Edukos BBQ
Sunday July 10, 2016
3 PM-7 PM
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
2000 Convention Center Drive
Join us as we welcome Edukos to the garden for an exuberant and adventurous culinary Pop-up with craft beer and Venezuelan inspired BBQ. Check out the full menu in this newsletter.

Guests will enjoy a stroll through the garden with an introductory Social Hour where they will sample Sparkling cocktails and BBQ themed hors d’oeuvres.

 Guests will enjoy a Craft Beer & Tapas pairing menu where they will get to experience five Venezuelan inspired BBQ items by Chef Jose Marmol of Inedit Gourmet paired with four spirited craft beer samples.

 Guests will also have their choice of beverages before and after their pairing menus are served.

We describe our style as American + Venezuelan Inspired. Our culinary genius, Chef Jose Marmol, has created something unique for our social hour. We love bringing these two cultures together to create something truly unique." Edukos

Come enjoy a perfect afternoon of summertime music, chef driven BBQ inspired plates, and spirited beverages as we explore the Miami Beach Botanical Garden and discover more together.

Tickets are $55 per person. 
Please purchase your tickets in advance so that we can best prepare for the event.

 Ticket proceeds will benefit Miami Beach Botanical Garden. We look forward to seeing Edukos in the garden this Sunday!

Shawnee's Green Thumb Popcorn
Grab a snack while exploring the garden. Delicious flavorful popcorn  with cayenne. 
*Organic ~ Vegan ~ Kosher* *High Protein Spirulina Superfood* Vitamin B12 ~ Nutritional Yeast*  No GMOs~  

Now available for purchase at our Botanical Boutique
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
2000 Convention Center Drive
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 9AM-5PM

A Tropical Garden
by Andrew Street
One of the main questions I get from visitors to our garden is, “where are all the flowers?”

It becomes obvious these people are not from the tropics nor are they familiar with the concept and color of a tropical garden. That’s fine—not all gardens are the same, nor should they be, and the cliché or typical garden is not usually
a tropical one. I think that’s what makes Miami Beach Botanical Garden so special and also important; for starters, there simply cannot be a lot of tropical gardens in America due to the climate the Continental United States has—we are located quite perfectly.

Our importance lies in really wooing first timers to the beauty and potential a tropical garden can have.  Yes, we have flowers, and yes we have them all year round, but 

     photo: Tillandsia vernicosa as viewed from above