May 12, 2017 
Mother s Day As a Special Day with Words

Special Mother's Day Celebration
 at  9 & 11 am

This week we begin an exciting new series called The Games We Play. By looking at some of the lighthearted board games we all know we will see that beyond providing the fun of playing together, these games carry possibilities for big impact life lessons.
This week we'll talk about the game SORRY! What are some spiritual lessons we might find in this simple game? They may surprise you.
We will also celebrate Mother's Day as we enjoy a special presentation by our Crossroads Kids and Celebration Kids Choir. This will include a special blessing and a treat for every women in our gathering.
Don't miss the first in this exciting series! Sunday 9 & 11 am.
Saturday at Crossroads Underground we introduce: DUELING PREACHERS! What is dueling preachers? DP is a tounge-in-cheek way of describing a conversation between two people, who take opposing view points on a topic and attempt to "argue" their position. The exchange is light hearted, but designed to challenge our perceptions and explore what we believe and why. Our first DP is a showdown between an adult and youth! Join us Saturday @ 5:15pm - 6pm
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Providing a restaurant like dinner and entertainment experience for our food needy friends in Loudoun County. 
Community Table of Loudoun is an initiative sponsored by area faith communities to provide food to people in need and increase awareness of food insecurity.  Crossroads will host our fourth dinner on June 6. Help is needed setting up and tearing down. greeters, waitstaff, servers, food donations and more.

Click here to see all of the opportunities to serve and sign up.
Crossroads Kids on Sunday at 9 and 11am.   
Join us for a special Mother's Day Celebration this Sunday. The children have a few special things planned for Moms on this day. 
Learn more by visiting Children  on our website.  

Last Week - Game Day
Parents and children got together to play games this past Sunday. It was beautiful to witness the JOY on everyone's faces and to hear the squeals of laughter from the children while playing the different games. 

VBS 2017
Middle School students @ 9am and High School @ 10am.   
Visit the   Students  website for more information.
 Meeting This Sunday
Sundays @ 12:30pm in the basement.
Saturday, May 13 @ 6:15pm in the basement after Crossroads Underground.

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