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Announcing a revolution in the BG, SBLC, LTN, LC, DLC, MTN, PPP, Funding and Non Recourse Monetization Industry.... 100% Capital Protected, Zero Risk Programs from Banking Insiders NOT Brokers. You are now direct to the finance source!
Our Small Caps Program accepts deposits as low as 40,000 Euro and delivers 100% Return every 2 Months for investors through PPP.

Investors Funds are completely protected and are insured against loss so the program is safe. Investors may elect to withdraw their profits or allow a portion of them to compound for the next 2 month program cycle. 

Full details including the Small Caps Program Application Form are available here.

Are you sitting down? What we reveal in this article will shock you! This is probably the most honest & controversial information you will ever read on Financial Instruments this year!

No one has ever addressed the "Elephant in the Room", no one has ever even talked about this issue! We give detailed facts on the biggest lie that is told and believed by just about everyone in the Bank Guarantee and Standby Letter of Credit Industry.

This is a MUST Read - Read More NOW!
Our Monetization Accounts have over 80 Billion in Cash Available Now to Monetize BG, SBLC, MTN & LTNs.

We promptly pay Non Recourse cash to clients that's why we are the Most Trusted and Most Preferred Monetizer in the Industry.

Get our Monetization Application Form  here.

Up to 95% of Bank Drafts are Fraud! We blow up the misconceptions about Bank Drafts and give some cold, hard truths and WARNINGS about the way Bank Drafts are Sold, produced and made available.

Discover why fraudsters love Bank Drafts!

Read the Full Bank Draft Article Here
Secure Platform Funding has made monetizing your Bank Guarantee (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Mid Term Note (MTN) or Long Term Note (LTN) a whole lot easier and safer! We now provide you with the choice of Two Different MT799 Payment Guarantees which can be used to secure your entire transaction!

The biggest risk in any monetization transaction is..... "am i going to get paid?".

Our MT799 Payment Guarantee is a cast iron Guarantee from our Monetization Bank to your Issuing Bank with Full Bank Responsibility that guarantees you will be paid when your Swift MT760 is delivered to us. Read More
Read our a factual, accurate, realistic, achievable Case Study that shows Step by Step how investors can  Turn a $500,000 USD Deposit into 3.89 Million in Weekly Passive Income. The Case Study includes costs, process, timeline and is not exaggerated or embellished in any way.

The Financial Instrument Rules are a set of rules that 99.9% of all transactions in the industry operate within and very few clients or brokers seem to be aware of them, so we listed the rules so you can learn from then and be aware of them. Knowledge is Power, Read the 12 Rules now!

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Secure Platform Funding in an effort to clean up the industry exposes known scammers. Recently exposed scammers are:
Average Monthly Return for the Last 2 Years = 60% per Month
The Secure Platform Funding PPP Program is unique, it is 100% Capital Protected / Zero Risk of Capital Loss, Minimum Investment $100,000 Euro, Average Monthly Return: 60%.

Read how you and your clients can benefit from this powerful program.

Program 1: $250K to 3M Non Recourse   /   Program 3: $350K to 15M Non Recourse /  
Program 3: $500K to 40M Non Recourse
The Best Program of 2017, now with numerous improvements and changes that make the process easier, safer with more protection.

The Managed Bank Guarantee Program is completed in TWO Stages……..
In the Managed Bank Guarantee Program, Secure Platform Funding structures, oversees and coordinates the Purchase of a Bank Guarantee and the Issuing of that Bank Guarantee to be funded Non Recourse for the client. This entire process is done seamlessly using the Secure Platform Funding proprietary Managed Bank Guarantee funding system and with No Risk to the client.  Read More

Since 2008 Secure Platform Funding has a operated with Integrity, Quality, Honesty and Professionalism. We are the Worlds #1 Financial Instruments Website. 

We have now added this page to our website so clients know the 5 Reasons why Secure Platform Funding is Safe, Authentic and Genuine. Read More
About twice a month we get an angry email from some "broker" who tells us you cannot monetize a Leased Bank Instruments eg A Leased Bank Guarantee, a Leased Standby Letter of Credit or a Leased MTN, The issue is they are 100% CORRECT that a Leased Bank Instrument is NOT an asset, just like a Leased car is NOT an asset. But they are 100% WRONG about Monetization. Find out why......   Read More 
Our Banned Providers List now features over 103  Banned Financial Instrument Providers from a wide range of different countries. In the last month alone this list has saved numerous clients from wasting hundred of thousands of dollars buying BGs or SBLCs that would be worthless and unmonetizable or never delivered from Banned Providers.

