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Vocational Service Month

  District Governor's Message

Dear Rotary Friends and Family,


We're Losing the Battle but there is still time to Win the War
Club Presidents and AG's I desperately need your help. When I came to your clubs earlier in the Rotary year, I laid out four goals which were straight forward and achievable. The second goal was a 5% net increase in membership. On July 1, 2017 we had 1731 members. A 5% net increase would be 87 new members by  30 June 2018. When the numbers came out on 31 October we were up 31 members and I felt great that we were well on our way. At the time we were leading our Zone 24 of 17 Districts. But I guess "pride goeth before a fall"

At the end of the year (31 Dec 2017) we had gone from 31 net increase to 7 net decrease. What happened? I know the first reaction might be "we cleaned up our roles and got rid of the deadwood". But that doesn't really explain it because we already said we would achieve a netincrease of 5% which would take into account the losses. We went from leading our Zone to placing 10th out of 17. In the same period one of our fellow Districts achieved a whopping 51 net new members. We are better than that. In fact we know we are the best District in North America. Sadly our numbers don't currently reflect that.

When I look at our individual clubs some achieved spectacular success. Gateway brought in a net 2 new members (+9%); Barrow 2 net new members (+12%); eclub 3 net new members (+25%); Kodiak Morning 4 net new members (+22%); Nome 4 new members (+15%); Soldotna 4 new members (+6%); Susitna 3 new members (+8%), Juneau Gastineau (+5%), Ketchikan The First City (+5%), North Pole (+14%), Wasilla (+9%). I won't highlight the losers.

But just look at the attached chart from MyRotary. Go to the far right and you can see how your club is doing. We had 11 clubs out of 40 achieve 5% net gain to date. We had 15 clubs in negative numbers. Like I said at the beginning: I desperately need your help. We need to motivate our members to take this as a personal responsibility. Tell me what I can do to help you. I have offered to help with the cost of a membership event. I am willing to come to your club to make a presentation. This is a leadership issue and I feel I have let you down.

For those of you who have met the goal. Thank you but don't back up. For those of you who have fallen behind don't give up. If I or any of the District staff can help you, please contact us.
We may be losing a skirmish right now but I know we can pull together and win this war.

Drum Roll........

I am proud to announce our new District Governor Nominee Designate, Joseph (Joe) Kashi from the Rotary Club of Soldotna. 

Hello awesome Rotarians,

Please join me in welcoming Joe to the officer rotation. He will bring great energy to our District and further our "Shining Star" status with Rotary International.

Congratulations Joe!
I was raised in a small coal mining town in Eastern Pennsylvania and worked seven days a week in our family's corner grocery store from the age of 8 until I left for college and, afterwards, when home on visits.  Thanks to scholarships and summer manual labor jobs in foundries, I was able to attend  the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and received my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from MIT in 1973 and then my law degree from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., in 1976.   I have never forgotten the inherent dignity and value of hard work, regardless of the job.
I have lived and practiced in the Central Kenai Peninsula since 1977, first as an attorney for the Kenai Peninsula Borough and then in private legal practice since 1982.  I am admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the Alaska Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the state and federal trial courts of Alaska.  Between 1984 and 1990, I was President of the Kenai Bar Association and later President of the Soldotna Rotary Club in 2000-2001.  I recently served on the Alaska Court System's committee on electronic evidence.  I have been repeatedly rated, most recently in 2008, as "Very High" in legal ability and ethical standards by the respected Martindale national attorney rating service. 
Since 1990, I have been continuously involved with the American Bar Association, the Alaska Bar Association and other groups as a speaker and author on legal technology and legal practice.   Some of my more recent published articles can be found under the  Tech Articles  link.  I have been personally involved for many years in directly helping local education through our school district, as a member of the Kenai Peninsula College Council, and by working with Kenai Peninsula students applying to MIT.
I enjoy my family, t
he outdoors, and flying.  I have been an active licensed pilot in Alaska for the past 25 years and have handled a number of aircraft accident cases.  Our entire family remains very active in Karate. I received a first degree black belt in Jinen-Ryu Karate, at age 58, through Peninsula Martial Arts of Soldotna and Okamoto's School of  Karate in Anchorage.  Our 16 year old Rachel received her first degree black belt in 2008.  My wife Terese, also 59 and a Ph.D. education psychologist, received her first degree black belt in October, 2009.  Both Terese and I are enrolled in multi-year second degree karate black belt programs.  Terese is active in education matters at the state and national level.
I am also active as a fine arts photographer with a number of recent solo and group shows, some of which have included our 16 year old's photographs.  
By Joe Kashi

Youth Exchange Country Selections!!!

