Construction Update     |   March 13, 2017
Below are updates for Eagle Point Elementary School and Windsor Elementary School as we move through the phases of construction and grand openings!
Eagle Point Elementary School
March 3rd update from Findorff Project Manager, Aaron Zutz

The past couple weeks have been full of finishes at Eagle Point! The final cleaning of the spaces has begun! Coming up in the next few weeks, the Internet will be connected to the new school and the final inspections will take place! The finish line for Phase 1 is just around the corner!

And, here's more information  about what's coming up in the weeks ahead.  

"Did you know?"  
The resource areas at Eagle Point will be featuring Idea Paint! Idea Paint can go on almost any surface and makes it just like a white-board. Idea paint comes in White, Black, and Clear. Eagle Point uses the white Idea Paint on several sections of the walls in the Resource Areas. 
Windsor Elementary School
March 10th update from Findorff Project Manager, Sara Michalski

With students and teachers all moved into Phase 1 of the project, Phase 2 has officially begun! Selective demolition has been going on throughout the existing areas of the school. The fencing onsite was moved for Phase 2. Looking ahead, the bleachers are going to be installed in the gym over spring break, and more demolition of the existing library, gym, kitchen, and classrooms will be happening! Also the existing mechanical systems will be removed the the new ones will be installed shortly after.
More updates , including photos and what's coming up in the weeks ahead.  

"Did you know?"  
The Hoover Dam, built from 1931 to 1936, was constructed with 3,250,000 cubic yards of concrete. That would be enough to build a two-lane highway from San Francisco to New York City. That's over 3,000 miles! Energy from the dam provides power to 8 million people in California, Arizona, and Nevada, at an average of 4.5 billion kilowatt hours per year.
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