The State Government of NSW has proclaimed the formation of a new local government area named  Cumberland Council that is comprised of the former Councils of Holroyd and parts of Auburn and Parramatta, as foreshadowed by the Council Boundary Review conducted in 2015/16. The corporate headquarters of Cumberland Council is located at 16 Memorial Avenue, Merrylands, where the former Holroyd City Council was based. Viv May has been appointed as Administrator of the new Council pending local government elections scheduled for September 2017.  

Over the coming months as the merger transition progresses, residents will be kept informed about issues that affect them. It is important for residents to know that there will be no immediate impact on services. All the regular customer service centres will continue to operate as normal. Your usual rubbish collection procedures will not change, including the day your rubbish is collected. All parks, gardens and sportsfields in Cumberland Council will remain open and all sporting field bookings will remain the same for clubs and other organisations. It will be business as usual going forward. If you have any issues please contact either the former Holroyd or Auburn offices as follows:

Holroyd       9840 9840
Auburn        9735 1222

Message from the Administrator - Viv May

I would like to welcome all residents to the new Cumberland Council. In my role as Administrator I am committed to forging a strong Council which represents the interests of its diverse communities and delivers quality programs, services and infrastructure. 

Now is the time to seize a unique opportunity for a fresh start. I want to assure everyone that I will do my best to independently serve in an open and transparent way ensuring that all voices are heard and considered.

It is important to stress that it will be business as usual and all regular Council  services are continuing to be delivered. This is a new beginning for local government in your community and we look forward to a prosperous future for Cumberland Council and its many communities. 

General Manager appointed to Auburn City Council

Malcolm Ryan has been appointed as General Manager of Cumberland Council until March 2018.

"I am delighted to announce this appointment as Mr Ryan has a wealth of experience in local government, spanning 35 years. Moreover, his commitment to business excellence and transparency in government will serve Cumberland Council well," said Cumberland Council Administrator Viv May. 

Mr Ryan was born and raised in Western Sydney and began his career as a Town Planner at Fairfield City Council in the early 80's. Most recently he served as the Deputy General Manager
for Warringah Council and has also served at Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains Councils. Mr
Ryan has qualifications in town planning, mathematics and computer studies.

Mr Malcolm Ryan said he is "looking forward to the opportunities presented with the new Council and will focus on providing high quality, cost effective services for the community."

Establishment of an Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel

Granville Town Hall, the site of the first Cumberland Council meeting

At the first ever meeting of Cumberland Council, held at Granville Town Hall on Thursday 19 May, the Administrator of Cumberland Council, Viv May, established the Cumberland Council Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel (CIHAP) which will ensure transparency and probity in the assessment of development applications (DA's) and planning proposals, and provide an independent forum for stakeholders to present and discuss issues. The Panel will determine developments that exceed the staff delegation and review planning proposals which will help streamline the planning process. The existing panel members appointed to the Auburn Independent Assessment Panel (AIAP) (made up of a pool of planning and urban design experts that are independent of Council, and a legal chairperson) will be reappointed to CIHAP and additional community representatives will be called and appointed to the new panel. The Holroyd IHAP will be dissolved and members advised accordingly.
Visit Cumberland Council's new website for more details.

Local Representative Committee

Cumberland Council has established a Local Representative Committee (LRC) which will provide insight on a range of local issues facing the new Council including:
  • Providing input to the operational plans 2017-18
  • Advising on the communication and engagement plan for the community
  • Providing input to the statement of vision and priorities
  • Assisting to engage communities and partners in planning for the new council
  • Providing input into the stronger community fund and the local services funds.
The committee will be made up of 14 members, including; former Councillors from each of the former Auburn and Holroyd Council's and former Woodville Ward of Parramatta City, and one community member chosen from each of these areas. The Councillor Representatives from the former Auburn City Council will be chosen at the conclusion of the ongoing public inquiry. To be eligible to apply applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • Live in the Cumberland Local Government Area
  • Have no affiliation with a political party
  • Be able to genuinely represent the needs of the broader community
  • Be able to work in a group environment where a divergence of views may prevail.
Members of the local representative committee will receive a remuneration of $27,500 per annum. 

Applications should be addressed to the Administrator, Cumberland Council, 16 Memorial Ave, Merrylands, 2160, or through email to council@cumberland.nsw.gov.au (please write 'Local Representative Committee' in the subject line). Applications should include a resume and a statement supporting your application. 

Thank you to Merv Ismay, Former General Manager of Holroyd Council

Merv Ismay has made a remarkable contribution as the former General Manager of Holroyd City Council and has played a vital role in the early stages of the newly merged council as Interim General Manager of Cumberland Council. His decision to retire, for personal reasons, has no doubt been a difficult one as he has a close bond with many of the Holroyd staff and community members who have worked closely with him in the past 22 years. We wish him well for the future and thank him for his dedication to local government and the local community.

We are keen to get your feedback on the merger process. Please tell us if you are encountering any problems accessing services. Click the box to the right to send us a message.