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Eric's Tip of the Day: Carry Your Gun Every Day!
Eric's Tip of the Day: Carry Your Gun Every Day!

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The FLASHBANG:  How to Adjust Your Flashbang Holster
The FLASHBANG: How to Adjust Your Flashbang Holster

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August 8, 2013
DEEP Discounts and NEW Products!
August Newsletter

We are excited to release some of our NEWEST products and wanted you to be the FIRST to see them!  
We carry because we know the importance of being prepared ... so why not be prepared for all the things in your life like ...UPCOMING BIRTHDAYS, ANNIVERSARIES, BECAUSE-I-LOVE-YOU GIFTS AND THE BIGGEST ONE OF ALL ... CHRISTMAS!   
Buy now at a discount and relax knowing you are PREPARED!! 
Use the coupon code to get 30% off your next purchase until August 31!  

Universal Car Mount
Car Mount


This new CAR MOUNT is ideal for carrying a handgun in your vehicle for convenience or self-defense.

Works with ALL vehicles and most ALL holsters. NO DRILLING into your dash - easily attaches and removes in seconds!   


Click here for more info, videos and to ORDER NOW!

Clear Close Up Bullet Necklace
Bullet Necklaces
These Bling Bang Bullet Necklaces are a CLASSY accessory to any outfit! 
They are handmade and covered in SWAROVSKI crystals! 
They come in 9mm and .223 style bullets in your choice of clear, pink or black crystals.  All are powder and primer free.  
All come gift wrapped in a black box with pink camo ribbon!  A great gift!

Capone Holster
Capone Holster

The CAPONE is a great IWB solution for MEN and WOMEN!  
Woman with Capone
Capone for Women

The CAPONE is a leather and thermoplastic hybrid with a 

luxurious black suede back providing the upmost in                                           comfort!


Wear it in the small of your back, appendix carry, cross draw or strong-side!

 Click here for more info and to ORDER NOW!

Women's Gun Belts
Women's Gun Belts

Stylish Gun Belts for both MEN and WOMEN!  


Our women's belts have MULTIPLE styles and even come in thin dress belts! 
The COLOR SUEDE leather on the inside makes for a gorgeous finish! 
Men's Gun Belts
Men's Gun Belts


All of our gun belts are KYDEX reinforced - thermoplastic in the middle and leather on both sides. 
The kydex inner liner allows the belt to be flexible enough to be comfortable, but rigid enough to support the weight of a holster and full size firearm. 

Testimonial Picture
What YOU have to say...


I just want to let you know that I love my FlashBang holster. I have had it for a little while and have to travel by myself, sometimes across country. No one knows that I am carrying when I stop for gas or at a restaurant. Now I am not worried about carrying my Glock. I used to think it was stupid to carry my gun cause all someone had to do is take my purse and that would make my gun useless to me but not the perp. Now I am confident even with my grandchildren! I now know that I can protect them and myself!

                         I LOVE MY FLASHBANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michele "Cheli" LeBourgeois

Dayton, Tn.

I love hearing from our customers, like Michelle, and how they are carrying MORE OFTEN because of the products we carry.  

I would LOVE to hear YOUR STORY.  Please let us know your experiences so we can feature you in our newsletter.  It is such an encouragement for others to hear.  So please email us your stories at info@ultimateconcealedcarry.com :)   

Kendall Montgomery 
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