The Common Application
Counselor Update

Before You Submit...

Clicking Submit on a school form or application is like dropping it in a mailbox: you cannot retrieve it, and you cannot edit it.  To avoid clicker's remorse, remember the following:

  • Make sure you have attached the correct documents for the correct students.
  • Verify that all documents are complete and legible before uploading.
  • Preview your work before submitting.
  • Do not name specific colleges or tailor letters to specific colleges.  Your submitted evaluation will be sent to ALL colleges to which the student applies.  (Naviance users might have more flexibility.  Ask your account administrator.)
Help Students Help Themselves 

Please do not submit questions on behalf of your students, no matter how efficient that strategy might seem.  Students should always seek help while logged into their accounts--and ideally from the same computer where they are experiencing the problem.  Doing so transmits information about the browser and operating system a student is using, which can be essential to helping us provide accurate assistance.  

11.15.13 Statistics
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