DC MOVES - July 2016 Newsletter

The next DC MOVES Forum has been scheduled for Monday, October 3rd, 2016 from 9am until noon.  Location TBD.
June 21st, 2016 Forum

Members of the DC MOVES table, thank you for participating in our June forum, held at the Township of Amaranth office. As the DC MOVES planning committee continues to build, expand and cement its role in the mission of enhancing agency collaboration, we will continue to share information and update you on activities.
At the last forum, you were asked 5 questions that stemmed from a series of survey questions asked prior to the forum. The intent of that pre-forum survey was to delve deeper into some of the many challenges and goals of many of our organizations in Dufferin County.
During the first half of the June forum, the focus was on an even "deeper dive". The agenda called for a "speed dating" approach that asked each person in the room 5 questions, giving everyone an opportunity to share their thoughts. Kudos to everyone in the room for participating in this exercise. We know it was loud and we know it was different!  We hope the exercise was dynamic and engaging, and you had an opportunity to learn/share firsthand some concerns, challenges and goals of many of your colleagues.
From there, we had broken you into 5 groups in efforts to summarize and "trend" comments that were shared individually. As a follow up to the individual table presentations that took place, we can share that we received over 40 individual responses to each question asked and have had them summarized. The DC MOVES planning committee will be working to investigate the comments even further, making sure your messages are heard. Based on the questions asked and a quick review of the table summaries, what we have found, and can share, is the following (please note that a more detailed review of the comments will be completed and shared with you):


As a collective (DC MOVES Table), what approaches could be undertaken to assist or support agencies to remain sustainable or grow?

  • Emphasis on community foundations
  • Enhanced information sharing plan
  • More shared training and professional development
  • Greater access to funding or in-kind supports
  • Enhanced volunteer coordination process
  • Creation of partnerships with economic and labour development organizations
  • Expand DC MOVES table to include more local services

What type of organizational structure supports, or specific human resource supports (i.e. training), does your agency require?

  • Enhanced training and development of professional network
  • Enhanced agency collaboration
  • Enhanced engagement and promotion initiatives

As a collective (DC MOVES Table), what approaches could be taken to better address a higher level of needs of our clients?

  • Greater emphasis on understanding diversity and mental health
  • Utilize DC MOVES table as the repository of agency information
  • Utilize DC MOVES table as an action table to focus on emerging issues
  • Utilize DC MOVES to advocate

If a formal Collective Impact Initiative was undertaken by the DC MOVES Table, is DC MOVES the right table to lead such an initiative?  If so, why?

  • Yes - utilize the multi-sector approach and leaders at the table to move on issues
  • Assure commitment is maintained and actions are goal oriented and measureable
  • Shared uncertainty due to clarity in goals and objectives

As part of a collaborative, how could your agency make a difference?

  • Greater program promotion, staff awareness of other programs and emerging trends
  • Accountability for data sharing
  • Endorse greater integration opportunities
  • Partake in planning tables
  • Promote social inclusion
  • Emphasis on services in rural areas
Forum Presentations

Presentations from the June forum can be accessed here:


DC MOVES Pre-Forum Survey Questions Results


Dufferin Coalition for Kids Overview


Workplace Planning Board


Rural Institute of Ontario - Newcomer Engagement

Next Steps

As mentioned, the DC MOVES planning committee will delve deeper into the individual responses, looking for specific action items or themes that will assist in realizing many of the "wants" shared by you. Your comments will be applied to a matrix that will better present the goals of many of the agencies. The development of a matrix will be a good starting point for the larger DC MOVES table, which coincides with Phase # 1 of a Collective Impact Model focusing on three stages: Components for Success, Convening Community Stakeholders and Preliminary Strategic Planning work. Stay tuned for the Matrix!!

Agency Updates

Effective July 11, 2016, p lease be advised that John Jones is no longer with TorchLight. In the interim, your management contact at TorchLight will be Colleen McCann at (519) 821-3761 X 210 and email at cmccann@communitytorchlight.com
Larry Litchy
TorchLight Board of Directors

Provincial Updates

One of the lower hanging fruit requests that emerged from the last two forums was a way to provide provincial human service updates. The Ontario Municipal Social Services Association (OMSSA) provides a bi-weekly newsletter that provides an update on many of the provinces initiative. The following link will take you to many of the provincial updates specific to human services in Ontario.

Human Services Provincial Updates
Working Collaboratively

As a service provider in a rural area such as those in Dufferin County, there are numerous barriers faced in effectively reaching clients who require support.  Collaborations, such as DC MOVES, provide the opportunity for agencies to come together to explore ways to better meet the needs of those within the community.

The following documents are valuable resources on collaboration and working in rural areas:


Two new members have recently joined the DC MOVES planning committee:
Sharon Spencer currently provides assistance to Ontario Works participants as the Family Support Worker of the Ontario Works division of Community Services.  Sharon has worked with the County of Dufferin for over 25 years, and brings a great deal of knowledge regarding human services in Dufferin County.  Sharon's skills in collaboration, her committee experience and her existing relationships with community partners, provide Sharon with a great foundation for future work with DC MOVES.  Sharon's enthusiasm and new ideas will be a great addition to the planning committee.  Welcome Sharon!
Anna Gonzalez has supported the Children's Services division of Community Services in Dufferin County for just over two years.  Anna currently designs and delivers programming as the Early Literacy Specialist, and is eager to bring both her administrative skills and her connection to services specializing in families with young children to the DC MOVES planning committee.  Her "out of the box" ideas and an ongoing desire for professional development make Anna a great addition to the group.  Anna is excited to join and put her curious mind to work.  Welcome Anna!

Service Promotion

At this time, the DC MOVES planning committee is interested in finding out if your agency would like to share information about what you do in Dufferin County. Presentation times of 15 minutes are available at all DC MOVES Forums, which provides agencies an opportunity to share information to the larger group.  If this is of interest to you, please connect with Angela Pollard, and let Angela know you have interest in promoting the work of your organization. We will coordinate dates and times.