Credibility and campaign measurement in public relations
Credibility and Campaign Measurement
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A credible person can put a positive face on a company.

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The importance of campaign measurement 

How does a person become credible? If credibility is the quality of being trusted, or believed in, then it seems that credibility is time-bound. 

In my mind, being credible has several traits, such as: 

  • Follow-through
  • Engagement 
  • Truthfulness


This is when you do what you say you are going to do. No lip service, no missing deadlines, no excuses. When you commit to something or someone, do the task and be sure to follow-through on communication to make sure it was done right, or to close the loop. 


People with credibility engage with others. They are part of the community and participate in local events such as Chamber meetings, and community groups. They engage and through their follow-through, participate and demonstrate commitment. 


Given the opportunity, people in business will lie, or make excuses for not doing what they say they will. Maybe it's follow-through on a project, a phone call, or paying an invoice that will cause people to find an alternative truth!

You can be credible, and be a good steward of your business or organization. Credibility of leaders and staff in an organization will impact the perception about the organization. 

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Jennifer Ferrero, APR
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Public relations measurement
Through the public relations accreditation process, I learned the power of measurement. If we can make a plan to reach more people, change behaviors and perceptions, and create more visibility for a business - then we should also be able to measure what we've done. 

Measurement starts by setting SMART objectives, and ends with a report on the criteria of measurement that was established. 

With good measurement data, you can find out how successful a campaign was, an whether to budget for a new one! 
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