May 26, 2017
We are hearing alot these days about graduation, weddings, reunions and activities to come. It is our greatest delight to participate, as we do, in creating the space for fun and play (while minimizing stress); and experiencing the joy of that "just right" look coming together for each and every one of our dear customers! 

Jess looks feminine and fab in this Vintage dress 

accentuating the glorious colors of the summer.

Beautiful sea glass earrings, necklaces, bracelets and 
key chains make  memorable keepsakes evoking 
warm  weather  Maine adventures.

 Super soft and vibrantly patterned Escapada tops and dresses 
complement a  casual and playful summer lifestyle .

What an array of  choices available in these new chic canvas bags, made from  repurposed  military  tents  and tarps! 
"These are the days of our lives.. . the days in which we meet each other... 
the days of ordinariness and miracles... the days where we remain close to life, feel the warmth, it's tenderness and its ferocity. I am in love with these days, given freely. Days to play, to wonder... days whose preciousness is rooted in their own impermanence, whose fragility and solidity seem inseparable."
~from Jeff Foster,
The Way Of Rest

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Thank you! 

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