Wasilla Country Assignments


We were so pleased to have DGN Andre Layral lead off the country assignments by announcing Noah Frost would be going to South Africa. Also pictured is Alyssa Mendoza, rebound to South Africa, from Ketchikan.
All Rotex. From left, top row, Patricia Jackson (Germany), Kearney Newman (Thailand), Danika Weaver (Bolivia), Sarah Boelter (Germany), Dennis Barril (Sweden), Carly Besh (Thailand), Lang Van Dommelen (Thailand). Bottom row, Aimee Bushnell (Bolivia), Mariana Marvel (Denmark) and Anna Wrobel (Thailand). 

These kids had successful exchanges between two and 12 years ago, and returned to the state to continue their schooling and serve as ambassadors for our program and their host countries. When they are available, they help with logistics and training, and serve as good role models for Inbounds, Outbounds and Rebounds. We love them in the rotary district 5010 youth exchange program and hope to continue expanding our Rotex program!

Joe Kashi on Volunteer Service and Membership
  Making Volunteer Service Worthwhile Grows Rotary
By Joe Kashi
                  Rotary International has become one of the most prominent and successful volunteer service organizations in the world, but Rotary did not grow and mature by sheer happenstance. Rotary stands for positive ideals put into practical effect, in the process benefiting our communities and enriching our own lives.
Voluntary service is the life blood of Rotary and is just that - voluntary, without financial or other tangible reward.  To stay attract and retain actively participating members, service in a voluntary organization should provide each member with a sense of purpose and personal satisfaction.
Rotary's unique strength is its emphasis, in a turbulent world, upon non-partisan ideals of honesty, fairness, unselfish service applied in practical ways, and strong personal and international relationships.  Actually living the ideals of Rotary and growing Rotary's membership are intertwined.  When we make Rotary worthwhile and personally fulfilling for every member, quality membership tends to grow, always a sign of a healthy organization. 
 In our effort to grow Rotary, it's worth emphasizing to current and potential members our founding ideals of integrity, service above self, good fellowship, and of making our communities and the world a better place and then putting our ideals into practical effect through useful and visible service projects in our communities.

From DGE Diane Fejes
Hello!  With great leadership from DG Harry and his line of Presidents, this year is flying by quickly.
Welcome to all the Presidents-Elect who are in the process of planning their 2018-19 years' goals.  I encourage all members to support them as they move into leadership and say YES to open positions.
Some Dates to keep in mind:
  All Clubs should now have Presidents-Elect appointed and voted on by your Club membership (send newly elected names and emails to me please ( ndfejes@gmail.com )
  1.  All Club Presidents-Elect should now be registered for PrePETS and PETS Feb 22-25 in Seattle (or have talked to me.)
  2.   February 3rd  is the District Leadership Seminar - all are welcome.  We'll update our District short and long term goals and hear from District Chairs on their progress to date.
  3.    May 17th, 2018  District Assembly is for training of Club Officers, Seward, Ak
  4. May 18-20  District Conference - Seward AK

I encourage you to take some time to enjoy to enjoy your family and friends and help out your neighbors during this wonderful time of year!

           From my family to yours - Happy Holidays!
Rotary District Conference 2018 in Seward

Register here:

District 5010 (2018) conference in Seward.  

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Rotary Membership Moment
Rotary Membership Moment #4
Program Chairs
Happy New Year Rotarians!! Get ready for another year to do good in the world! And we shall be humble and kind!
I am the program chair for both of our Kodiak Clubs, Kodiak Morning and Kodiak Noon. It is a fun, yet challenging job, to come up with fresh new programs each and every week! I have a guest book at our check in table. I ask our guests, and our speakers, to sign in and to give me their mailing address. Within a day or so, I send an hand written Thank You Card to all our guests, and especially our guest speaker, thanking them for attending our meeting and most important, I INVITE THEM TO JOIN ONE OF OUR CLUBS

Bill Gates once stated, that he never joined Rotary, because no one asked him!
We have a closed Facebook page, in Kodiak, "Friends of Kodiak". There are 7400 members, greater than our town population. I always post a photo and preview of our programs. I have guests show up, just because they have an interest in that particular topic or subject matter. I think most communities have some sort of social media such as this. Many of us join Rotary for a variety of reasons, but different and interesting programs is a big part of a strong draw to our clubs!
Remember, Every Rotarian, Invite a Guest a Month, a New Member a Year!
Lindsay Knight
District 5010 Membership Chair


When you donate to the Foundation, we do many wonderful things!!!

