Good News Update 180 - 20 September 2016 

October United Call for Prayer & Fasting for Marriage

The developments of last week have made it very clear that we are in a David and Goliath struggle for the preservation of marriage in Australia. 
Both Labor and the Greens introduced Bills into Parliament on Monday 12 September that would redefine marriage and thus avoid a plebiscite by which Australians all could have their say. The next day the Coalition announced 11 February 2017 as the date of the promised plebiscite. They tabled a Bill in the House of Representatives to enable the plebiscite even though it could very well be defeated in the Senate. The week ended with a front-page report in The Weekend Australian explaining that "a ferocious campaign against Christian groups planning to meet on same-sex marriage has forced them to cancel the event at a major hotel next week".
Aussie Family
However, amid these gloomy developments there is a bright ray of hope. Last week, the Australian Catholic Marriage & Family Council called for an historic month of prayer and fasting across the nation from 1-31 October. 

They stated on their website, "We hope that in this time of national conversation on the subject of marriage we can encourage all to pray for the well-being of marriages and families, and in a particular way for people who are same-sex attracted or gender questioning. We also pray for a respectful national discussion on marriage."

Inspired by this step of faith, a cross-section of denominational church leaders, network leaders, Aboriginal church leaders and prayer leaders from across  Australia have been asking God how they can get behind this important call to prayer.  During a teleconference on Thursday 15 September they confirmed their commitment to pray and fast for marriage and families throughout the month of October. They issued a media release to mark this crucial prayer call the very next day. 

We are happy to share that the Canberra Declaration will be cooperating with the organising team of the National Day of Prayer & Fasting in providing a daily email devotion comprising a scripture, short inspiration and prayer for all those who want this digital daily help. Then, fast as you are able.
Here are some ways that you can be involved in this strategic month of prayer and fasting for marriage and family.
  • Sign up for the daily devotional about celebrating and protecting God's plan for marriage and family from 1-31 October.

  • Send this media release to your family, friends, contacts and through social media. Encourage your church to get involved. 

It was with a sense of urgency that the Canberra Declaration came into being in 2010 when the redefinition of marriage had become an election issue.  It states that "Lifelong marriage between a man and a woman guarantees children their biological birthright to a mother and a father and has a proven track record of providing them with protection, education, welfare, support and nurture. No other arrangement has improved upon the benefits of marriage. In the face of competing alternatives and moves to redefine marriage, we affirm the importance and social utility of marriage between a man and a woman and the families formed thereby."
Since then there have been numerous attempts to redefine marriage but not one of them has been successful.  The Canberra Declaration believes this is a wonderful example of the grace of God that has largely been the result of prayer and fasting. So let us press forward in prayer.
"Then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favour granted us in answer to the prayers of many" (2 Corinthians 1:11) 

Thank you for your prayers and support at this crucial time in our nation's history.

David Rowsome & Warwick Marsh

PS  We are excited to invite you to a special urgent "Battle for Marriage Webinar" this Tuesday 27 October at 8PM EST to give you further exclusive updates on the battle for marriage and how we can pray in October.
Also the Team at the Canberra Declaration and the National Day of Prayer & Fasting will make an important announcement about the timing and strategy for next year's National Day of Prayer & Fasting. Don't miss out!
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