New bus ads promote CrimeStoppers
throughout the city's streets

Memphis Transit Authority buses  tooling around the city are carrying a vital public safety message on their exteriors and interiors: that awards up to $1,000 are paid for anonymous tips that lead to arrests - in copper thefts as well as in all felonies.

CopperStoppers bus tail ad

The new advertising campaign is the latest with the purpose to keep CrimeStoppers and its tips line number top of mind with the public and among those who have information that could help police solve crimes.
The ads explain that CrimeStoppers is now fighting those who steal or illegally buy and sell stolen metal, and urges riders via interior placards, and motorists or pedestrians who view the outside ads, to call 528-CASH (2274) or to visit the organization's main website - - to learn more.

As supporters know, CrimeStoppers - although independent of law enforcement agencies - works closely with them to keep the community safer. CrimeStoppers does this through the generous donations of individuals, businesses and other groups, and does not receive tax dollars to keep its work going.

CopperStoppers was created by CrimeStoppers in collaboration with businesses to fight the theft of and illegal sales, purchases and transportation out of town of copper and other scrap metals.

Copper stripped from wiring, appliances, plumbing or electrical boxes may bring hundreds of dollars when sold, but often results in thousands of dollars in damages to homes, apartments, churches and other facilities.

Special awards up to $1,000 are available for information leading to arrests. 
Help stop the criminals - the "copperheads" - doing economic harm to our community.

Visit for information on how to help.      
Help spread the word

If you like - we hope you do! - you can help the cause against the metal thieves by liking our new CopperStoppers Facebook page. And tell your friends, co-workers and acquaintances.

While you're at it, let them know about the main CrimeStoppers Facebook page too.

CrimeStoppers' guests  brought the house down

T here were no seats left the night that Friends of CrimeStoppers had the main stage theatre at Playhouse On The Square in May.

The audience, including 139 Memphis Police officers and their guests, gave a rousing, standing ovation to the cast and musicians who performed  Memphis (The Musical).

It was the fifth annual CrimeStoppers Night At The Theatre fundraising event and the most successful to date. The organization sponsored the show for the night and got the 347 seats in the house to sell to donors and supporters. Donors paid for the officers to attend at no charge.

Sponsors of the CrimeStoppers event included Valero, Georgia Pacific - Cellulose, Raymond James and Dillard Door Security.

Valero GP Cellulose

CrimeStoppers will have the full house again on Friday, May 19, 2017 for a showing of the not-to-be-missed 
Million Dollar Quartet.

T hose who want to donate to send an officer and a guest ($100 for two people) can do so early here, or send an email for billing later to 

If you would like to reserve your own tickets early, send an email to that effect to 

Websites building new awareness

CrimeStoppers and its many programs are explained - and the public is engaged - in various places on the internet.
Our main website explains the organization's purpose, and keeps count on major cases in which police need help from citizens - 
A companion site helps students keep their schools safer -
Senior citizens who are afraid or otherwise need help can find information they can use at another site -
Spanish-speaking citizens can learn about CrimeStoppers on a fourth site -
Now, because the theft of copper and other metals has become a major problem in the metro area we have launched a website for our newest program, CopperStoppers: