Construction Update     |   April 3, 2017
Below are updates for Eagle Point Elementary School and Windsor Elementary School as we move through the phases of construction and grand openings!
Eagle Point Elementary School
March 31st update from Findorff Project Manager, Aaron Zutz

Eagle Point is looking great and ahead of schedule. Staff are starting to move supplies into classrooms, and the final inspections are almost complete. A new sidewalk has been poured around the school perimeter, and landscaping is underway!

Click here for information and photos included in the March 31 Executive Summary. 

"Did you know?"  
Asphalt paving is installed in two layers, with the first layer called the binder layer. To prevent damage during construction at Eagle Point only the first course of asphalt was installed last fall. This is why there is a small lip on the curbs. This summer when the temperature warms up, the final layer of asphalt will be applied at Eagle Point. 

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EPES families are invited to take a sneak peek at the new school on Wednesday, April 5, from 4 to 6 pm. 

Farewell to the old EPES
Eagle Point Elementary School, which was originally called DeForest Grade School, was built in 1951 and has served thousands of students and staff in the DeForest Area School District. In May 2017 the school will be closed and demolished to make way for a new Eagle Point Elementary School. 

On Wednesday, April 19 and Thursday, April 20, from 3 to 4 pm, f ormer students, staff, and parents are invited to  write a farewell message or memory on the EPES gym wall. Photos of the messages will be taken before the school is torn down.

Windsor Elementary School
March 24th update from Findorff Project Manager, Sara Michalski

The Phase 2 renovation is underway! The walls are being brought back to studs so they can be re-built. The old mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire systems are coming out and making way for the new ones to be installed.
More updates , including photos and what's coming up in the weeks ahead.  

"Did you know?"  
Insulation is a highly effective way to save energy. According to the US EPA, insulation saves over 600 times more energy than CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights), Energy Star appliances, and Energy Star windows combined! It also comes in a variety of forms, including fiberglass, wool, cellulose, and spray foam.
Calendar of Events

Wednesday, April 5
EPES Sneak-a-Peek
4-6 pm  

Wednesday, April 19  and  Thursday, April 20
Write a message on the EPES gym wall
3 to 4 pm
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