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In today's edition of Take A Stand! TV, Eric Barger illustrates the tragic consequences of what happens when the Bible is disregarded by those entrusted to teach it.

This segment examines two tragic elements of confused Evangelical thinking as both Universalism and Mysticism have become a staple in postmodern thought.

For many decades once-faithful Christian leaders, denominations, and seminaries have been moving further and further from Scripture to adopt what they view as only "positive" attributes of the faith - while discounting or completely ignoring what they deem as unseemly. Seeking only a God of love while ignoring the equal attribute of His justice, the perverse view of universal inclusion now reigns as the politically correct, more charitable stance on eternity but completely betrays the overall teaching of Scripture.

At the same time, mystic beliefs and practices have slipped in. Practices and techniques far more closely related to New Age spirituality and even the occult have been endorsed by a choir of teachers and personalities as avenues to a deeper spirituality.

Bible-believers must take note and become conversant about these two growing trends in order to biblically refute these "counterfeits on our midst." Otherwise, those following the new, truly confused evangelicals will continue to descend, one by one, into cultic decay.

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