View the 103 Banned Providers List
The BG & SBLC Experts.....
  Banco Central do Brasil / Central Bank of Brazil  & Banco do Brasil / Bank of Brazil  Customized Monetization Program! 50% Non Recourse Funding and Lump Sum Payment within 2 days.    Read More
There are a bunch of Unrated Bank Scams operating which deliberately deceive customers into buying an Unrated Bank Guarantee from a fake or phony Bank Guarantee provider because its "cheap". In this article we uncover the 5 Biggest Unrated Bank Scams! The truth is many Unrated Banks are issuing Bank Guarantees that aren't worth the paper they are written on! All Bank Guarantees are not created equal, discover why, learn the truth now.  Read More
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The Blocked Funds Program is the perfect blend of Security of your Funds & Healthy High Private Placement Program (PPP) Returns! Now clients with over 2 Million Euro or more can retain their own funds in their own account and have their bank send our Private Placement Program (PPP) a Swift MT799 Blocked Funds Admin Hold Confirmation. This enables clients to safely earn high monthly PPP returns! Boom!

Every week we are bombarded with inquiries from Importers and Exporters who are seeking Documentary Letters of Credit (DLC), Letters of Credit (LC) or Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) so they can guarantee the payment of goods they have ordered from overseas suppliers without prepaying cash for the goods months before they arrive in the country or can be sold or used.

  We Now Provide these Services...
Secure Platform Funding now has available for sale Master Country Broker Licenses that will give the Country License owner a guaranteed 1% commission for all deals completed within that country, whether the Master Country License Broker is involved in those deals or not. He will still get paid his 1%!  

If the deal originates in a Country that is owned by the Master Country Licensee, then the Master Country Licensee will receive a 1% commission guaranteed.  

An added bonus can be gained..... if a Master Country Licensee is also registered as a Gold Broker, then (on their own deals that they originate) they will be paid 1.5% for being a Gold Broker and 1% for being the Master Country Licensee, giving them a total return of 2.5% for each of their own deals. A Very healthy return.  

We have had a phenomenal response to the Master Country Broker Licenses, don't miss out, secure your country License today! All Country Licenses are available for sale now and can be purchased on a first come first served basis subject to licensees being Approved by our Compliance Department.

View full details of the available Master Country Broker Licenses here:
We have expanded our services and now in many cases accept the delivery of Bank Guarantees (BGs), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Mid Term Notes (MTN) for monetization by DTC also known as DTCC "The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation".

The DTC delivery method enables clients to safely deliver instruments for monetization while avoiding incurring any Swift Fees. Lower Delivery Costs = Higher Profits.

WANTED: 20m to 50m BGs & SBLCs - URGENT
Time Critical: We have an open Credit Line now that is rapidly monetizing Leased and Owned Bank Guarantees (BG) & Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) from 20 Million to 50M Euro or USD.  

Non Recourse Monetization is Preapproved with healthy LTVs for all BGs and SBLC between 20M and 50M from Top 100 Banks Worldwide.  

Act Now, Click Here and  Download our BG/SBLC Monetization Application Form, complete it and return it to us and lets get the process of settling your deal under way!
Safety, Security, No Loss, No Risk, No Hassle.
This Secure Platform Funding program guarantees the repayment of your deposit within 9 weeks and then purchases a Bank Guarantee in our Managed BG Program and Monetizes it using "House Funds" so you have zero risk. Its radical, unique and protects clients 100%.                                                                             Click Here for More Info
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Huge Broker Benefits
Secure Platform Funding offers a range of significant benefits to Brokers, and 3 healthy Commission Levels, Click Here to learn more and Register as a Broker with us Today!  

Plus.... Our Broker Support Hub uses a simple and special process to prevent clients from circumventing you. We protect you completely and guarantee you commission for life!

Euroclear Settlements

We Monetize BGs, SBLC, MTN and LTNs on Euroclear.

The advantage of Euroclear settlements is that delivery of the Instrument is free so clients avoid MT760 SWIFT Fees.

"The First Rule is Not to Lose, the Second is not to forget the first rule!"

