The DC MOVES Forum was held at the Salvation Army New Hope Community Church on Thursday, April 7th.  Over 40 representatives from local human services agencies converged to engage in the inaugural gathering of this initiative. An opportunity to get a glimpse of the vision of DC MOVES was presented, with a variety of guest speakers and presentations reinforcing why collective impact and collaboration are vital to meeting the needs of those residing in Dufferin County.



Attendees provided a great deal of feedback on the event, which will be utilized in solidifying the direction of DC MOVES.   A summary of the responses can be found at the links below:


Interactive Discussion


Event Evaluation     


Presentations from the DC MOVES Forum can be reviewed by clicking on the following links:


DC MOVES Presentation


Ontario Municipal Social Services Presentation



DC MOVES and Collective Impact

As mentioned in the initial DC MOVES presentation, the mobilization and objectives of DC MOVES will be initiated in phases.  As such, and in line with feedback received from the initial event, Headwaters Communities in Action (HCIA) and Dufferin County Community Services will begin to align your feedback with phase one of the collective impact model.  The Four Phases of Collective Impact is being provided as a visual that should assist you in navigating steps and, at a high level, introduce you to collective impact.  The intent of the visual is to have you focus on the first phase of collective impact (yellow boxes).  What you will see in the very near future is a series of questions being asked of you that will assist with the planning of the next meeting in June.  Your responses will assist in developing Governance and Infrastructure, Strategic Planning, Community Involvement and Evaluation and Improvement.  It is important that this type of initiative takes time and, as mentioned in your feedback, should involve dedication, transparency and be inclusive.
Also provided is a document specific to "Achieving Large-Scale Changes Through Collective Impact Involves Five Key Conditions for Shared Success" which outlines 5 key areas DC MOVES and supporting agencies will have to consider.  In a brief summary, a common agenda, shared measurements, mutual activities, continuous communication and backbone support will be the main drivers of this initiative moving forward.  The next meeting will offer more information on Collective Impact, which will, in turn, provide you with more information on the overall approach.

Immediate successes thus far include:

1.  Endorsement by HCIA and County of Dufferin Leadership of DC MOVES
2.  The convening of human services agencies to introduce DC MOVES
3.  Presentation of the initiative
4.  Feedback from agencies on the initiative
5.  Draft Terms of Reference for DC MOVES

Your Input

The success of DC MOVES depends on the input and participation of local agencies.  Periodically, communications will be sent out requesting your input regarding topics of discussion, areas of interest, professional development and collaboration.  We ask that when these communications are received that you take a few minutes to provide your input in order for DC MOVES to best reflect the needs of your organization.

Save the Date!

The next gathering for DC MOVES is scheduled to take place on the morning of Tuesday, June 21st.  This second meeting will allow attendees to probe further, and solidify the direction of DC MOVES moving forward.  Further details will be provided shortly.

Agency Updates

In efforts to build on feedback received at the initial DC MOVES meeting specific to the sharing of local programs or agency initiatives, the following communication is being shared with you.

This initiative by Georgian College - Career and Employment Community Services may not directly relate to your agency's work, but as we know, knowing what initiatives are being offered may help in gaining a better understanding of community needs and approaches to address those needs.  We know youth employment has been identified as an issue in many municipalities and regions. 
Please stay tuned for future DC MOVES email blasts that will support work being undertaken in Dufferin County.   
Dufferin County and HCIA
Youth Job Connection: Summer
We are excited to announce our new program, Youth Job Connection Summer. Youth Job Connection Summer provides summer, part-time and after school job opportunities to high school students, aged 15-18, who may need support transitioning between school and work.
As part of Youth Job Connection Summer (YJCS), participants will get paid for 20 hours of pre-employment support.  Following pre-employment, participants will be connected with an employer for a summer job and receive supports to make sure their employment experience is a success. 
The pre-employment portion will consist of 10 hours of scheduled workshops as well as 10 hours of individualized work with the student to ensure their needs are met.  Workshops will be conducted Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4:00-6:30pm.  Students will be required to attend 4 scheduled workshops.
To kick off the program, we are hosting an information and intake session on Tuesday May 10 from 3:30-5:00pm at the Edelbrock Centre, Georgian Suite.  It is mandatory that interested students attend the intake session to be considered for the program.  Students are welcome to bring a friend and there will be pizza.
If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about the program, please feel free to contact Anne Coulter at Georgian Career and Employment Community Services at 519-942-9986 ext. 5614.
Brenda F. Burman
Manager, Career and Employment Services