DC MOVES - November 2016 Newsletter

DC MOVES Forum - October 3rd, 2016
The final forum of 2016 consisted of a robust agenda with a wealthy exchange of information regarding the local poverty reduction strategy as well as an insightful discussion about the endeavours of Caledon Community Services, specifically The Exchange.  A presentation highlighting the milestones for DC MOVES thus far, in addition to the priority areas based on the Speed Dating Exercise at the June 21, 2016 forum being reviewed. 
Next Steps - Begin our work to Coordinate and Address Priority Areas

Based on the feedback provided by DC MOVES members, a number of priority areas have been highlighted.  These include:
  • Establish criteria for DC MOVES participation
  • Engage Public Health and other agencies who focus on Health and Wellness and enhance Health and Wellness in Dufferin County
  • Coordinate collectively on Poverty Reduction efforts
  • Establish sub-committee to investigate Community Foundations
  • Create inventory on "back office" supports that can be shared
  • Coordinate a Collective Impact refresher
  • Creation of "MYDUFFERIN" website to map local agencies - Collaborating with Dufferin Coalition for Kids

Three priority training (Professional Development) areas have also been established:
  1. Community Well-Being - The well-being of a community can look different to different people and organizations.  Together, DC MOVES members will define the common goals and needs regarding the well-being of the community within Dufferin County.
  2. Poverty Reduction - Finding the needs within the community to approach the reduction of poverty and formulating action plans moving forward.  This will be supported with information and findings from the Dufferin Poverty Task Force.
  3. Agency Resourcing - The sharing of resources, back office supports, volunteers, etc. across organizations.  By coordinating the sharing of resources, training and professional development, agencies can enhance and support services.As a shared and well communicated priority Training and Professional Developmenthas been identified as a key priority by many.  This subgroup will focus on developing and coordinating training and professional development relevant to topics that have been identified as important by our community organizations.Community Foundations - Organizing an infrastructure to collaborate on grants, pool donations (private and public), for the purpose of supporting social improvement in the community is work that is currently under way.  This too has been identified as a key priority and those interested in being involved with this work can share their interest as well.
  Call Out for Sub-Committee Participation for Priority Areas
With your help, DC MOVES has established a number of priority areas that will be the primary focus of our work over the next coming months.
The development and framework for sub-committee work is underway, and we are currently seeking DC MOVES members to take active roles in sub-committees for initial priority areas .  Participation would include establishing a direction for the sub-committee and communicating progress to DC MOVES members. We would also like to establish leads for each priority area who will hold the responsibility of updating the larger DC MOVES table on progress.   The DC MOVES leadership table will be responsible for creating the venue for sharing and will use its resources to communicate on all priority areas. We anticipate that the majority of the subcommittee work will be taking place at the DC MOVES meetings, however, the odd meeting may be required outside of that venue. This is an exciting time, as this is laying the foundation for collective impact, systems planning and service integration.
At the next DC MOVES meeting more information will be provided on the priority areas including those who have already communicated their interest in leading some of the priority work. 
The following diagram will provide a high level overview of the intended DC MOVES framework.  This diagram is not being shared as a reporting structure, but more of a diagram that captures how our priorities will be coordinated.  The section of the diagram illustrating a "Coordinator" is a future state and has not yet become a reality.  The three main boxes titled "Community Well-being", "Poverty Reduction", and "Resource Sharing" have been created to capture high level priority areas.  Sections below expand on those priorities.  It is anticipated that this diagram will grow, consistent with needs later identified in the community.  The scope and work to be addressed in each of the boxes continues to be a work in progress.
OUR ASK: If you have interest in any of the three areas listed "Community Well-being", "Poverty Reduction", or "Resource Sharing", please provide us with your name and preference by way of responding to Angela Pollard.


Partnership Grant Update

In October 2016, a small group collaborated on a proposal for The Partnership Grant, in hopes that funds can be attained to assist with further diversity training and volunteer management for DC MOVES members.  The Partnership Grant application has been completed and submitted to the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration for review.  It is anticipated that Ministry approval of applicant proposals will be communicated in early December 2016.
Agency Updates

Catholic Family Services Peel-Dufferin
Catholic Family Services Peel-Dufferin has been offering services in Dufferin County since 1997.  Over the years we have increased our presence from one to two days a week.  However, in September 2015, we interrupted our counselling services in order to conduct a program review. As part of our strategic plan, we are committed to reviewing our programs and services to determine if we are meeting the needs of the community.  Over the Fall and Winter, we conducted an in-depth analysis of our services in order to understand the emerging needs of the county and how best CFSPD can support families in the Dufferin community.

We are excited to inform you that we have completed our Dufferin Service review and are excited to resume our services in the community on a full time basis.  Our Dufferin Counsellor and Service Coordinator, Claudia Fernandez, will be located at various locations in Orangeville and will also be providing service in Shelburne one day a week.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable contributions during our review process.  You identified our organizational strengths,  areas of improvement and provided some good input regarding future directions for our services in Dufferin.

We look forward to our continued collaborations with community partners in Dufferin County.  Please fee free to pass this communication message on through your networks and to your colleagues

Sharon Mayne Devine
Executive Director
Catholic Family Services Peel-Dufferin
Community Resources

Open Mind
The Open Mind Group was formed in 1995 by a network of service providers who wanted to increase public awareness about mental health. This includes the promotion of mental wellness, as well as information about issues that affect mental health and what community resources are available to help.

Increased public awareness about mental health has been accomplished through:
  • Creation of a community mental health information display available for use by any group or organization
  • Development of and annual updating of the Wellington-Dufferin Mental Health Resources information pamphlet. It includes contact numbers related to alcohol and drug services, help lines, information centres, mental health services, family support/abuse services, self help/peer support groups, general community services, emergency accommodation/food and 24 hr. emergency services.


Access the current Wellington-Dufferin Mental Health Resources list HERE!



Tamarack Institute/Vibrant Communities Canada

On October 27, 2016, the first session of the webinar series on Neighbourhood-Based Strategies that Reduce Poverty, The Parkdale People's Economy Project was conducted.  This presentation provided an overview of lessons and challenges that relate to how diverse organizations have worked collectively to move beyond organizational boundaries and build more equitable local economies. 


The goal of the Tamarack Institute is to equip you with the skills, knowledge, resources and connections you need to make lasting change in your community.  To find out about their offerings, please visit their website.

Provincial Updates

The Ontario Municipal Social Services Association (OMSSA) provides a bi-weekly newsletter that provides an update on many of the provinces initiative. The following link will take you to many of the provincial updates specific to human services in Ontario. 

Program Updates