March 2015                                                                                                                                              Issue 9
CTSRC Crash News
This week we will examine 3 areas in the new MMUCC PR-1 Collision Report. Each newsletter will highlight new areas of the report as well as crash and training news. 

Witness Appendix

This Appendix should be used to collect information about witnesses to a crash.


The top left corner of this Appendix reserves a section where the officer should document the number of reported witnesses to the crash.

  • Each Appendix page is designed to hold information for up to three witnesses.
  • Multiple sheets can be used to accommodate as many witnesses as required.
  • Witnesses should be assigned a person ID and statements can be taken on a Department's statement form.
  • The witnesses (person) ID should be used to identify witnesses in both the provided statement and the diagram, if appropriate.
  • Information to be collected includes, but is not limited to: name, address, birth date, statement source and type, and verification data.

Fatal Supplement (PR-2)

This supplemental report is required for a crash in which at least one person is fatally injured. A fatal injury is any injury that results in death within 30 days after the injury has occurred (calculated by a measure of 720 hours, i.e. thirty, 24-hour periods from the time of the crash). If the person did not die at the scene but died within 30 days of the motor vehicle crash in which the injury occurred, the injury classification should be changed from the attribute previously assigned to the attribute "Fatal".

Unusual Collision

A vehicle is traveling on a main roadway and starts to lose control. The rear of the vehicle collides with the side of a vehicle traveling in to opposite direction then veers to the right side of the roadway, colliding with a large snowbank that causes the vehicle to break completely in half. 


The physical evidence at the scene indicates that a large tool set containing a socket set is ejected from the vehicle upon the vehicle splitting  in half. The sockets separate and strike numerous parked vehicles in an adjacent parking lot causing damage to each parked vehicle.


Q: How would you document each of the vehicles

damaged by the ejected tools?


A: Each vehicle should be listed as a parked vehicle on a

vehicle page. The sockets gained momentum based on

the momentum of the vehicle they were located within.

The damage was thereby caused by debris being

thrown from a vehicle in motion. This would be listed as "Struck by Falling, Shifting or anything set in motion by

a Motor Vehicle" in the Sequence of Events  area for

the parked vehicle.

Training Assistance

The POST certified training staff from UConn would be happy to work with any department in enhancing training for officers.  Trainers are available for a variety of training, including full classes and Roll Call training. 


For more information or to schedule assistance please contact:  Chuck Grasso at (860) 486-1587


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