June 30, 2017

Attorney Spotlight: Michael P. Hanle, Jaffe, Hanle, Whisonant & Knight, PC
Years Volunteering with BBVLP: Michael P. Hanle (far left) has been a criminal defense attorney since 1992. He was the first recipient of the Young Lawyers Section Pro Bono Award; Louisiana State Bar in 1995. He was also awarded the President's Award for Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association in 2014, 2015 and 2016. In 2011, 2012 and 2015 he was awarded the Merit Award by the Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. From 2012-2017, he was selected to Super Lawyers of Alabama.

Michael P. Hanle has been representing the homeless community for many years. He first began volunteering at the First Light Shelter in 2008 , assisting homeless clients with their criminal issues. He has volunteered at Project Homeless Connect from 2010 - 2017. He has been volunteering with the BBVLP since 2016.

Lisa Borden, Pro Bono Shareholder at Baker Donelson, has worked alongside Michael Hanle since 2008 and says: "Michael has always said yes to helping homeless people; with no hesitation."

Current Cases: Earlier this month, Michael assisted eleven clients in one day at the City of Birmingham Municipal Court. All the homeless clients that were in court had pending cases from Project Homeless Connect. Out of those eleven cases , Michael was able to resolve six cases. Michael made a difference in each client's life.

Here's what some of Michael's homeless clients said about him:
"Michael's representation was amazing. Michael has an understanding of the people like me. He put himself on the level of humanity. He is more concerned with helping people instead of money. He was so professional. I believe God put the BBVLP and Michael Hanle in my life. God put the best lawyer in court for me."
-- Phillip Waites, who, because of Michael's representation, was able to resolve his traffic violations with the City of Birmingham
"Michael was a great advocate for me."
-- Dominque Griffin , who, with Michael's help, completed her program and had her case with the City of Birmingham dismissed.
"Michael changed my life."
-- Michael Byers , who completed community service and stayed sober for a year, and, with Michael's help was able to have his court case resolved and start a new life.


The BBVLP is hiring an attorney for the  Safe Housing/Serving Veterans Programs Manager . Please click the link above to learn more!


1. Please help this client get guardianship over her grandmother 

This client is seeking a guardianship/conservatorship over her grandmother who has been in the hospital since January 23, 2017. The client's grandmother coded during surgery and may have possible brain damage.  The client has a letter of support from her grandmother's doctor stating that she is not capable of handling her own affairs. 


*This is the second time in eBrief         

2.  Please help this domestic violence victim, mother to two young children, through her divorce process

This client has dealt with physical and verbal abuse since marrying her husband in 2011.  They have no property or marital debt to distribute. Please help her put this difficult chapter behind her and her family.


*Client's face is blurred due to special circumstances

3. Please help this struggling mother of four fight a garnishment

This client  was laid off three months ago and is trying to get the garnishment (on a debt that is over ten years old), cleared up before she finds new employment so that it will not be an issue with her new employer. 

( 17-0009173 )

4.  Please help these sisters contest the attempted sale of their family home

This family has a total of five siblings, three of whom do not want to sell their mother's house.  One of these ladies has a daughter that has restored the home after a devastating fire and has resided in the home for over 20 years.


 HELP DESK ATTORNEYS:  Thank you to the following attorneys
Civil Help Desk: 32 clients served
Miller Boxx (left) and Client

Greg Cook, Balch & Bingham (left) and Client
Patricia Doblar and  Leon  Johnson 
Loring Jones
Jones & Associates
Bill Prosch
Darrell Tucker
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings
Ida Tyree-Hyche, Tyree Hyche & Dixon (center) and Liz Marie Gaiter, Law Intern (left)
David Webster
Legal Services of Alabama
Donnie Winningham, Bressler Amery Ross (bottom right)
with Francisco Escobar and Denzel Okinedo, Law Clerks for Bressler , and Jeffrey Weingrad, JD (top left)
Domestic Relations Help Desk: 25 clients served
Honora Gathings, Gathings Law  and Ian Green, Cumberland School of Law  
Melinda Guillaume
Leon Johnson
John Milledge and Priscilla Kelley
Pam Weed

Vet erans Help Desk: 26 clients served
Cassie Brooks 
Habitat For Humanity
Doug Friedman, Friedman Law Firm and
Hon. John Carroll, Cumber School of Law
Cline Thompson
 BBVA Compass
Ida Tyree-Hyche
Tyree Hyche Dixon
Kim Vines, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings,
John K. Turner
April Bell
Jessica Chang, JD

Amy Chiou
Cumberland School of Law
Kaylie Eicholt
Cumberland School of Law
Ian Green
Cumberland School of Law

Hansen Babington
Balch & Bingham
Miller Boxx

Perryn Carroll
Carroll & Carroll
Leesa Booth

Leesa  helped a client collect on an outstanding judgment.

Greg Cook
Balch & Bingham

Greg  accepted a limited representation eviction case.

Honora Gathings
Gathings Law

Honora accepted two custody cases.
Loring Jones
Jones & Associates

Loring  took a probate case.

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