February 2015                                                                                                                                              Issue 6
CTSRC Crash News Update
My name is Chuck Grasso and I am a retired Police Sergeant now working for the University of Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center as a Crash Data Liaison to Law Enforcement. I will be bringing you a newsletter on both the progress of the new MMUCC Accident Report, as well as crash investigation news.
Data Quality
The new MMUCC PR-1 has been  used exclusively for nearly two months and the report accuracy is excellent. The following items address some of the more common issues that are occurring. 

In each newsletter we are going to spotlight some areas that need more clarification to enhance the quality of the data recorded in the reports. In this issue we will review: Private Driveways, Sequence of Events,  Most Harmful EventNumbering of Persons & Supervisory Review.
VehiclePrivate Driveways
This section describes how to name the street location of a vehicle that was struck while parked in a private driveway.
  • If a vehicle was traveling on a roadway, leaves the travel portion of a roadway and strikes a vehicle in a private driveway or on private property the report is going to ask you for"Road on which vehicle was traveling" for the struck vehicle. The correct response should be "Private Driveway".  The investigator shall put the words "Private Driveway" in the roadway portion of the vehicle page.  Private Property is also acceptable if the car was in a parking lot or other non-roadway location.
SequenceSequence of Events
This section requires the investigator to describe the events leading up to the collision.
  • Enter the events of the crash specific to this vehicle as they occurred in chronological order.
  • You can Never enter "88 Non Applicable"  in the first box. 
  • Select which one of these four events as the most harmful.
  • You may enter up to four events per vehicle. If there are more than four events, record the four most significant events.
  • All boxes must be coded, i.e., if less than four events are selected the other event the remaining 2nd, 3rd or 4th boxes should be coded as "88: Not Applicable".
HarmfulMost Harmful Event
This section requires the investigator to describe the event causing first the injury, and in a non-injury collision, the most damaging event.
  • The section labeled "Most Harmful Event" can never be left blank or completed with "88: Not Applicable".
  • Must be one of the events listed in the sequence of events.
SupervisoryNumbering of Persosns
SupervisorySupervisory Review
A reminder to approving supervisors to check the officers' reports to ensure accuracy and completeness. While the edit and validation check work excellently, it cannot be relied upon to ensure a 100% accurate report.
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If you have any questions regarding this newsletter or the new MMUCC PR-1 please contact:

Chuck Grasso
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On Site Training

 A special thank you to the Officers of West Haven Police Department for their outstanding commitment to ensuring that the new MMUCC PR-1 is successful.  The West Haven Police Department recently hosted the training staff from the new MMUCC PR-1 to work with each of their road and shift supervisors to ensure that the collision reports are being completed and submitted correctly.  


A special thank you to West Haven Sgt. William Cole for arranging this training session. 


If any department would like assistance in defining or further training in the new MMUCC PR-1 please contact Chuck Grasso, University of Connecticut Crash Data Liaison at 860 486-1587 or email