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The Internet Governance Issue
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19 September 2014      Internet industry updates, policy trends, tips, and news on Africa...   







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BNA on Internet transition by US Ambassador Sepulveda and US DoC Assistant Secretary Strickling


Mapping out the IANA transition


Corporate Governance and International Policy expert Sophia Bekele shares her view on the future of online Security in Africa


Structural separation: A key principle of IANA globalization

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Africa Brief 

Tech solutions from Africa:  

The next big thing:Unbridled enthusiasm for mobile phones, an up-and-coming Internet scene, a population where every second person is younger than 25 - all this represents fertile breeding ground for digital innovation.[more]

Tech can give women to fight for their rights

Tech can give women the space to fight for their rights Big talk should be combined with small-tech advances to help the world's poor women, says Henrietta Miers. Read [more] 


#Africa: Inside the Continent's New $14bn Social Media Industry 

According to the 2014 "Emerging Nations Embrace Internet, Mobile Technology" report by the Pew Research Global Attitudes Project, approximately 78 percent of internet usage in Africa is for social media.

Mobile Data is the Core of Africa's Telephone Growth

Mobile data subscriptions in sub-Saharan Africa are expected to significantly overtake that of voice by 2019.[more] 

BBC: Africa's mobile boom powers innovation economy: Innovation is happening all over Africa in all different sectors, from education to energy, banking to agriculture. [more]
Africa hungry for homegrown online content(CNN) ---Things have never been more exciting in Africa than they are now...Reportedly, around 140 million people in Africa have access to the internet, which represents about 13% of the population That number is set to explode in the next few years.[more]
Focus on Africa:    
69th UN General Assembly September 24, 2014
"Ethiopia fastest growing country in Africa also Best
effective Peace Keeping place in the World.  We expect to partner in Health and Economy in general"
President Obama
US-Africa Summit Echoes more on how the USA does not know about Africa
US-Africa Summit
Echoes more on how the USA does not know about Africa
[Full Read]

ICANN Brief - FOCUS on NTIA Transition - Who should Govern the Internet? 
Fadi Chehade - DotConnectAfrica
Fadi Chehade, CEO of ICANN
ICANN's Proposed Bylaws
Changes Regarding Consideration of  GAC Advice brings in a slew of opposition. Read More
ICANN Tells U.S. Court That ccTLDs Are Not "Property" The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has told a U.S. federal court in the District of Columbia, that a country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD)
cannot be considered "property." Read more  
ICANN Community Issues Unprecedented Letter Questioning ICANN's Proposed Accountability Process  The entire community of ICANN stakeholders has sent a joint letter to CEO Fadi Chehade and the ICANN Board that strongly questions the "Enhancing ICANN Accountability and Governance Read more

ICANN's .IR Response Opens Legal Can of Worms: ICANN has filed its initial response to writs of attachment issued by U.S. Courts that seek to have ICANN transfer control of  ccTLDs of Iran, Syria and North Korea to plaintiffs in various legal actions.. Read More 

End of ICANN contract puts Internet freedom at risk, critics say: The freedom and openness of the Internet are at stake after the U.S. government announced plans to end its contractual oversight of ICANN, some critics said Read more   

 What is up at DCA?

 DCA's Recent Commentaries 


 DotConnectAfrica Comments on the Proposed ICANN Bylaws Changes Regarding Consideration of GAC Advice.   


DotConnectAfrica Statement Regarding NTIA's Intent to Transition Key Internet Domain Name Function    

 Seen & Heard

Mike Macharia -DotConnectAfrica

Kenya: Mike Macharia, Founder of Seven Seas Technologies, a Kenyan based Pan-African ICT multinational has partnered with SafariCom to help enhance national county govt's service delivery and offer integrated communications solutions to Safaricom enterprise & mobile consumer segments, more.

Justine Chinyata
South Africa: Justin Chinyanta, founder & Chairman of the Loita Group (Loita Holdings Corporation Africa), a pan-African investment banking firm based in Mauritius is appointed as an independent non- executive director who brings strong commercial and project finance experience to the board, says the Board of JSE-listed R15.34-billion revenue infrastructure company Big Five more.

Phil Corwin -DotConnectAfrica USA: GNSO Constituencies Issue Unanimous Joint Statement on ICANN writes Philip S. Corwin, Founding Principal of Virtualaw LLC, a Washington, DC Law and Public Policy Firm,  His latest in the ICT industry. more 


UK: Ben Crawford, Chief executive, CentralNic, DCA's backed-Registry provider named Business Person of the Week, says Medium-sized businesses need more support to stop them from falling over the tax cliff more  



DotConnectAfrica-Chima Onyekwere

Nigeria: Chima Onyekwere, Chairman, Linkserve, a pioneer internet service provider, says that unlicensed spectrum has been proven over time to be stable in service provisioning as Experts Call for Use of Unlicensed Spectrum for Rural Internet in Nigeria more




Ethiopia: Sophia Bekele of DCA Trust:

A24 Media gets The Scoop from Sophia Bekele, being a serial entrepreneur, top 50 African trailblazer and being fondly referred as AddisHilton. View Video   




Kenya:  Gideon Rop of DCA Registry at the Hague Institute of Global Justice, Netherlands, talks on the inevitable need for leapfrogging for Africa and other developing nations, saying that no one is going to wait for Africa to catch-up on internet and governance

development View Video    


More Updates From DCA


DCA .africa Application IRP Status & news: DotConnectAfrica Trust Prioritization Draw
  • ICANN NGCP response to GAC London Read 
  • DotConnectAfrica Update: IRP Panel Rules to Accept DCA's Position On Procedural Framework Read 

  • DotConnectAfrica Trust Responds to ICANN 50 GAC Advice updates on its .Africa application IRP status Read 

  • DotConnectAfrica Update - Independent Panel Grants Interim Relief on .africa gTLD Read  
  • Bekele thanks gNSO for their work & corrects ICANN CEO on .africa applicationRead 
  • ICANN President Fadi Chehad´┐Ż says .africa applicant has a right to file for IRP despite AUC Complaint.. "Similarly the Africa where single applicant has filed an IRP she decided that this is her right and it her right. Read 

Note:  For details of IRP Proceedings please go to this link on our website. 

INDUSTRYIndustry Brief:  New gTLD Update

The FCC Receives in excess of 3 Million Comments on Net Neutrality : The FCC has received more than 3 million comments concerning the current net neutrality notice of proposed rule-making (NPRM). More 


Internet Business Council for Africa participates at the EU-Africa 2014 Business Forum, Brussels. Read  


Internet of things the way of the future in a connected world: VETERAN Cisco chief executive John Chambers believes the internet of things has just turned View Video


Using the internet of things to be energy efficient Technology giants work towards establishing themselves in the market for the internet of things, More 

NetNames: .New gTLD's Will Overtake .Com/.Net Registrations By 2020 The internet is currently undergoing one of the biggest changes since its inception, with over 1,000... More