is the last installment in our Black Friday sale- Cyber Monday! The list is getting crowded so this email will be pictures with links and brief descriptions- just click the picture for more details. newest items are on top!

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PCU Level 7 Insulated Pants- 22.95

A special note on these PCU Level 7 pants. The PCU system was initially designed for Special forces units working in the mountains in Afghanistan, and these pants are the warmest layer of the system. the Primaloft used to insulate them is warmer than down and when wet it retains 96% of its insulating ability when wet. We got these pants in a lot when we bought out another dealer and saved them just for this sale- less than 30 available.

US Military Fleece Caps- Coyote or Black 7.95

Field Phone Wire Spool 22.00
US Military Canteen cup 7.95
Mess Kits 6.95

MOLLE 6 Magazine bandoleer _4.00

Magazine Pouches 3.00
Grenade Pouches 1.00 great for stripper clips

Pistol Mag Pouches 3.50
3 Magazine Shingle Pouch 4.00
ACU Large Packs 39.95

London Bridge Trading Admin Pouches 9.95
Padded War Belts 8.00
USMC MOLLE Vests 8.95

Patrol Sleeping Bags 12.50

Molle Utility Pouches 3.75
Used BDU Shirts 5.95

Wool Blankets 9.95

Field Jacket Liners 5.00
Real US Army WWII Leggings 3.75
US Military Wool Pants 8.95

30 Cal ammo cans 9.50
Rea US Military M-65 Field Pants 34.95- and we have XL
Trigger Finger Mittens With Wool Liners 7.65