-Brad Gamble, District Rotary Foundation Chair

Polio Plus
Dave Kester Writes about Polio:

Photo by Jon Diesher 2015.

Dave Kester,
5010 District Polio Plus Chair

Kodiak Morning Rotary,  "Coats for Kids", program. With Rotarian,  Ron, and Rotarian Major Dave,  from the Salvation Army 

Ketchikan...  First City Rotary...What's happening?
President of The Rotary Club of Ketchikan First City Scott Brandt-Erichsen proudly announces the completion of the Esther Shea Media Booth at the Fawn Mountain School. Matching Grant and partnership with the Borough of Ketchikan.  They are waiting for the proper signage and a public celebration in the spring!
Rotary 2000
Rotary 2000 had a work party this morning at First City Players

Enactment written by Rotary Club of Ketchikan First City goes forward to RI. brought forward by 
PDG Michelle O'Brien and Pres. Scott Brandt Erichsen
Ballots counted:  The District Ballot Committee, comprised of Ann Metcalfe, Gayle Knepper, Jane Little, and Jodi Stuart, counted all of the ballots that were submitted on time from around the District. The enactment passed and the information was forwarded to DG Kieling to submit to Rotary International. We would like to thank each and everyone of you for your hard work and commitment to respond during the holidays. We know that there is much going on in our personal and work lives in December, and your response was very much appreciated. So, from all of us to each of you, thank you for being the best Rotarians and giving of your time!
File No. 069E
  To revise the qualifications for governor
Proposer(s):  Rotary Club of Ketchikan First City, District 5010, Canada and USA
Endorsed by: District 5010 through a ballot-by-mail, December 2017
To amend the BYLAWS of Rotary International as follows (page 71 MOP)
Article 16  Districts
 16.080. Qualifications of a Governor.
Unless specifically excused by the board, a governor at the time of taking office must have attended the international assembly for its full duration, been a member of one or more Rotary clubs for at least seven five years, and must continue to possess the qualifications in section 16.070.

This enactment seeks to encourage district governor candidates below the age of 50.
The Young PDG Presidential Ad-Hoc Committee has met monthly since August 2017, with direction from RI President Ian Riseley to offer recommendations that will help secure Rotary's future. 
The committee discussed ideas on how to encourage younger Rotarians to apply to serve as a district governor.
With the current timeline for becoming a leader within Rotary, Rotary senior leaders may not represent Rotary membership in both age and gender.  Rotarians have repeatedly expressed the need for younger and more diverse leadership at the district and zone level to ensure the strong future of the organization and to  help attract younger and more diverse members.
Lowering the requirement to serve as a governor to five years in Rotary and adhering to the other current requirements to be a district governor, will enable younger members to serve as leaders and inspire younger qualified Rotarians to seek out leadership roles at the district and zone level.

Fredericksburg, Texas RYLA students ready for the weekend. 5010 eClub teams with 5840 Fredericksburg Clubs to support this event.  Our student (Kayla) is seated second from the left.
Harry and the Glass Blowers
Reps of both Whitehorse and Rendezvous Rotary Clubs with DG Harry Kieling at Lumel Studio Whitehorse. Oct. 2017

