May 2017
Director  Ernest Chrappah
Innovation Grant Awards

The Department of For-Hire Vehicles has been diligently reviewing submissions from qualified applicants for consideration to receive funding. We are preparing to make announcements regarding recipients who will receiving funding to implement non-emergency medical transportation services; provide driver training; and support the acquisition of electric vehicles. The objective of these competitive grants is to encourage the development and participation of pilot projects and partnership programs aimed at improving transportation equity, expanding economic opportunities, solving problems within the taxicab industry that benefit taxicab consumers, and fostering innovation.

Our goal to support a fair competitive marketplace is evidenced through these grant awards and our continued efforts to support the vision to transition the for-hire industry to better serve the transportation needs of residents and visitors. The priority that the agency places on data collection and analysis means policy proposals and decision making are based on the foundation of facts, the economic impact on industry operators, and the benefits to the public.
Square Will Help Taxi Drivers Compete

Digital Taxi Solution
The Department of For-Hire Vehicles (DFHV) recently announced an arrangement with Square to support the shift to an all-digital platform. The transition to the digital meter in District taxicabs is required by August 31, 2017. Leveraging the Square technology will make payment processing easier for both drivers and riders. The media coverage of the announcement included Bloomberg News, DCist and The Washington Post highlighting that Washington, DC, will be the first major U.S. city to transition to a digital platform, setting an example for how the industry can transform in the evolving digital economy. The customer-friendly  features include:
  • Estimated Fare Calculations
  • GPS Routing
  • Electronic Receipts
  • Dynamic Pricing (lower rates during slower periods)
  • Frequent Rider Discounts
  • Driver Ratings
  • Payment Options: Touch, Dip, or Cash
  • Future App Development Innovation
Upcoming Town Halls
DFHV Director Ernest Chrappah is participating in two town hall sessions on Wednesday, May 31, 2017. The first one is scheduled for 1:00 pm and will be conducted by telephone. The participant call-in number is 855-756-7520 Ext.35382#. The Director will answer questions as well as provide updates regarding the agency plans, programs and policies.

The second town hall will be held later on the same day (May 31) and is sponsored by the Mayor's Office of African Affairs. This "Know Your Rights" will be held at the Franklin D. Reeves Center, 2000 14th Street, NW, in the Edna Community Room on the 2nd floor from 5:45 pm to 7:30 pm. Other presenters include Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department Peter Newsham and General Counsel for the Executive Office of the Mayor Betsy Cavendish. Among the topics to be covered are for-hire vehicle regulations and changes; public safety; and the Mayor Bowser's Immigrant Justice Legal Services Grant Program. RSVP now. For more information call (202) 727-5634 or email  

Limo Operators Workshop

The Non-District Limousine (NDL) Permit pilot program has thus far been well-received. Initially, the number of participants was capped at 300; however, due to market demand DFHV has issued a new Administrative Issuance to expand the number of participants to 1,000 non-District limousine owners. In exchange for providing trip data through a free app from DFHV, the limousine owners currently authorized have found this pilot program to be worthwhile. The Limo Operators Workshop offered an opportunity for DFHV to respond to questions, outline potential new business opportunities, and advise NDL applicants of the process to participate. Email for more information about the NDL Permit. Submit an application here

Limo Operators Workshop

Free Online Training

DFHV supports ongoing training to ensure appropriate standards of professional behavior by offering free online training. The objective is to help drivers become more competitive by enhancing their personal and professional development. Learning how to manage conflict is part of a training session that is critical to providing excellent customer experiences. The free online training course shows various techniques to seek resolutions to conflicts. Learn how to use the correct skills that will lead to positive results and avoid negative consequences. As such, all for-hire vehicle operators are advised to take the free online instruction; and it takes just 3 easy steps to register - name, password, and Face ID. Log in to the DFHV Training Portal and take advantage of this opportunity. With the realization that conflicts happen and cannot always be controlled key training points include:   
  • Understanding conflict
  • Preparing to manage conflict
  • Managing anger
  • Managing conflict
  • Conducting an assessment
Free Online Training
Managing Conflict
Contact Information
All owners and operators licensed by or registered with the Department of For-Hire Vehicles are required to maintain their current contact information on file which must include a current mailing address, phone number and email address. Client Services will not conduct a transaction without verification.
Tell Us What You Think
The Department of For-Hire Vehicles wants your feedback. The opinions and insight we receive from the industry, related stakeholders and the general public gives us useful input that shapes policies, programs and regulations. We want to hear from you!   Give Feedback
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