Here is just a sample of the kinds of topics we can feature in workshops, facilitated conversations, or administrative retreats that fit your needs and time frame: 

- Inter-Rater Reliability Practice
- Observation Practice that Reflects Where We are Now
- Building Capacity: Leadership Through the Lens of Michael Fullan
- Three Leadership Actions that Build True Collaboration
- Rethinking Traditional Approaches to Grading and Homework
- Working with Difficult and Resistant Staff

- What are Learning Targets and Why are They So Vital?
- Ask Don't Tell: Effective Feedback in the Post Observation Process
- Any Google or Microsoft Topic
- Using Digital Media to Share the Good News and Transform Your   
- Faculty Meetings for Ongoing Professional Development

- Changing Climate and Culture / PLCs
- Tell Your Stories: A Facilitated Conversation that Supports Your
  Team's Successes and Challenges in an Uplifting Look Back at the
   2016-17 School Year
- Facilitated Conversations on Your Chosen Topics or Professional
   Books that are Trending Now
We can build the learning experiences you want: interactive, engaging, and meaningful.

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to learn more.

SAANYS is a NYSED approved CTLE provider.