(Juneau - January 10, 2018) - Rotary International kicks off the calendar year with Vocational Service Month, a time to reflect upon the basic tenet of Rotary, Service Above Self, and the organizations' commitment to: 
            *The adherence to and promotion of the highest ethical standards in all occupations, including fair treatment of employers, employees, associates, competitors, and the public.
          *The recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations, not just those that are pursued by Rotarians.
             *The contribution of vocational talents to solving the problems of society and meeting the needs of the community.
 Each year, the Rotary Club of Juneau honors five businesses, organizations and individuals, who best exemplify these ideals.  Nominated both by club members and the community-at-large, the following were honored as this year's Vocational Service Award recipients:
The Mendenhall Glacier Visitors Center/Vocational Service Award/Public Sector:  represented by John Neary, Director and Forest Service Juneau District Ranger, Brad Orr.  In the wave of a huge visitor constituency, professional staff at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitors Center has put in extra effort to meld local interests with national mandates. Whether through public planning charrettes or community partnerships, staff efforts have resulted in new trails, bear viewing opportunities, the Black Wolf exhibit (think "Romeo"), and new educational opportunities.  Through staff advocacy, Discovery Southeast became the new gift shop vendor; which, in its first season, eclipsed 32 years of annual earnings under the prior vendor.  More importantly, these funds help provide a naturalist in every Juneau elementary school classroom.  Related, through staff advocacy, 90% of the local fee structure has been retained to help fund not only improved facilities, but also glacier field trips for Juneau elementary and middle schools.  Finally, setting this team apart is "local hire."  Understanding that it is locals who best understand the area, staff has worked with the federal Office of Personnel Management to establish one of the highest local hire rates in the country.
         Western Auto Marine/Vocational Service Award/Private Sector, was established in the late 70's.  It is owned by the Grant family, who in turn treat their employees as family, which could be the reason they have had employees with them for more than 20+ years. It's a business that has provided a great deal of support to our community over the years, such as their generosity in allowing the Rotary Club of Juneau to use their land and facilities in support of "Heavy Equipment Day," an event held in the past that allowed children to climb aboard pieces of heavy equipment, such as dump trucks, excavators and bulldozers.   Additional community support from Western Auto Marine has gone to the Golden North Salmon Derby and Tlingit Haida's Spring King Salmon Derby, as well as events such as Glacier Valley Rotary's Pillars of America.  Finally, their continued support of Juneau's youth athletes can only be described as "depth on the bench."   In short, Western Auto Marine was honored for the pride they instill in the workplace, the opportunities they provide for youth to participate in athletics, and for their extension beyond the norm to support local organizations either through monetary contribution or use of their facilities.
         Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI) Education Programs/Vocational Service Award/Non-profit Sector, represented by Carmaleeda Estrada, Nabu Koch and Lee Kadinger, was founded in 1980, to perpetuate and enhance the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian cultures of Southeast Alaska.  For example: Baby Raven Reads is an award-winning program to promote early-literacy, language development and school readiness for Native families with children under five years of age; the Latseen Leadership Academy supports academic and personal success through culturally-based activities for older children; Open the Box teaches math skills to middle-school students through Northwest Coast art; and now, SHI is supporting Juneau's first Native Youth Olympics team, which is open to all high school students. To provide a cultural orientation for public school and University of Alaska professionals, Thru the Cultural Lens offers Native history, the Native world view, and Northwest Coast art.  Included is an education conference, the first of its kind in Alaska, featuring nationally-known speakers who highlight the importance of culturally-relevant programs.  SHI's educational focus is backed by its Art, Media and Culture Departments that develop publications and curriculum, and provide mentorships, art workshops, public exhibits, and lectures.
SHI's education programs provide opportunity, embrace diversity, and develop cross-cultural connections and partnerships that inspire creative solutions to community issues.
The Club also recognizes the efforts of individuals who best exemplify Service Above Self:
      In recognition of her over 30 years of service to our community through AWARE (Aiding Women in Abuse and Rape Emergencies) its shelter and programs that not only aid, but educate and work to prevent domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse, Saralyn Tabachnick, Executive Director, is this year's Individual Vocational Award Recipient/Adult.    And finally, in recognition of her dedication to community service, her calmand encouraging demeanor and her effective leadership that motivates others, Lillian Bannerman, Thunder Mountain High, is the recipient of the Individual Vocational Award Recipient/Youth. (Lillian is involved with Saturday School, helped with the Freshmen First orientation and the College Fair, cooked at the Glory Hole, served at the Family Promise dinner and the Falcon Fall Festival, tutored Thunder Mountain High School students, babysat at a Mom's Group, and helped to run the Blood Drive. She has taken leadership roles in student government every year, and this year, is the president of the National Honor Society.)

Rotaract Juneau... Dan Dawson reports
Just to keep you in the loop, I was at the board meeting last night for Juneau Rotaract and I can say that the group is doing some very good work.  Along with the attached Agenda there is a list of projects that we have done since July 1st last year.  There are some missing projects such as Rotary Day at the Pool, End Polio Now fun run and other projects that the group helped with. 
For the next half of the year we will putting together our annual fashion show with REACH, this project is our largest and most difficult but also one of the most rewarding.   Juneau Rotaract is trying to send our President Elect to PETS in February and we hope to send people to District Conference in May.  Floyd Dryden Interact will team with Rotaract on a few projects starting with preparing meals at our homeless shelter the Glory Hole.  We also hope to share some presentations on Vocations for the month of January with Interact.  Kaia (VP) is planning some membership socials and Alexa our Media chair is working out getting us a larger imprint on the web. 
Things are going very good here and I could not be more proud of the effort Marciano and the group is doing. 
We still hope to do some projects with the Fairbanks Club as some point.  Erin tells me that the club will be getting together soon as they were off for the Holiday Break. 

