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Counselor Update

Email Alias May Impact Student Roster

Sometimes, teachers and counselors have multiple valid email aliases. (For example, and may both be valid email addresses that feed into a single account.) If these email addresses are published in school directories, it is possible for students to invite you using an email address that is not the same as the one connected to your Common App account. If some students are not showing up on your roster, it might be because they used the wrong address. (And it might also be because they misspelled your name.)

Submission Doesn't End With Payment

The submission process is a three-step sequence. First, students review a copy of their application. Second, they pay the application fee (unless using a fee waiver). Finally, they sign the affirmation and complete submission. Some students are stopping this sequence after paying the application fee but before submitting the application. For this reason, it's always a good idea for students to check their Dashboard for confirmation of submission status.

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