Michael Arnone's 28th Annual Crawfish Fest
June 2-4, 2017
Sussex County Fairgrounds

Augusta, NJ


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This past September Michael Arnone reached out to Brogan Fairchild at Springfield High School, his neighborhood school, to see what was needed after the August 2016 Flood. This storm produced 4 trillion gallons of rain, enough water to supply New Orleans for 350 years!  Arnone's home suffered severe flooding damage along with 146,000 other properties. Brogan said what was needed most was coats and jackets, as most families had lost everything. Arnone reached out to the fans of his Crawfish Fest in Augusta, NJ, knowing they would help. The Crawfish Fest Krewe teamed up with Alison Kaufman of The Morning Mojo Show, Gypsy Givers and The Newton Theater to collect gently used coats for students of  Springfield High School, LA effected by the catastrophic floods in Louisiana.

From Good Homes, veteran performers at Crawfish Fest, packed the Newton Theater for 2 nights in mid December where fans of both the band and Crawfish Fest generously donated coats by volunteers who braved the cold temperatures and snowy weather.  Gypsy Givers, is a non profit female duo who travel throughout the United States volunteering and donating their time and hard work to various organizations, individuals, nature, the music scene and much more.  Their slogan "Karma on the Road" sums up their mission to spread joy and love while selflessly helping others in communities throughout our country.  More than enough coats were collected to supply Springfield High School students who were in need, while the remaining items were passed onto the Head Start Program and Elementary School.

Thank y'all to everyone who supported this grassroots efforts!  See you in June in Augusta, NJ.

Thanks for your support! 

Michael Arnone and The Crawfish Krewe