Dan Dawson, 

Girdwood Rotary Club in action!!!
Each Holiday season the Girdwood Rotary Club gathers all the foodstuffs that you'd need to create a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Community groups in the area help compile a list of families that might need a little extra help getting through the season. Girdwood Cub Scouts come along to help assemble the meals, and provide tasty homemade desserts to each. Once the boxes are complete, the Girdwood Fire Department loads them up on a shiny fire truck and heads out for delivery. 

Russian Jack Rotary raffle drawing.
Dr. Don Rogers and Eliud Delgado selling raffle tickets

Lucky winner Jan Ingram

Raffle winner Jan Ingram ticket # 0964 was the lucky winner of this year's Russian Jack Rotary raffle drawing.   She received the "Alaska Sports Package" that includes a Weatherby Model Mark V Weathermark 300 WBY Bolt Action Rifle,   and a Browning Citori 725 Field 12 Gauge Shotgun with all of the accessories!!!

The value of this package exceeds $5,000 and all for the low ticket price of $20!!!!  
All of the proceeds from this raffle go to the Russian Jack Scholarship Fund.

Jan is a former Past President and active member of Anchorage International Rotary Club.


EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year!!!)
The Rotary Foundation is KEY!!!   
One of the great ways we do good for the world!!!  
Become a Paul Harris Fellow and more!!!
District Leadership Academy
Greetings Fellow D5010 Rotarians!


Jodi Stuart
Soldotna Rotary Club


 Rotary Monthly themes and Calendar
Visit this calendar throughout the year to find award nomination due dates and convention and event information. Develop meeting agendas, projects, or public image campaigns based on these special occasions. All dates are subject to change.

July 2017
1 July - Start of new Rotary officers' year of service

 August 2017 - Membership and New Club Development Month

September 2017 - Basic Education and Literacy Month

October 2017Economic and Community Development Month

2-8 October - Rotary Alumni Reconnect Week
30 October-5 November - World Interact Week

 November 2017 Rotary Foundation Month
1 November -  Service Award for a Polio-Free World nominations are due
1 November -  Service Above Self Award nominations are due
11 November -  Rotary Day at the UN

 December 2017Disease Prevention and Treatment Month
15 December - Early registration discount ends for the  Rotary International Convention

 January 2018 Vocational Service Month
14-20  January -  International Assembly , San Diego, California, USA

February 2018 Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month
10 February - Presidential Peace building Conference:  Environmental Sustainability and Peace, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
17 February - Presidential Peacebuilding Conference:  Water and Sanitation and Peace, Beirut, Lebanon
23 February - Rotary's anniversary
24 February - Presidential Peace building Conference:  Disease Prevention and Treatment and Peace, Coventry, England, United Kingdom

March 2018 Water and Sanitation Month
12-18 March - World Rotaract Week
17 March - Presidential Peacebuilding Conference:  Economic and Community Development and Peace, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
31 March - Preregistration discount ends for the  Rotary International Convention

 April 2018 Maternal and Child Health Month
1 April -  Rotary Award for Excellence in Service to Humanity nominations are due
28 April - Presidential Peacebuilding Conference:  Maternal and Child Health and Peace, Taranto, Italy
30 April -  Rotary International Convention registrations and ticket cancellations are due

 May 2018 Youth Service Month

June 2018 Rotary Fellowships Month
2 June - Presidential Peacebuilding Conference:  Basic Education and Literacy and Peace, Chicago, Illinois, USA
23-27 June -  Rotary International Convention, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
30 June - Last day for Rotary and Rotaract clubs to report goals for the  Rotary Citation
30 June -  Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award nominations are due
30 June -  Rotary Alumni Global Service Award nominations (from zones) are due
30 June -  Rotary Alumni Association of the Year Award nominations (from zones) are due

July 2018
1 July - Start of new Rotary officers' year of service

 August 2018
15 August - Last day to report  Rotary Citation achievements for Interact clubs

A look ahead to international events in 2019 and 2020. All dates are tentative.
12-19 January - International Assembly, San Diego, California, USA
1-5 June - Rotary International Convention, Hamburg, Germany
19-25 January - International Assembly, San Diego, California, USA
6-10 June - Rotary International Convention, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

In Rotary Spirit,
District Governor Harry Kieling 2017-18
Rotary District 5010

Rosie Roppel Newseditor -  
Next deadline is Feb. 15, 2018 - 
PLEASE SEND TO ME  COPY READY AND LARGER FORMAT PICTURES and I need names of folks in pictures.)
The Rotary Club of Ketchikan First City
(I want to thank all of your who have posted to Facebook, Clubrunner, and have sent in photos and information for the newsletter...Rotary Serving Humanity!!!)

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