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Creativity for Christians: new from The Elevator Group Faith

50% writing workshop. 50% stories of overcoming. 100% inspirational.


"...a must read for all AMEs and other Christians who love the Lord and have a testimony to tell."--Rev. Dr. Charles H. Lett, Sr., Presiding Elder, West Mainline District, Philadelphia Annual Conference

That's just one of the wonderful comments that we have gotten for our newest book release, Creativity for Christians: How to Tell Your Story and Stories of Overcoming from the Members of One Special Church, by Sheilah Vance with Reverend Felicia Howard.

Available at bookstores and online booksellers everywhere.

$15.95. ISBN: 978-0-9820384-2-0.
Everyone has a story to tell. Learn how to tell yours.

That's exactly what 13 members of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Ardmore, Pa. did when they participated in a series of Creativity for Christian workshops at the church, led by authors Sheilah Vance, also a Bethel AME member, and Rev. Felicia Howard, their assistant minister.

The result of the workshop is a book that teaches the readers how to tell their stories and includes stories that these 13 members wrote.

Based on Rev. 12:11 -- We are made overcomers by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony -- Creativity for Christians is designed to be used by individuals or churches as a transformative and bonding experience. The first half of Creativity for Christians is a writing workshop, teaching readers how to write their personal testimony and stories of overcoming through a series of writing exercises and writing advice. The second half of the book contains stories written the members. Their personal stories of overcoming all types of situations will strengthen and encourage readers by showing them what God can do. The reader will also see that sharing stories, even if only with their fellow parishioners in a church wide or church group project, will bring them closer together and strengthen them as a church.

"Your group not only has LIVE it!"
So said author Janice Grove when she read the work of these
Authors with Elder Charles Lett (far rt.) and Rev. Albert Johnson (2nd left) at book launch
contributing authors: Ernest L. Asbury, Jr., Yvonne D. White, Bernard "Scooter" Jackson, Nicole White, Bernadine L. Clark Benjamin, Sylvia Thornton, J. Donald Jackson, Jr., Carmen Cary, Harry White, Bea White, Lois Savin, and Joe Raines.

Janice went on to write, "...valid and valued advice to help a person put their story together, but in a way that is honest, down-to-earth, and not 'preachy.' I saw myself mirroed in the pages of so many of the experiences, and even found myself crying while surroudned by people because of the faith that you all shared...You inspired me to write my story."
Praise from Bishop Richard Norris, 1st Episcopal District, AME Church

"The innovative publication of this insightful reflective study presenting personal reflections opens the realm of self-expression for a whole new category of writers," said The Right Reverend Richard F. Norris, Presiding Prelate, First Episcopal District, AME Church. "It sets the stage for individuals to discover creative facets of their history, personality and story-telling capacity. The unlocking of this important avenue of spirituality gives new dimension and depth of possibility of expression that might otherwise remain hidden and untapped. [The authors] have created a most helpful tool for self expression. This publication embraces the story telling history and tradition of African American people. What a wonderful creative tool for expression and preservation of the story and personal legacy."
"Stories within this book are endearing..."
Book reviewer Tracy Farnsworth writes at Roundtable Reviews, "Creativity for Christians is a collection of insights about overcoming the worst possible situations. Stories within this book are endearing and definitely prove that in the darkest of times, there are others out there who've been handed a lot worse.

The book starts with writing instructions that help you write your own story. It covers the basics including writing exercises to get you started and a guide into creating your outline, beginning, middle and end.

All of the stories within Creativity for Christians come from members of the Bethel African Episcopal Methodist church in Pennsylvania. Each story is clearly related to the reader and one, the story of a young blind boy now adult, will certainly stick with me for years. Other stories include a woman and her estranged husband who find romance bloom after shocking news and a devastating fire that led to the church gaining a new address though it never moved location."

We believe that you will be inspired by Creativity for Christians. Buy it at any bookstore, online or direct from us at The Elevator Group at or, where your copy will come signed by me. We also know that times are tough for many people, so if you can't buy the book, please ask your library to order it.
We hope that you use the book to write your own story. Feel free to email me at and tell me what this book has meant to you.

In the meantime, write on!


Sheilah Vance
The Elevator Group/The Elevator Group Faith
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Creativity for Christians: How to Tell Your Story and Stories of Overcoming from the Members of One Special Church
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