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July 2016

Jaime and Matt had the pleasure of attending the Capital Emmy Awards last Saturday night with our good friends and clients, Matt Riggeri and Nicholas Kovacic from Digital Cave.  Meanwhile, out in Utah, FilmQuest Festival was also in progress, where Shortwave was up for several awards, including 
a Cthulhu trophy for Best Sound by yours truly.

From Red Carpets to hot tubs, this turned out to be a weekend to celebrate!  Brewmore  took home an Emmy, and Shortwave won Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Actress, and... of course... BEST SOUND! Congrats to all!

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This month's article of interest comes from Christopher Llewellyn Reed, a filmmaker, film critic and Chair of the Film & Moving Image Department at Stevenson University.  He is the author of Film Editing: Theory and Practice, is a regular film review contributor to The Baltimore Sun's "Roughly Speaking" podcast, and hosts Dragon Digital Media's Reel Talk with Christopher Llewellyn Reed. In addition to writing for Hammer to Nail, he writes the occasional piece for Bmoreart and blogs regularly about movies at

I have been a professional film critic since 2012, when I began reviewing films for Baltimore's local NPR affiliate. When the host of the "Midday Show," Dan Rodricks, left the station in 2015 to devote his energies full-time to his work at  The Baltimore Sun , I joined him there on his frequent podcast for the paper's website . In 2014, I was offered a show of my own to host , on a bi-monthly basis, for Dragon Digital Media, broadcast from Howard County, M aryland, which gave me an opportunity to be the one to choose which films to discuss, and invite guests of my own. But it was not until I began writing for the website H ammer to Nail  ( H2N ), which devotes its coverage to micro-budget independent cinema, that I truly got a first-hand sense of the enormous diversity of film production in our contemporary world. In the almost 9 months since I started at 
H2N , it has been my pleasure to view and review illuminating documentaries such as Searchdog and SHU-DE! , both of which had their post-production sound done at Studio Unknown, as well as bracingly raw narratives like Claire in Motion and The Mend . I love great commercial entertainment as much as the next guy, but it's good for the soul to know that there's a vibrant alternative when you need it. [Read More Here]

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ToY is the story of a young, wealthy, talented but naive artist named Chloe (Briana Evigan). She inherited not only her late mother's wealth, but also the thing that took her mother's life and which she's desperate to keep secret. Chloe's newest work leads her to Kat (Kerry Norton), a beautiful but aging call girl. As Kat's career options grow more desperate, and as Chloe fights her own demons, the two women grasp on to each other, offering each other second chances while trying to escape their inevitable decline. ToY shows how sex is given and taken and bought and sold, out of love, lust, pain and desperation, and often just to survive.  Click here for ToY.

Friends Emma, Barkley, and Rachel are stuck in a rut. Emma is an aspiring sound designer in LA stuck paying the bills by creating sound effects for pornos, Barkley has secretly dropped out of her Graduate program but still pretends to go every morning, and Rachel has absolutely no social life outside of work. In an attempt to escape their increasingly bleak realities, the three run off to Maine to restore both a boat and their pride. As they build, they learn from each other and two colorful locals what may be required to reconcile their dreams with their realities. Click here for June, Adrift.

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