Warren Buffett

This is a New Low in DECEPTION  and we are writing this article to warn clients and brokers before too many get caught in its web. Its not fraud because the swift they send is real, but it is deceptive because the swift they send is virtually useless. You used to be safe if you insisted your BG / SBLC Provider sent swifts to your monetizer on Sadly the new reality is that is no longer true!
                                                  Read More

  The more scams we expose the more we educate our clients and brokers the more time we spend closing real deals and not receiving false ones! That's why in this months newsletter we also devote considerable time laying bare the  Blocked Funds Email Scam.  A lot of people get sucked into this one and we would receive  75 to 80 a year from clients or Brokers. Read the full details of the  Blocked Funds Email Scam  and be better informed.

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There is an increasing amount of deals circulating in the industry which are Frauds. This month we unmasked and dissected a deal that landed on our desk 10 days ago and posted the "live" documents we received with detailed commentary on how to spot this scam and why you need to watch out for it and stay well away from it.

Secure Platform Funding is solely interested in completing real deals with real clients and banking real results. We will expose the frauds at every opportunity!

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Recently a  client of ours paid 250,000 Euros for WP Holding & Management (Deutschland) Ltd to deliver us a MT799 for 500 Million from Barclays Bank London , the MT799 was supposed to be followed by a MT760 so we could monetize the Bank Guarantee. But the Problem was all the provider delivered was a fake document (made on a word processor) that they "claimed" as the MT799 that was sent on the bank network. It was never sent on the network at all!

Read More
For Theft of Intellectual Property, Breach of Copyright and Plagiarism
Public Warnings were issued to:
  • Cross Globe Business Solutions
  • Zenith Financial Managment
  • Providence Investments Group
  • Standford Funding
  • The Hanson Group of Companies
  • Taphus Investment
  • DL Financial
Read More Here
Top 6 Reasons Why Secure Platform Funding is #1
  1. Company Founded in 2008
  2. Banking Insiders NOT Brokers
  3. Your Privacy is our Priority
  4. Our Integrity is Non Negotiable!
  5. We are the Provider for 85% of the Deals we Process
  6. We Operate our own PPP Program & Account

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Massive Broker Benefits
  • We Offer 3 Broker Levels
  • Brokers are Always 100% Protected & Respected
  • Healthy Commissions Paid on every Deal
  • Be Direct to the Finance Source, NOT in a Broker Chain!
  • Earn up to 1.5% Commission on Every Deal
  • Professional Broker Support
  • Wide Range of Financial Instruments, PPP, Managed Bank Guarantee Programs and Client Funding and Monetization Services
  • We Offer Gold, Silver and Bronze Broker Levels
Recently Secure Platform Funding issued a series of Formal Public Warnings on several competitors who had stolen large amounts of our web site (full details here) and were misrepresenting that information as their own. Directly after we exposed the actions of these competitors here, Fake Client Reviews started popping up all over the internet claiming Secure Platform Funding was a Scam.


None of these Recent Reviews about Secure Platform Funding were from Real Customers


None of the Reviews were True!

We have provided a detailed Responses to the Fake Reviews here and have Launched Two Public Challenges..... One challenge to the Fake Review Author, and a Second Challenge being a $500 Reward for anyone who can provide us with the name and details of the Fake Review Author.
In an effort to make it easier and faster for clients and brokers to get support and answers to their questions, we now offer support on the Telegram Encrypted Messenger Service 

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We recommend these Gold Certified Brokers who have been Recognized and Approved by Secure Platform Funding. Gold is the Highest Standard we Award Brokers and means in most cases that you are dealing with a committed industry professional who understands and is familiar with our range of service and solutions.

IMPORTANT: If you would like be a Gold Certified Broker and Listed on this Page please click here

"I took a few thousands dollars and turned them into billion dollar businesses"

Kevin O'Leary

"My partners taught me that in order to create wealth, I needed to pair up with people whose strengths compensated for my weaknesses."

Kevin O'Leary
With 35 Years of Finance and Banking Industry Experience the Secure Platform Funding Executive Team understands the Banking Industry from the Inside, because members of our Executive worked in the Financial Instruments Department of a World Top 25 Bank. We can Achieve Results others can't because we understand from the Inside, what it takes to close a deal from the Outside!


We Monetize MTNs & LTNs on either the Bank SWIFT Network or in Euroclear. All MTN & LTN Monetization is completed with Non Recourse Funding for Clients.