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September 2017 News & Updates
Fall is kicking in in Northern Arizona, with sunny blue skies and cooler nighttime temps. Want to explore the high country, local trails, watch wildlife, or attend a special event? Check out the county parks and natural areas for more ways to explore.
Coconino County Fair
Coconino County Fair
We had an amazing community turn-out for the event over Labor Day weekend.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year's Fair a success! To community members who entered exhibits, 4-H youth and families, superintendents, volunteers, sponsors, partners, entertainment, vendors, staff, and to all of YOU who visited the Coconino County Fair, we thank you.

Forest Thinning Update

Out of the approximately 220 acres that was contracted for the Fort Tuthill Forest Thinning Project, approximately 50 acres remain for mechanical thinning. Huge slash piles are left behind from the mechanical thinning process, and Perkins Harvesting is chipping the slash piles, with materials from the chipping being re-purposed into decorative wood chips for gardens and landscaping. Visit our Facebook page for the latest trail closure information.

Fort Tuthill Thinning Project
Volunteers Make a Difference

In early August, over 50 adults and youth volunteered at Peaks View County Park and helped to revitalize the trail. Volunteers loaded wheelbarrows with dirt mix and wheeled them down the path, where people were waiting with rakes and shovels to lay out the mixture. Volunteers also slowed water runoff from the practice fields, and built a rock channel to slow down water before it reached the trail. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped!

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