Office: 619.525.8522
San Diego Fire-Rescue Dept.
Station 25 - Information
(Serving Bay Park)

Station 27 - Information
(Serving West Clairemont) 

Station 36 - Information

(Serving East Clairemont)
Clairemont CrimeMapper
Search crime statistics around your neighborhood.
Year-to-year comparison of crime statistics in Clairemont.

If you'd like a community link posted here, let us know!
Local Elected Officials

U.S. Rep. Scott Peters

Office: 858.455.5550
State Sen. Marty Block
Office: 619.645.3133 
Asm. Brian Maienschein
Office: 858.675.0077 
Asm. Toni Atkins
Office: 619.645.3090 
Supervisor Ron Roberts
Office: 619.531.5544 
Mayor Bob Filner
Office: 619.236.6330 
City Attorney Jan Goldsmith
Office: 619.236.6220

Councilman Kevin Faulconer
Office: 619.236.6622

Councilwoman Lorie Zapf
Office: 619.236.6616
Which of our elected officials show up to our meetings?
Area Libraries
4255 Mt. Abernathy Ave.
San Diego CA 92117

(858) 573-1390

Balboa Library on Facebook 


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Sun: Closed
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North Clairemont
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2013 Board of Directors
Ryan Trabuco

Jason Adams

C.J. Shedlock

Arnie Garcia

Troy Terpening 
District Directors
Director Central
Richard Morris

Director North
Janett Lewis

Director East
Rick Richard

Director South
Joe Sopher

Director West
Daniel Smiechowski
Mike Brown

Steph Groce

Simone Henriques

Steve Innis

Joanne Phillips

Student Representative
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