August 11, 2017 


Saturday, August 12 @ 5:15pm - Crossroads Underground
Sunday, August 13 @ 10am - Crossroads Sanctuary
How can we find some moments of silence when everyday we are bombarded by endless streams of noise? Traffic, other voices, the mechanical background noise of 21st century life, and our own personal endless playlists make up the soundtracks of our lives. Sometimes it is overwhelming. 
This week we take a look at the importance of silence in our hectic lives. Brief periods of silence can have a powerful positive impact on our moods, our abilities to solve problems and to deal with the complexities of our lives. They allow us to listen for our own inner voices speaking softly with the deep wisdom each of us carries inside. Ancient traditions teach that in the stillness, and silence we can hear the whisper of God, always present but too often drowned out by the internal and external noise of our human experience.
This weekend we will learn how we can easily engage in this practice of holy silence to help us bring greater peace and order to our lives.
Don't miss this unique worship experience. Stick around for coffee and great conversation!

Saturday, August 12 @ 5:15pm Crossroads Underground
Sunday, August 13 @ 10am Crossroads Sanctuary

Join us for a three-day retreat integrating silence, nature and four women's stories from scripture.   Lovely private rooms on a beautiful 200 acre retreat. Homemade, healthy meals are included. 

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October 4 -8, 2017 at Harper's Ferry, WV

The program is a five-day/four-night deeply soulful experience that builds on the classic patterns of male initiation within the Christian story and tradition. It challenges each man to deeply examine himself by way of simple and moving rituals, connection with others and teaching. Each day includes group prayer, specific teachings on major masculine spirituality themes, quiet time for reflection, and sharing in the context of a "home group."

 "During this dynamic, initiation experience, I found through prayer, meditation, the council of other men, and ritual, an opening to shed some false beliefs about myself and God, and step beyond those barriers to awaken release, and spiritual renewal.  The Men's Rite of Passage experience is not a lecture based retreat, informational workshop, or anything like a traditional spiritual seminar. It is a 5-day, 4-night soulful experience that builds on classic patterns of male initiation. It challenges each man to deep self examination through moving rituals, close connection with others, and teaching.  I gladly recommend this experience for all men. The Men's Rite of Passage experience can awaken men to the adventure and mystery of their own belovedness, masculinity, deep spirituality, and a process of transformation."  by David Michel

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All Middle and High School students (including rising 6th graders) will start in the Sanctuary on Sunday morning, and then will be invited back to the Discipleship Room.

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     Sunday, August 13
Crossroads Kids will meet @10am.   Visit  Children  on our website.  
On Sunday, August 27 at our 10am worship we will be celebrating Back to School!
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Click Here to find out more about retreat on August 19-20!

Teachers needed on Sunday mornings in Crossroads Kids and Students.  Please click here if you are interested in helping out with Crossroads Kids or Students.


Porch de Salomon's mission is to serve the Least, the Lost and the Last. This is a one week experience where team members take part in building a small concrete block home for an impoverished indigenous Mayan family.  Total cost of the trip is approximately $1,400.00. 

An informational meeting is scheduled for Sunday, August 13 @ 11:15am in the Discipleship Room at Crossroads.   Come learn what Porch de Salomon is all about.   For more information, please visit their website at   or  contact  Kathy MacKrell .

Crossroads will be tutoring at Payne Elementary School in Southeast, DC.  The teachers at Payne have asked for our help in providing school supplies for their students. The supplies needed are listed below and can be dropped off during the week in the church office or during worship on Sundays through August 20th.     

List of items we are collecting (Click Here for pdf of list):
Markers, Highlighters, Rulers, Scissors, Crayons, Sharpies, 
Dry Erase Markers, Pencil Boxes, One Subject Notebooks,
Loose Leaf Paper, Composition Notebooks
New or Gently Used Backpacks are also Needed
ESL (English as a Second Language) provides a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in improving their English language skills.   Those who serve in this mission strive to give a welcoming, loving, learning environment to all of the students and their children. 

Registration for the Fall 2017 semester is Thursday, September 7th from 7-9pm.  Classes are being held on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7-9pm from September 13 through November 16.   
ESL Teachers and Assistants are needed on Wednesday and/or Thursday evenings.  No teaching background is necessary - just an open and generous spirit.  ESL Childcare Volunteers are also needed on Wednesday and/or Thursday evenings from 6:45-9:15pm.  No experience needed.  Teenagers and adults are welcome.  
If you are interested, please contact

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