Thinking about holiday gifts for the special people in your life? If you want a unique holiday gift for a relative, family member, or friend,  gift certificates are available for all my services which are good for women, men as well as for teenagers

Think about a gift for color analysis; makeover; personal shopping; closet surgery; face shape analysis or silhouette analysis. And as my holiday gift to you, the  gift certificate you purchase during December will be reduced by 10%. So let me know if you want to purchase one or have any questions.  Also consider   a lipstick, a lip gloss or a blush for a stocking stuffer. 

And as a way to thank you for your loyalty and business , all orders will ship FREE during December.  

C-Source Vitamin C Capsules

C-Source Vitamin C capsules are packed with 12% Vitamin C and 4% Vitamin E.

Vitamin C loses its effectiveness when exposed to light; that is why  C-Source comes in a gel capsule, ensuring maximum stability and potency.

The C-Source capsules help to strengthen skin, reduce irritation, redness and sensitivity. Skin is silky smooth, softer, younger looking and even-toned after application.

C-Source comes in a 30-day supply for $32 or as a 7-day supply for $10. Each are discounted by 10% this month. This product is one of my most favorite.

Matte Liquid Lip Colors  (new product)

These liquid to matte lip colors feature a fierce, featherweight formula that is smudge-proof and budge-proof. All Nighter Matte Liquid Lip Color comes in 5 intensely pigmented shades (Flawless, Slay, On Point, Boss and Selfie) that glide on velvety smooth and set to a long-lasting matte finish. Each shade will coat your lips with irresistible color that lasts all day. Paraben and fragrance free. Usually $20 on sale for $18. Let me know if you want to order one. They are terrific!!

Tips on Avoiding Senseless Eating During the Holidays

One of the biggest "fashion challenges people face during the holiday season is weight gain. What follows are some tips to help you avoid eating your way through the holidays

Eat healthy meals and snacks throughout the day and especially before a social event. Avoid arriving at functions so hungry that you will want to eat everything in sight. Simple snacks such as raw fruits and vegetables and non-fat, sugar-free yogurt are good choices. 

Try not to keep tempting foods on hand,. Pass along any food gifts or leftovers you fear you may consume. Do not keep high caloric foods on hand for guests who may drop by.

Take care of yourself to reduce holiday stress. Being rested, getting exercise and staying relaxed help you control overeating. 

Spend time with people in ways that do not involve food. Go for a walk, meet at the gym, go to a holiday performance, shop or make holiday gifts together.

Brush your teeth, floss, use sugar-free breath mints and gum and put on fresh lipstick and lip liner. There is nothing like a clean, freshly made-up mouth to discourage you from eating.

Limit alcohol. It is high in calories, hard to keep track of quantity and it tends to make you want to eat more. 

Even if you overindulge, do not think it is all over so you may as well eat more. Just make your next meal a healthy one. If you choose splurges carefully, you can still maintain your weight.

Wear fitted clothing around your waist to remind you that you have eaten enough!


As 2016 comes to a close, I want to thank you for your loyalty and support. What fun it is to get up every day and be able to engage in work I love with such special people. I include all of you in this sentiment. I am very grateful that you have selected me to help you look your personal best. 

Thank you for another wonderful year and may 2017 be peaceful and safe.   

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