February 18, 2017
Greetings friends, 
It is such an uplifting time of year here at Coyote Moon as the cheerful colors of spring begin to blossom! We look forward to sharing the abundance of delights as you explore the plentiful possibilities for refreshing your body, mind and spirit (and your wardrobe).

Michelle looks sharp in this cotton CMC blouse with it's sophisticated wire collar. She is totally taken by these new 
vegan-leather bags. They are fabulously lightweight & some even reverse to a contrasting color  (get 2 bags in 1).
Wear your inspiration around your wrist! Fun affirmation wrap bracelets
 by Good Works Makes A Difference, a company that contributes
 a portion of their proceeds to charitable organizations in order to make 
a meaningful impact in communities and lives.   

Beautiful nature infused patterns by Nally & Millie are great layered with our favorite one-size Elietian tank dress and leggings. 

Feminine Coobie bralettes keep you feeling pretty on the inside.

"Another way to own your beauty is to adorn it in your own personal style
Don't think of clothes as 'fixing' a 'figure flaw' but as flattering you and bringing out your natural beauty. "
~from Christiane Northrup, M.D. 
Goddesses Never Age

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Thank you! 

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