March 2015                                                                                                                                              Issue 7
CTSRC Crash News 4  Common  PR-1 Errors

This week we will examine the 4 most common errors occurring in the new MMUCC PR-1 Collision Report. Each newsletter will highlight areas that need clarification as well as crash and training news. 


Most Harmful Event

This section requires the Investigator to describe the event causing the most significant injury, OR in a non-injury collision, the event that caused the most damage. 

  • The section labeled "Most Harmful Event" can never be left blank or completed with "88: Not Applicable".

Location of Collision

List the municipal street name or state route number on which the crash occurred, and the intersecting street name or state route number when the crashes occur at intersections.

When the crash DOES NOT occur at an intersection, include:
  • The nearest intersecting road, town, line or state route mile marker, and
  • The distance (in feet or tenths of a mile) and direction (North, South, East, or West) from the nearest landmark or intersection identified above. 

Contributing Circumstances Motor Vehicle

This section describes characteristics of the motor vehicle that potentially contributed to the crash.
  • The Investigator must choose at least one condition, but you may choose up to two.
  • If Motor Vehicle characteristics played no factor in the collision, the Investigator MUST fill in the section as "00: None". 
  • At no time should the first box be left blank. 

Manner of Impact

Identify the manner in which two (or more) motor vehicles in operation initially came together without regard to direction or force. 
  • When more than two motor vehicles are involved, enter the Manner of Collision code for the two vehicles involved in the initial or first collision.
  • Note: Use code "88: Not Applicable" for single vehicle crashes.

Training Assistance

The POST certified training staff from UConn would be happy to work with any department in enhancing the training for officers.  Trainers are available for a variety of training including full classes to Roll Call training. 


For more information or to schedule assistance please contact:  Chuck Grasso at (860) 486-1587


Training Videos

Click on the video below to view.

PR-1 Tip of the Week


Q: If a vehicle goes off the roadway and strikes a snow bank, how is the collision classified?


A: A one car collision with a snow bank is classified as a collision with a 
" non-fixed object".
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