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Cycle-Smart Coach and Athlete Michael van den Ham. Photo: Kurt von Hout.
Cxhairs.com Features Cycle-Smart Coach and Athlete Michael van den Ham 

This week, cxhairs.com featured Cycle-Smart coach and athlete, Michael van den Ham. He talks about his recent weeks spent in Europe, his racing experiences, and his results. 

See the feature here: http://www.cxhairs.com/2017/02/14/mvdh-in-belgium-weeks-4-and-5-the-world-championships-and-post-worlds-races/
Cycle-Smart athlete Ellen Noble. Photo: Molly Hurford.
Prowomenscycling.com Interviews Cycle-Smart Athlete Ellen Noble 

This week, prowomenscycling.com interviewed Cycle-Smart athlete, Ellen Noble about her outstanding World Championships result, how she got there, and who helped along the way.  

Cycle-Smart athlete Anthony Clark. Photo: JAM Fund Cycling.
Cycle-Smart Athletes
Race to 
Strong Finishes in European Races 

Superprestige Middelkerke:
Julie Wright: 22nd, Elite Women
Erin Faccone: 31st, Elite Women

Vestingcross Hulst:
Julie Wright: 19th, Elite Women

CX Tokyo:
Anthony Clark: 7th, Elite Men

Congratulations athletes!

The Myerson Line Podcast

Episode 11 with Phil Gaimon is now posted.

You can find that and all past episodes at the Wide Angle Podium Network.

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