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Gear, Memberships and More...

We are extending our Cyber Monday sales and specials till the end of the week (Midnight on Sunday, December 2, 2012).  Contact us to order gear or to sign up and register for the following events:


Items can be ordered and shipped for additional $8.


CHASE Harness and Stretcher system for LE/EMS and the "prepers" out there:  Now only $99!

CHASE Stretcher System Video


Combination of QuickClot and Israeli Bandage, staple items in every IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit):  $25.


Fight Protective Gear, including head gear, shin guards, boxing gloves, and mouth piece:  $155 for all items!


All tee-shirts:  Only $12!


Tactical Pants with a Tactical Belt and Patch:  $45.


All other items at the pro-shop are 10% off (walk in only.  No shipping on stock pro-shop items).


Membership SALE:  Join this week for $0 down and first month free! (requires a year contract).


Personal Training:  15% off any package!


Gift Cards available!


To order, sign up, or for more information please contact BK.


Stay safe,

Tzviel 'BK' Blankchtein
Owner, Chief Instructor
Masada Tactical, LLC
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Masada Tactical
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