Team USA Update : Tuesday Race Format
Cruiser Racing - 2 Moto Format
We have been given confirmation by UCI regarding Tuesdays Cruiser Challenge category of racing! Riders will compete over two (2) Motos, then move to the qualifiers and the main final.  The statement regarding the decision from the event management  team is:

"The Event Management team is aware that weather patterns are forecast that will interrupt racing and could cause danger to riders.  Likewise, a combination of very high temperatures and humidity greatly increases the likelihood of heat-related injuries for all participants, including event and team staff, riders, and the public.  For the safety of riders and staff a decision has been made to amend the format for racing of the Cruiser categories on Tuesday 25 July."

We have been told for the future day’s events of the 20 inch categories, a decision will be made each evening for the following day of racing once the updated weather forecasting information is made available.  A decision on the format for the following days racing will be communicated via a communique to the Team Managers.

This makes every lap count!  The gates will open at 6AM.  USA staff will be available starting at 615AM to assist with check-in.  Arrive between 615AM & 7AM.  UCI will be giving riders 1 warm up lap starting at 7AM.  When arriving in the pit area please only use the pit space marked for your age group.

Only riders racing Tuesday should enter the team area or USA pit.  If you gain access to the team area we ask that you do not utilize the USA pit as it is for riders of the event day due to space.