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Monday, June 3, 2013

President's Letter: June 2013
Ryan Trabuco

Garden Tour Success a Win-Win for Clairemont

Big THANK YOU to the homeowners, volunteers, and of course the hundreds of ticket buyers who made this year's Clairemont Garden Tour one of our most successful ever! This year we had three garden categories to vote for your favorites: Ornamental Garden winner was Mr. Leland Fletcher, Water-Wise Garden was Bruce & Marlene Miller, and Edible Garden winner was Nele & Paul Berner. Congratulations!

For those who are unaware, the annual Clairemont Garden Tour is the Town Council's single largest fundraiser of the year -- in which proceeds go to fund community grants such as funding food packages for needy families through Community Christian Service Agency, various Boy/Girl Scout projects, the Clairemont Hilltoppers, and our most recent grant award was to help replace football helmets at Clairemont High School through their booster club.
Clairemont Chat: Janet Miller
Janett Lewis
Director North
Chair, Communications Committee

From time to time we bring you a unique interview with an interesting person in the Clairemont community.

This week we got the chance to sit in with the dynamic Janet Miller, energetic and insightful publisher behind the Clairemont Community News. Janet took the time to tell us a little bit about her vision for the Clairemont community and how she became the publisher and editor-in-chief of its most stellar newspaper.

Janett Lewis: What are you most passionate about?

Janet Miller: Well, I got engaged this week; I'm excited about that. I'm very into words, reading and writing. I'm passionate about Clairemont, at least making Clairemont more of the place I'd like to live. One thing that I think is missing is public art, which is a big deal to me and I'm distressed that we don't have anything like that in Clairemont. I'd love to see more of that happen. I'm excited about the small community theater group that started here in the last couple of years. I'm excited about helping them. I'd like Clairemont to be not so much "Squaremont," but a little more cultural.


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From the Archives!
Simone Henriques

It is with great pleasure that for the past year I have been actively involved with the Clairemont Town Council (CTC). I have also been recently appointed as Historian for the CTC.   As a Historian, it is my task to reconstruct past events and speak faithfully about Clairemont Town Council History.  Recently, I have been fascinated with the amount of facts and documents I found and gathered throughout my research. Facts defining the formation of Clairemont Town Council to the succession of presidents, as well as, of previous members and community events held by the council.


Clairemont Town Council History dates back to September 20, 1954 when Clairemont Boosters Club and Clairemont Civic Association decided to join forces with temporary officers elected to create the Council. The CTC first official meeting was held at the Whittier Elementary on January 24, 1955. During the meeting, Howard I. Kaufman was appointed as the first president of Clairemont Town Council.


Clairemont Crime Statistics
Daniel Smiechowski
Director West
Chair, Public Safety Committee

One of the new features we hope to provide you with every month are year-to-year comparisons of crime statistics within our Clairemont community. Thank you to Director-at-Large Mike Brown for compiling this information. Mike also serves on our Public Safety Committee.

Clairemont Crime Statistics (March 2012/2013)


Below are the five different beats used by San Diego P.D. to cover our community.



Please, if you'd like to contact the Public Safety Committee, feel free to e-mail us at PublicSafety@ClairemontOnline.com

Office: 619.525.8522
San Diego Fire-Rescue Dept.
Station 25 - Information
(Serving Bay Park)

Station 27 - Information
(Serving West Clairemont) 

Station 36 - Information

(Serving East Clairemont)
Clairemont CrimeMapper
Search crime statistics around your neighborhood.
Year-to-year comparison of crime statistics in Clairemont.

If you'd like a community link posted here, let us know!
Local Elected Officials

U.S. Rep. Scott Peters

Office: 858.455.5550
State Sen. Marty Block
Office: 619.645.3133 
Asm. Brian Maienschein
Office: 858.675.0077 
Asm. Toni Atkins
Office: 619.645.3090 
Supervisor Ron Roberts
Office: 619.531.5544 
Mayor Bob Filner
Office: 619.236.6330 
City Attorney Jan Goldsmith
Office: 619.236.6220

Councilman Kevin Faulconer
Office: 619.236.6622

Councilwoman Lorie Zapf
Office: 619.236.6616
Which of our elected officials show up to our meetings?
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