April 29, 2017
Lovely friends ,
As we watch the buds emerge, we too might be experiencing the energy within stirring. For many, the coming season brings a new flow to daily life. Here at Coyote Moon we are ablaze in colors and fabrics, ready to  assist as you prepare for whatever the movement of life inspires for you  in the  days and weeks ahead.

Our beautiful, and frequently requested, Flax linens 

have arrived in yummy colors and shapes for all.

Fun and function, found in these fabulous new eyeglasses 
by  I Heart Eyewear, have clearly captivated  both 
staff and customers alike.

 Stylish and comfortable Habitat tunics bring ease and elegance  
to travel, as well as every day wear.

We love the versatility of these long chain-link necklaces. 
Wear them full length, or easily adjust and shorten, 
to enhance any neckline.
"Live in your heart rather than in your head . If life wants to announce a direction, it will prepare the way for you by presenting feelings in your body and mind to enable the movement to occur."
~from Mooji,
Vaster Than Sky 
                  Greater Than Space

Please call us for the quickest response. Emails are checked less frequently. 
Thank you! 

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